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(edit) @2719   5 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.common 3.0.6
(edit) @2718   5 years jdsiiro Correcting import syntax (for Python 3.x compatibility)
(edit) @2524   6 years wehart Reconfiguration to enable automatic xfr to Python 3
(edit) @2416   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.common 3.0.5
(edit) @2328   6 years wehart Applying reindent to standarize the format of PyUtilib? modules.
(edit) @1784   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.common 3.0.4
(edit) @1756   7 years wehart Update to package README files to point to the new PyUtilib? mailing lists.
(edit) @1712   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.common 3.0.3
(edit) @1659   7 years wehart Extending definition of svn:ignore to include *.egg-info files.
(edit) @1579   7 years wehart Creating pyutilib.common to make the import of setuptools unconditional.
(edit) @1550   7 years wehart Made the import of setuptools non-conditional. Setuptools is needed to …
(edit) @1531   7 years wehart Creating pyutilib.common 3.0.1 to resolve bug with version name.
(edit) @1468   7 years wehart Creating releases for the remaining PyUtilib? packages, and updating their …
(edit) @1455   7 years wehart Creating release 3.0, and updating the trunk version.
(edit) @1446   7 years wehart Update to copyright assertions.
(edit) @1340   7 years wehart Various updates. I've started registering the PyUtilib? packages, but I …
(edit) @1336   7 years wehart Misc fix.
(edit) @1335   7 years wehart Further rework…
(edit) @1334   7 years wehart Misc rework to refactor this project into just the 'common' pieces.
(copy) @1333   7 years wehart Moved from pyutilib.core…
copied from pyutilib.core:
(edit) @1314   7 years wehart Initial reorg of PyUtilib?.
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