print.C File Reference


namespace  OPTPP


class  OPTPP::PrintCounter


PrintCounter OPTPP::PCZ ("Number of non-zero matrices (should be 1) = ")
PrintCounter OPTPP::PCN ("Number of matrices tested = ")
void OPTPP::Print (const Matrix &X)
void OPTPP::Print (const UpperTriangularMatrix &X)
void OPTPP::Print (const DiagonalMatrix &X)
void OPTPP::Print (const SymmetricMatrix &X)
void OPTPP::Print (const LowerTriangularMatrix &X)
void OPTPP::Clean (Matrix &A, Real c)
void OPTPP::Clean (DiagonalMatrix &A, Real c)
void OPTPP::FPrint (ostream *fout, const Matrix &X)
void OPTPP::FPrint (ostream *fout, const SymmetricMatrix &X)
void OPTPP::FPrint (ostream *fout, const DiagonalMatrix &X)

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