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0000000543 slbrow Since '/usr/bin/python' doesn't exist on all the platforms, using the idiom '/usr/bin/env python' instead; this resolves the correct python to use from the caller's environment. This idiom is documented in: 11 years
0000000437 slbrow Adding the exact_valgrind to the EXTRA_DIST list to fix 'make distcheck'. 11 years
0000000240 slbrow Adding a temporary .NOTPARALLEL special target to's in those directories which cannot be made in parallel by 'gmake -j'. 11 years
0000000180 slbrow Adding a rule to remove's and autoconf-generated scripts on running 'make maintainer-clean'; also fixing in the directory coliny/src/headers so that every file in the entire list of sources is referenced using $(FULLPATH_SRC). 12 years

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