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Hybrid Optimization Parallel Search PACKage

HOPSPACK solves derivative-free optimization problems with a C++ software framework. The framework enables parallel operation using MPI (for distributed machine architectures) and multithreading (for single machines with multiple processors/cores). It's easy to get an optimization application up and running on HOPSPACK: go to the TBD link.




Current Release

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Welcome to Trac 0.11.1

Trac is a minimalistic approach to web-based management of software projects. Its goal is to simplify effective tracking and handling of software issues, enhancements and overall progress.

"trac-admin yourenvdir initenv" created a new Trac environment, containing a default set of wiki pages and some sample data. This newly created environment also contains documentation to help you get started with your project.

You can use trac-admin to configure  Trac to better fit your project, especially in regard to components, versions and milestones.

TracGuide is a good place to start.

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