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#3919 duplicate adapter should be able to handle base adapters with no global edge iteration accepted jberry task normal 1.2
#3927 vertex_betweenness infinite loop accepted jberry defect normal 1.2
#3979 need option to synchronize edge_property_map updates with edge deletion in adjacency_list accepted gemacke enhancement normal 1.2
#3983 refactor weighted random walks in subgraph isomorphism assigned jberry defect normal 1.2
#3986 triangles and self-loops assigned jberry defect normal 1.2
#4040 remove_vertices and edges in adjacency_list.hpp accepted gemacke defect normal 1.2
#4141 subiso test examples have stopped working assigned gemacke defect normal 1.2
#4160 BFS and expand one edge visitors should be able to maintain their own state new defect normal 1.2
#4172 matrix market writer should use "symmetric" header for undirected graphs new jberry@… defect normal 1.2
#4245 miniTri nondeterminism new defect normal 1.2
#4276 test_subgraph doesn't work with adjacency_list graph new defect normal 1.2
#2423 SCC/topsort_prefix accepted gemacke defect low 1.2
#2641 Exception handling accepted gemacke defect lowest 1.2
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