16:11 Changeset [2575] by jdsiiro
- Improving estimation of the <sources> element when using gcovr with …


16:13 Changeset [2574] by wehart
Further updates needed to get testing working.
09:55 Changeset [2573] by wehart
Fix to performance description.
09:51 Changeset [2572] by wehart
Further updates


20:32 Changeset [2571] by wehart
Updating scripts for processing performance data and generating a PNG …
11:54 Changeset [2570] by wehart
Adding more stuff…


07:26 Ticket #3888 (--branch-probabilities should be optional) created by daniel.neuberger@…
Whether or not to use the --branch-probabilities option with gcov should …
07:26 Ticket #3887 (Check for gcno files in addition to gcda files) created by daniel.neuberger@…
Currently, only files with .gcda extensions are searched for. The …


21:04 Changeset [2569] by wehart
Adding logic to process new testdata.csv files.
19:19 Changeset [2568] by wehart
Specifying the absolute path
19:13 Changeset [2567] by wehart
Adding file.
19:07 Changeset [2566] by wehart
Adding a directory for generating performance summaries within Hudson.


06:41 Ticket #3886 (Allow more than one and parameterized jobs to be triggered) created by bockelmann@…
I really like the possibility to trigger a job based on the log of my …


12:20 Changeset [2565] by jdsiiro
Splitting the gcovr test driver to run XML and TXT tests separately.


21:16 Changeset [2564] by wehart
Adding flags to create Xunit results file.
21:14 Changeset [2563] by wehart
Adding svn:executable property
21:13 Changeset [2562] by wehart
Some dummy tests.
21:07 Changeset [2561] by wehart
Initial setup of test.vpykit. Unfortunately, this relies on vpykit to …
18:02 Ticket #3885 (Incorrectly spelled word causing error - Changeset 2556 Line #730) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Fixed in r2560.
18:01 Changeset [2560] by jdsiiro
Correcting typo (reported in #3885).
18:00 Ticket #3885 (Incorrectly spelled word causing error - Changeset 2556 Line #730) created by anonymous
730 oprions.filter = re.compile() =====> oprions should be options
17:57 Changeset [2559] by jdsiiro
bugfix in test driver.
17:46 Changeset [2558] by jdsiiro
Adding a test driver for gcovr tests
16:10 Ticket #3884 (gcovr fails when the path includes regex special characters) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Fixed in [2556:2557].
16:08 Changeset [2557] by jdsiiro
Addressing special case mentioned in comment:ticket:3884:1: do not …
15:58 Changeset [2556] by jdsiiro
Overhaul of the --root / --filter logic. This should resolve the …
14:40 Ticket #3883 (gcovr fails to send file name to gcov) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Fixed in [2555].
14:40 Ticket #3872 (Add support for gcov -o (--object-directory) option) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: The changes in [2555] should fix this. NOTE: the meaning of …
14:37 Changeset [2555] by jdsiiro
Overhaul of gcovr's logic for determining gcc/g++'s original working …
14:32 Ticket #3869 (Fix incompatibilities between XML output and Hudson's cobertura plugin) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Patch applied in [2513], <sources> issue resolved in [2554].
14:29 Changeset [2554] by jdsiiro
bugfix: gcovr was only including a <sources> element in the XML report …
14:25 Changeset [2553] by jdsiiro
Adding timestamp and version attributes to the gcovr XML report (as …
14:04 Changeset [2552] by jdsiiro
Adding basic tests for gcovr (based on reported tickets).


22:00 Changeset [2551] by wehart
Adding support for specifying test categories.


15:36 Ticket #3872 (Add support for gcov -o (--object-directory) option) reopened by jdsiiro
The implementation of --object-directory in [2519:2521] completely …
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