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gahacke 2 48.51 2 1
jdsiiro 3 0.82 3 1
wehart 1 0.00 4 4

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0000003547 gahacke whitespace cleanup 3 days
0000003546 gahacke Change PauseGC class to work in the context of the Python 'with' statement. The __del__ method is not a reliable way to ensure the garbage collector gets reactivated 3 days
0000003545 jdsiiro Improving a comment as to why we aren't skipping packages. 3 weeks
0000003544 jdsiiro Updating autodist: do not skip packages that are already installed, and force the current target directory to appear first on the PYTHONPATH while installing other packages. 3 weeks
0000003543 jdsiiro Adding a hack to catch a weird case where the unittest2 package embeds its list of dependencies within a tuple. 4 weeks
0000003542 wehart Cleanup of pyutilib.pyro. Mostly cleaning up old comments, but removing references to PySP. 4 weeks

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pyutilib.autodist 3 3 1
pyutilib 3 6 5

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pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro 4 44.44%
pyutilib.autodist/trunk/pyutilib/autodist 3 33.33%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc 2 22.22%

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pyutilib.autodist/trunk/pyutilib/autodist/ 3 33.33%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc/ 2 22.22%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 1 11.11%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 1 11.11%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 1 11.11%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 1 11.11%

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.py 9 100.00%

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