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0000003132 prsteel Adding myself as a developer. 8 years
0000002920 prsteel Added documentation for SOSConstraint objects. 9 years
0000002914 prsteel Fixes bug in error-catching routine. Previously, errors were raised via `raise some_string', rather than `raise some_exception, some_string'. 9 years
0000002911 prsteel Changes to allow Block objects to contain other Block objects. Added `self.domain = None` in Block.__init__ as a temporary workaround to ticket #4108. Changed logic in _setattr_exec to avoid infinite recursion when assigning Block objects to Block objects. Clarified logic in __setattr__. 9 years
0000002907 prsteel The `cpxlp` writer did not allow constant objectives to be printed out, which precluded solving feasibility problems. Changed the behavior to output "obj: +0.0 ONE_VAR_CONSTANT" since that dummy variable was already acting in a similar fashion as a placeholder for empty constraint blocks. Note that this does introduce "ONE_VAR_CONSTANT" as a 'variable' in the result object of problems involving constant objectives. If this should cause issues with users parsing the result objects, we can teach them to ignore "ONE_VAR_CONSTANT" entries. 9 years
0000002904 prsteel Fixes bug in Pyomo reading unbounded/infeasible solution files from GLPK. Bug fixed as a side effect while formatting code to fix the bug, indicating that it was likely caused by a poorly-indented `raise` statement, or some other source of an Exception that was resolved via new indentation. It is worthwhile here to note that our solution may still read as 'infeasible' when the problem is in fact known to be unbounded; this is due to GLPK's presolver, and short of turning off GLPK's presolver this is beyond Pyomo's abilities to fix. 9 years
0000002903 prsteel Reverting previous change to give a better commit message... 9 years
0000002902 prsteel Fixes parsing error on infeasible/unbounded problems. Not actually sure exactly what fixed the problem; I started by making the indentation uniform so my editor could play nicely with the code, and the error went away, suggesting that a 'raise' statement was poorly aligned in the original code. Doesn't 9 years
0000002901 prsteel Bug fix in error message. 9 years
0000002899 prsteel Fixes an apparent bug. Before, arithmetic operations on expressions were defined to operate in-place, which causes issues when manipulating expressions. For example, > foo = model.X + model.Y > for x in xrange(0,10): > print foo + model.X would in fact manipulate the expression foo. As this is believed to be undesirable (and was motivated by a specific use case, namely model transformations) it has been changed to return a clone of the expression in question. One test case failed as a side effect of this change, and a correction was made to resolve this. This correction was also inside The problem was that the ._nargs attribute of _SumExpression objects was not copied on .clone() calls. This has been changed. NOTE: it is not known whether a similar fix must be made to product expressions. No test cases are failing now, but this must be resolved. 9 years

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coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io 6 3.92%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/unit 6 3.92%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/preprocess 5 3.27%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/doc/pyomo/examples/sos-constraint 5 3.27%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/examples 4 2.61%
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coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/base/ 7 4.58%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/base/ 7 4.58%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/base/ 6 3.92%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io/ 6 3.92%
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