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#4083 Setup MS Windows builds jdsiiro, al.g.holder@…, jwatson assigned jwatson task blocker
#4250 Inconsistency in variable naming jdsiiro new jwatson defect blocker
#4277 Setup Windows Python builds jdsiiro, jwatson new jdsiiro defect blocker
#4531 Coopr_VOTD_setup.exe fails on Windows 7 64bit wehart, jdsiiro new unassigned defect blocker
#4594 Test solvers on Jenkins Snotra builds jdsiiro new jwatson task blocker
#4595 Block generators and active jdsiiro, wehart, jwatson new unassigned defect blocker
#4014 Rework the COLIN IO plugins to support a common 'point' concept jdsiiro briadam dbhart new wehart minor enhancement major
#4195 Flush out the Coopr_trunk_python2.6_perf_status jdsiiro dbhart jwatson new wehart task major
#4002 Allow EXP+None semantics jdsiiro new wehart minor enhancement normal
#4125 create model example using the 'units' package jwatson jdsiiro new wehart task normal
#4185 Isolate Pyomo test in tests/examples/ test6 jdsiiro new wehart task normal
#4201 Add a 'default' solver to coopr.opt jdsiiro new wehart task normal
#4211 Add list-like components jdsiiro new wehart task normal
#4391 Param with default of another param jdsiiro new unassigned defect normal
#4494 Collect test statistics jdsiiro new unassigned task normal
#4618 Stage variable declarations by block name jdsiiro, jwatson, dlwoodr new gahacke minor enhancement normal
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