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Initial page with generic library/compiler information

Required/Recommended? Libraries and Compilers for DAKOTA

Compiling DAKOTA from source typically requires

  • C, C++, Fortran77, and (optionally) Fortran90 compilers
  • BLAS and LAPACK, including development headers and libraries
  • (Optional) MPI compiler wrappers, headers, and libraries
  • (Optional) X Windows development headers and libraries, including for example:
    • X11 or Xorg (specific libraries vary from platform to platform, but may include X11, Xext, Xp, Xau, Xaw, Xmu, Xt)
    • A motif implementation such a lesstif or openmotif (for Xm)
    • XPM

In general when compiling DAKOTA, be careful incompatible compilers aren't selected automatically, e.g., mixing g77 with gfortran or mixing vendors even, by setting CC, CXX, F77, and FC to the ones you want to use. This is especially problematic with autotools builds of DAKOTA.