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Changed to take generic text name identified using
"_data". Specifically no path or extension is needed to identify a
specific test. This allows for other solvers (e.g., Dakota) to be able
to use the *_problems test problem decription files. All of the
*_problems files and several of the experiment files (*.exp.xml) have
been updated to reflect this. Two new variables are required in the
test driver perl scripts "exp.<solver>.pl":

# Directory containing test files (relative paths suggested for portability)
# Coliny test files are AMPL model (.mod) files

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1###=Can't currently do in DAKOTA (because of funcadd.c functions used)
2_data=text_book _optimum=0.125 _opttol=1e-2
3_data=text_book_unc _optimum=0.0 _opttol=1e-2
4_data=linear2 _optimum=-2.0 _opttol=1e-4
5###_data=TestProblem0 _optimum=1.0
6_data=TestProblem1 _optimum=0.0 _opttol=1e-7
7_data=TestProblem2 _optimum=27.0 _opttol=1e-3
8_data=TestProblem3 _optimum=0.1715728752538099023 _opttol=1e-4
9_data=TestProblem4 _optimum=1.3431457505076198045 _opttol=1e-3
10_data=TestProblem5 _optimum=1.33333333333333333 _opttol=1e-2 step_tolerance=1e-8
11###_data=TestProblem6 _optimum=1.0
12_data=TestProblem7 _optimum=0.0 _opttol=1e-7
13_data=TestProblem8 _optimum=0.1715728752538099023 step_tolerance=1e-8 _opttol=1e-6
14_data=TestProblem9 _optimum=1.33333333333333333 step_tolerance=1e-6 initial_step=1e-3 _opttol=1e-7
15_data=TestProblem11 _optimum=0.0 _opttol=1e-7
16_data=TestProblem12 _optimum=19.4553 _opttol=1e-4
17_data=TestProblem13 _optimum=9.0 _opttol=1e-3
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