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gahacke 5 2.27 5 1
jdsiiro 4 30.77 5 4

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0000003270 jdsiiro Adding a guard to prevent users from running vpy_create using an old (and incompatible) version of virtualenv. 3 weeks
0000003269 jdsiiro Recreating vpy_install with virtualenv 1.11.4 instead of 1.9.1. 3 weeks
0000003268 jdsiiro Patch to fix immediate problem where vpy_install failed due to syntax error when running in offline mode. 3 weeks
0000003267 jdsiiro Updates to help with the situation where a repository switches to a new URL. 3 weeks
0000003266 gahacke A continuation of r3264: only print the set of keys when they don't match 4 weeks
0000003265 gahacke Making diff output more helpful for small floating point differences 4 weeks
0000003264 gahacke Making output easier to interpret for large dictionaries; only print the set of keys when they do not match 4 weeks
0000003263 gahacke Fixing compare_repn to handle dictionaries coming from PyYAML that can have non-string-type keys 4 weeks
0000003262 gahacke Removing reference to 'double', which is not a Python built-in function 4 weeks

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pyutilib.virtualenv 3 4 3
pyutilib.misc 5 5 1
pyutilib.svn 1 1 1

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pyutilib.misc/trunk/pyutilib/misc 5 50.00%
pyutilib.virtualenv/trunk/pyutilib/virtualenv 4 40.00%
pyutilib.svn/trunk/pyutilib/svn 1 10.00%

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pyutilib.misc/trunk/pyutilib/misc/ 5 50.00%
pyutilib.virtualenv/trunk/pyutilib/virtualenv/ 2 20.00%
pyutilib.virtualenv/trunk/pyutilib/virtualenv/ 1 10.00%
pyutilib.svn/trunk/pyutilib/svn/ 1 10.00%
pyutilib.virtualenv/trunk/pyutilib/virtualenv/ 1 10.00%

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