Red Storm Hardware


PC Hardware

Front-end Node

All of the PC development systems are on a private network fronted by (SRN). Contact Kevin Pedretti to get an account on cellmn.

PXE Boot

nway1 and nway2 are both configured network boot using cellmn as the PXE+DHCP server. Copy your kernel bzImage to cellmn:/tftpboot/kitten.{host} and your init_task ELF image to cellmn:/tftpboot/init_task.{host}, replacing '{host}' with nway1 or nway2, then reboot using the remote power controller, nway-rpc (see below). You should see console output on the terminal server, nway-ts (see below), approximately 35 seconds after issuing the power cycle.

Remote Power Control

The RPC's outlets are connected as follows:

    Outlet   Host
    ------   ----------------
     1       nway1
     2       nway2

To reboot a host:

    telnet nway-rpc
    // Then:
    //    Select "1. Outlet Control"
    //    Type "reboot {outlet number}"
    //    Type "y" to confirm
    //    The node should reboot

Terminal Server

The terminal-server ports are connected as follows:

    Port     Host
    ----     ----------------
     17      nway1
     18      nway2

To access a host's serial terminal, telnet to port 20{Port} on the terminal server. For example, to access nway2's terminal type:

    telnet nway-ts 2018
    // On a Linux node, type Enter to bring up a login prompt.
    // To exit the telnet session, type Ctrl-]. A ">telnet" prompt should then appear.  Type "quit".

Development System Stats

nway1 and nway2

  • 4 AMD Opteron model 870 processors (2.0 GHz, dual core)
    • 8 cores total
    • 128K L1 cache per core
    • 1MB L2 cache per core
  • 16 1 GB DDR400 DIMMS with ECC
    • 16 GB total
    • 4 GB attached to each processor (NUMA)
  • 1 Broadcom Ethernet Controller
    • BCM5704 (appears docs only avail. under NDA)
    • 10/100/1000BASE-T
    • Dual port (eth0 and eth1)
  • 2 147 GB SCSI hard drives (10K, 8MB cache)
    • 294 GB total
  • 1 IDE CD-ROM
  • ATI Rage XL PCI graphics controller