NPSOL wrapper

For completeness, we present a test program for the NPSOL method. Unlike the previous optimization methods we have highlighted, the calling sequence for OptNPSOL requires the number of linear and nonlinear constraints in the problem formulation. Also note that the lower and upper bound vectors have dimension n + nclin + ncnln .

   #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
   #include "OPT++_config.h"

   #include <iostream>
   #include <fstream>
   #ifdef HAVE_STD
   #include <cstdio>
   #include <cstring>
   #include <stdio.h>
   #include <string.h>

   #include "OptNPSOL.h"
   #include "tstfcn.h"     

   using NEWMAT::ColumnVector;
   using namespace OPTPP;

   double const LOW_BOUND =  -4.5;
   double const UP_BOUND  =   4.5;

   int main ()
     int          i, n=3;
     ColumnVector x(n);
     char *status_file = {"tstnpsol.out"};
     ofstream opt_fp;;

     int ndim  = n;          // Problem dimension
     int nclin = 0;          // Number of linear constraints 
     int ncnln = 1;          // Number of nonlinear constraints 
     double ftol = 1.0e-06;  // Function accuracy

     ColumnVector lower(n+nclin+ncnln), upper(n+nclin+ncnln);

     //  Create boundary constraints 
     for(i=1; i< ndim; i++) {lower(i) = LOW_BOUND;  upper(i) = UP_BOUND;}
     lower(ndim)       = -5.0;     
     upper(ndim)       = 5.0;

     // Set infinite lower bound and finite upper bound for nonlinear constraint
     lower(ndim+nclin+ncnln) =  -1.0E32; 
     upper(ndim+nclin+ncnln) = 48;

     //  Build an NPSOL object and optimize 
     OptNPSOL objfcn(ndim,nclin,ncnln,hs65,init_hs65,ineq_hs65); 

     objfcn.printStatus("Solution from NPSOL ");


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