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0000008321 gabeh minor fix to previous commit so that it still respects the --handshake-with-phpyro option 5 years
0000008320 gabeh Fix for when the --handshake-with-phpyro runph option is used: The Problem: The list of action handles returned by the initialize_ph_solver_servers function is passed to the solver manager's wait_all() method at the end of ph.initialize() in order to synchronize the master ph instance with the phsolverservers. However, when the --handshake-with-phpyro option was used, an intermediate call to wait_all() occurred with the action handles used to transmit the master scenario tree ids, causing the queued results associated with the initialize_ph_solver_server action handles to be dropped (during subsequent calls to wait_any()). When this happened, the final call to wait_all with these action handles would hang indefinitely. The Fix: Don't call wait_all() inside the transmit_scenario_tree_ids function. Instead, return the action handles created by this function and add them to the list of action handles past to wait_all() at the end of ph.initialize 5 years
0000008313 gabeh Fix to r8302 for python 3: six.print -> six.print_ 5 years
0000008261 gabeh Expr_if Updates: - Bug fixes in is_constant and is_fixed methods where None was returned - Adding significantly more testing - Updates to canonical_repn and ampl_repn generation for better handling of this component. - Bug fix where the branching expression was being checked using bool() rather than __call__ or value() which was wrong and has bad side effects on chained inequality expression generation. 5 years
0000008260 gabeh Filling in the _args member on the Expr_if component to make it compatible all expression handling in canonical_repn generation. 5 years
0000008259 gabeh Updating NL file baselines as a result of r8258 (fixed #4515) 5 years
0000008258 gabeh - Fixing the NL writer to be deterministic (again). We were missing a sort_by_keys=True argument to active_subcomponents_data_generator when looping through constraints. The fact that the NL writer was not deterministic was highlighted by the failing NL file baseline tests resulting from r8226. - Adding a warning that the output_fixed_variable_bounds io_option is being ignored (references #4516). - Adding io_options to the NL writer: - show_section_timing(Default=False): Report timing after writing major sections - skip_trivial_constraints(Default=False): Don't write constraints that have a fixed body - deterministic(Default=True): Sort keys when iterating over indexed components to ensure a deterministic NL file 5 years
0000008257 gabeh Adding comment about default argument of var.fix() 5 years
0000008256 gabeh Updating CUTE models to use proper "rule" and "initialize" keywords for Param and Constraint 5 years
0000008228 gabeh Adding sos writer tests for CBC with NL file io 5 years

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Project Commits Changes Paths 4 30 18 8 12 8 3 3 2 37 2620 1692 4 47 47
coopr.plugins 110 213 36
coopr.openopt 6 6 1
coopr.solvers 22 46 23
coopr.sucasa 2 4 4
coopr.pysos 1 10 10
coopr.pyomo 400 1251 298
coopr.pysp 151 537 200
coopr.neos 1 1 1
coopr.core 1 1 1
coopr.opt 34 59 21
coopr.doc 6 9 3
coopr.dae 4 6 5
coopr.gdp 11 19 7
coopr.fdt 1 1 1
coopr.os 2 3 3

Most active paths 2620 53.71%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp 300 6.15%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/base 243 4.98%
coopr.plugins/trunk/coopr/plugins/solvers 169 3.46%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/io 165 3.38%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp/tests/unit 162 3.32%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/io/ampl 159 3.26%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/unit 102 2.09%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io/ampl 73 1.50%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/examples/piecewise_linear 67 1.37%

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coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp/ 53 1.09%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp/ 42 0.86%
coopr.plugins/trunk/coopr/plugins/solvers/ 39 0.80%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io/ampl/ 39 0.80%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/io/ 37 0.76%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/base/ 37 0.76%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io/ 37 0.76%
coopr.plugins/trunk/coopr/plugins/solvers/ 35 0.72%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/io/ 35 0.72%
coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/io/ampl/ 34 0.70%

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.row 306 6.31%
.col 303 6.24%
.mod 233 4.80%
.baseline 113 2.33%
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.results 74 1.52%
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.pickle 63 1.30%

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