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APPSPACK 5.0.1 File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
APPSPACK_Cache_Manager.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Cache::Manager
APPSPACK_Cache_Manager.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Cache::Manager
APPSPACK_Cache_Point.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Cache::Point
APPSPACK_Cache_Point.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Cache::Point
APPSPACK_Cache_SplayTree.hpp [code]Template definitions for APPSPACK::Cache::SplayTreeNode and APPSPACK::Cache::SplayTree
APPSPACK_CDDLIB_Interface.c [code]Implementation of functions declared in APPSPACK_CDDLIB_Interface.h
APPSPACK_CDDLIB_Interface.h [code]Prototype for compute_cone_generators() function
APPSPACK_Combiner_Generic.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Combiner::Generic
APPSPACK_Combiner_Generic.hpp [code]Class description for APPSPACK::Combiner::Generic
APPSPACK_Common.h [code]All standard C header files are included via this file
APPSPACK_Common.hpp [code]All standard C/C++ and STL header files are included via this file, and all "using" declarations are declared here
APPSPACK_Constraints_Linear.cpp [code]Implementation of non-virtual functions in APPSPACK::Constraints::Linear
APPSPACK_Constraints_Linear.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Constraints::Linear
APPSPACK_Conveyor.cpp [code]Implements APPSPACK::Conveyor
APPSPACK_Conveyor.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Conveyor
APPSPACK_Counter.cpp [code]Implements APPSPACK::Counter
APPSPACK_Counter.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Counter
APPSPACK_Directions.cpp [code]Implemtation of APPSPACK::Directions
APPSPACK_Directions.hpp [code]Class description for APPSPACK::Directions
APPSPACK_Evaluator_Interface.hpp [code]Class description for APPSPACK::Evaluator::Interface
APPSPACK_Evaluator_SystemCall.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Evaluator::SystemCall
APPSPACK_Evaluator_SystemCall.hpp [code]Class description for APPSPACK::Evaluator::SystemCall
APPSPACK_Executor_Interface.hpp [code]Class description for APPSPACK::Executor::Interface
APPSPACK_Executor_MPI.cpp [code]Implemetation of APPSPACK::Executor::MPI
APPSPACK_Executor_MPI.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Executor::MPI
APPSPACK_Executor_Serial.cpp [code]Implemetation of APPSPACK::Executor::Serial
APPSPACK_Executor_Serial.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Executor::Serial
APPSPACK_Float.cpp [code]Implementations of functions declared in APPSPACK_Float.hpp
APPSPACK_Float.hpp [code]No classes--Declares function in APPSPACK namespace for handling infinity
APPSPACK_GCI.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::GCI (an MPI interface)
APPSPACK_GCI.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::GCI (an MPI interface)
APPSPACK_LAPACK_Wrappers.cpp [code]Implementation of functions declared in APPSPACK_LAPACK_Wrappers.hpp
APPSPACK_LAPACK_Wrappers.hpp [code]No classes - Declare wrappers for the LAPACK functions
APPSPACK_List.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::List
APPSPACK_List.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::List
APPSPACK_Main_MPI.cpp [code]The main() for a MPI version of APPSPACK based on a simple system call
APPSPACK_Main_Serial.cpp [code]The main() for a serial version of appspack based on a simple system call
APPSPACK_Matrix.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Matrix
APPSPACK_Matrix.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Matrix
APPSPACK_Parameter_Entry.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Parameter::Entry
APPSPACK_Parameter_Entry.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Parameter::Entry
APPSPACK_Parameter_List.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Parameter::List
APPSPACK_Parameter_List.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Parameter::List
APPSPACK_Point.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Point
APPSPACK_Point.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Point
APPSPACK_Print.cpp [code]Actual definition of global variables
APPSPACK_Print.hpp [code]Defines global variables (though all in namespace APPSPACK)
APPSPACK_Solver.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Solver
APPSPACK_Solver.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Solver
APPSPACK_Utils.cpp [code]Implementations of utility functions in the APPSPACK namespace
APPSPACK_Utils.hpp [code]No classes - just some utility functions in the APPSPACK namespace
APPSPACK_Vector.cpp [code]Implementation of APPSPACK::Vector
APPSPACK_Vector.hpp [code]Class definition for APPSPACK::Vector
cdd.h [code]Part of cdd library
cddcore.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddio.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddlib.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddlp.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddmp.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddmp.h [code]Part of cdd library
cddproj.c [code]Part of cdd library
cddtypes.h [code]Part of cdd library
cev_evaluator.cpp [code]C++ file for example custom evaluator
cev_evaluator.hpp [code]Header file for example custom evaluator
cev_main.cpp [code]Main file for custom evaluator example
cex_executor.cpp [code]Implementation of example custom executor
cex_executor.hpp [code]Example of derived custom executor
cex_main.cpp [code]Main executable for custom executor example
cex_master.cpp [code]Example master for custom executor
cex_msgtags.hpp [code]File containing the message tags for the custom executor
cex_worker.cpp [code]Example of worker for custom executor
example1.c [code]Example with bound constraints
example2.cpp [code]Example with bound constraints and a nonlinear constraint (handled using an extreme barrier approach)
example2a.cpp [code]Example with bound constraints and a nonlinear constraint, now handled using APPSPACK's built-in extreme barrier approach
example3.cpp [code]Example with bound constraints and nonlinear constraints (handled using a simple penalty)
example4.cpp [code]Example with linear equality and inequality constraints
example5.cpp [code]Example with linear equality and inequality constraints
setoper.c [code]Part of cdd library
setoper.h [code]Part of cdd library


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