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0000003584 gahacke Changing default behavior of TaskWorker back to collecting a single task at a time, which is more appropriate worker groups of workers that all collect from the same queue. Allowing derived worker types to set the _bulk_task_collection flag, which activates bulk task collection from their queue type 40 hours
0000003583 gahacke Removing check for 'argv' in keywords when launching TaskWorkerServer. The any script that uses TaskWorkerServer should use directly the keywords associated with TaskWorker initialization (e.g., host='localhost') 40 hours
0000003582 gahacke Translate underscores to dashes when converting ConfigValue names to command-line form 3 days
0000003581 gahacke fix for client when no dispatcher is provided in the constructor 3 days
0000003580 gahacke changing behavior when multiple dispatchers are encountered but the --allow-multiple-dispatcher option is not used: Shut down the dispatcher that is starting up rather than the dispatcher that was found to be already running. 8 days
0000003579 gahacke fixes to ensure Pyro (or Pyro4) is not a requirement 8 days
0000003578 gahacke fixing print statement 9 days
0000003577 gahacke allow Client to be initialized with a previously obtained dispatcher proxy 10 days
0000003576 gahacke Updates to dispatch_srvr: - Exposing functionality for limiting the number of workers that can be registered with the dispatcher through an additional command-line option (--worker-limit). - Misc documentation updates and renames of other recently added options 10 days
0000003575 gahacke tracking changes in previous commit 10 days

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pyutilib 27 37 9

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pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro 36 97.30%
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pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 5 13.51%
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pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 1 2.70%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc/ 1 2.70%
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