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(edit) @4440   6 years tekl Add more tests for C/Python NL writer compatibility
(edit) @4439   6 years tekl Fix bug in C NL writer for handling certain products
(edit) @4438   6 years tekl Really fix import statement for generate_ampl_repn tests
(edit) @4437   6 years tekl Move gar import statement so tests can pass
(edit) @4436   6 years tekl Add tests for Python/cAmpl compatibility
(edit) @4435   6 years tekl Remove unnecessary equality failure reason print statements
(edit) @4434   6 years tekl Minor speedups and optimizations in C NL writer
(edit) @4433   6 years tekl Test ampl_representation equality
(edit) @4432   6 years tekl Implement equality methods on ampl_representation class
(edit) @4430   6 years tekl Remove del methods from Pyomo objects
(edit) @4429   6 years tekl Update tests for nearly-complete C NL writer
(edit) @4428   6 years tekl Speed up C NL writer slightly; release more memory
(edit) @4427   6 years jdsiiro Removing the global counter of the number of Constraint objects. This was …
(edit) @4426   6 years tekl Fix up some reference counting issues; add more debugging
(edit) @4425   6 years tekl Document C NL writer
(edit) @4424   6 years jdsiiro Fixing typo in debugging message.
(edit) @4423   6 years tekl Free up a little memory in C AMPL power expressions
(edit) @4422   6 years tekl Remove (!) old; minor bugfix in C AMPL product handling
(edit) @4421   6 years zbfried Fixed issue involving inactive indices within indexed constraints -- this …
(edit) @4420   6 years zbfried Correctly counts constant objectives, and now ignores inactive indices …
(edit) @4419   6 years tekl Implement C AMPL _ProductExpression handling; split off C AMPL tests
(edit) @4418   6 years jdsiiro Fixing a bug where Blocks and Block derivatives (i.e. Disjuncts) could not …
(edit) @4417   6 years tekl Cap diet model, since examples go strange places
(edit) @4416   6 years tekl Implement _PowExpression in C AMPL writer; smart import of C AMPL module
(edit) @4414   6 years tekl Don't import things from the C AMPL module by default
(edit) @4413   6 years tekl Switch to directory-based AMPL writer; add incomplete C implementation
(edit) @4384   6 years tekl More baseline changes for test_convert
(edit) @4382   6 years tekl Merge fixes and refactorings into
(edit) @4381   6 years dword ef writer fix - I was double counting Jacobian variables and was not …
(edit) @4380   6 years dword still buggy ef writer, but its closer to right
(edit) @4379   6 years dword error fixes for handling fixed variables and constant objectives - there …
(edit) @4377   6 years tekl Implement diet1 example model in MySQL
(edit) @4376   6 years tekl Implement weakrefs on ObjectiveData? circular reference with Objective
(edit) @4375   6 years zbfried Propagated ignore_invalid_labels flag from _load_results() back up to …
(edit) @4373   6 years tekl Don't dereference a weakref twice
(edit) @4372   6 years tekl Place None checks around var weakref dereference
(edit) @4370   6 years tekl Dereference .var weakrefs in LP expr
(edit) @4369   6 years tekl Remove debugging statement
(edit) @4367   6 years tekl Implement weakrefs on certain .var self-referential attributes
(edit) @4362   6 years tekl Warn properly on nonexistent DSN in DB connection
(edit) @4361   6 years jwatson Another fix, paralleling those in the previous commit.
(edit) @4360   6 years jwatson Adding corrections to parameter and constraint construction when the …
(edit) @4358   6 years tekl Clean up database table parsing; drop unnecessary cruft
(edit) @4357   6 years tekl Refactor db_table for easier connection string/DSN creation
(edit) @4345   6 years dword updated NL writer
(edit) @4343   6 years dword Updated baselines for This was necessary due to the …
(edit) @4340   6 years tekl Handle weird null-termination issues on Python 2.7
(edit) @4337   6 years dword Updated, slightly faster NL writer with new test baselines. Variables are …
(edit) @4336   6 years tekl Refactor tests to avoid unnecessary @classmethod
(edit) @4335   6 years tekl Completely remove subprocess-based checks from diet tests
(edit) @4334   6 years tekl Change diet test to not use subprocesses - fixes Jenkins
(edit) @4332   6 years zbfried Added unit test for nontrivial bounds (_SumExpression and …
(edit) @4331   6 years tekl Add __del__ guard on ConstraintList?.
(edit) @4330   6 years tekl Check for glpsol for pyomo execution
(edit) @4329   6 years tekl Convert int to str before concatenating
(edit) @4328   6 years tekl One more __del__ guard. These will haunt me forever.
(edit) @4327   6 years tekl Fix unittest.* calls to be on class instances
(edit) @4326   6 years tekl Check for Pyomo erroring with return code 0
(edit) @4325   6 years tekl Rework availability framework for PyODBC
(edit) @4324   6 years tekl Test diet1 example
(edit) @4323   6 years tekl Completely refactor diet model example
(edit) @4320   6 years tekl More resilient ODBC connection logic and field parsing
(edit) @4319   6 years tekl Missed a file for __del__ methods
(edit) @4318   6 years tekl Even more __del__ methods; clean up debugging markers
(edit) @4315   6 years jwatson Fixing label issue with the NL extensive form writer.
(edit) @4312   6 years tekl Try really really hard to get an ODBC connection
(edit) @4311   6 years tekl Replace "Files" with "Driver" for ODBC name accuracy
(edit) @4310   6 years tekl Wrap ODBCConfig import in pyodbc_available check
(edit) @4309   6 years tekl Implement and test ODBC configuration class
(edit) @4307   6 years tekl Convert string formatting to new-style .format() calls
(edit) @4305   6 years jdsiiro Adding missing copyright statements.
(edit) @4304   6 years jdsiiro Fixing typo in comments
(edit) @4301   6 years tekl Make error messages more verbose for malformed .dat files. Resolves #4207.
(edit) @4300   6 years wehart Reverting the last change for scripting utility functions. These really …
(edit) @4299   6 years wehart Indicate that the Pyomo utility plugins are not to be registered as …
(edit) @4298   6 years wehart Indicate that the IPyomoExpression plugins are not services.
(edit) @4297   6 years wehart Indicating that the IModelComponent plugins are not services.
(edit) @4296   6 years wehart Indicating that the IParamRepresentation plugins are not services.
(edit) @4295   6 years zbfried Removed _IdentityExpression check in _get_bound
(edit) @4294   6 years zbfried Modified to allow expressions as variable bounds
(edit) @4293   6 years tekl Wrap model weakref dereferences in None guards (fixes runph test breakage)
(edit) @4292   6 years tekl Add None check around model weakref dereference
(edit) @4291   6 years tekl Even more __del__ guards. *sigh*
(edit) @4290   6 years tekl __del__ guard in _VarValue class
(edit) @4289   6 years tekl One more __del__ guard
(edit) @4288   6 years tekl Fix model weakref dereference bugs in Pyomo CPLEX LP I/O module
(edit) @4287   6 years tekl Remove debug statement; guard superclass __del__ calls
(edit) @4282   6 years tekl Update Pyomo tests for weak reference support
(edit) @4281   6 years tekl Pyomo expression support for weak references
(edit) @4280   6 years tekl Pyomo component support for weak references
(edit) @4279   6 years tekl Implement weak references in Pyomo
(edit) @4275   6 years wehart Tagging coopr.pyomo 2.8
(edit) @4268   6 years jdsiiro Adding a special case for expression reference detection so that …
(edit) @4264   6 years dword simplification of _get_bounds code in
(edit) @4261   6 years wehart Changing the logic to ensure that NL files are not influenced by the …
(edit) @4259   6 years wehart Documentation updates.
(edit) @4255   6 years dword Addition of SumExpression? and ProductExpression? checks in _get_bound which …
(edit) @4254   6 years dword a few more efficiency improvements to
(edit) @4251   6 years dword bug fix in the EF nonlinear term writer
(edit) @4246   6 years tekl Composite p_item and p_items for more speed
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