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cex_master.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Example master for custom executor.

This file provides the routine for the master. The master is responsible for the following:

Note 1: It is possible for the workers to also read the number of variables from the command line; however, we do it this way to show an example of sending initialization information to the workers.

Note 2: The parameter list can be read from a file or hard-coded or some combination. APPSPACK provides tools for reading the parameter list form a file; see the function APPSPACK::parseTextInputFile.

Note 3: Once the solver has been run, the best point can be extracted. See APPSPACK::Solver for more details.

See also:
Customizing the APPSPACK::Executor to change the way function evaluations are distributed in parallel

Definition in file cex_master.cpp.

#include "mpi.h"
#include "msgtags.hpp"
#include "executor.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Solver.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Vector.hpp"
#include "APPSPACK_Constraints_Linear.hpp"

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void master (int argc, char *argv[], int nprocs)

Function Documentation

void master int  argc,
char *  argv[],
int  nprocs


Definition at line 44 of file cex_master.cpp.

References QUIT, APPSPACK::Parameter::List::setParameter(), SIZE, and APPSPACK::Parameter::List::sublist().

Referenced by main().


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