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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
APPSPACK::AgentCoordinating agent
APPSPACK::ArgsArgs stores parameter name/value pairs from the command line and, optionally, an input file
APPSPACK::BasePointBasic point representation
APPSPACK::BoundsManages simple bounds on the variables
APPSPACK::CacheMgrCache Manger - Interface to cache process
APPSPACK::CachePointStore a cached point
APPSPACK::CacheWkrActual cache object. Stored the cached points in a splay tree
APPSPACK::FevalMgrInterface to objective function
APPSPACK::Default::FevalMgrInterface to objective function
Example1::FevalMgrInterface to the Example1 objective function
APPSPACK::Default::FevalTaskHolds the information corresponding to executing a single function evaluation task
Example1::FevalWkrFevalWkr for Example 1
APPSPACK::Default::FevalWkrDefault implementation of FevalWkr
APPSPACK::FevalWkrFevalWkr is a worker object for the MPI version of APPSPACK
APPSPACK::GCIAPPS Communicator - An interface for both PVM and MPI commands
APPSPACK::GUIDA GUID is a `globally unique identifier'
APPSPACK::MatrixManages the matrix for the pattern
APPSPACK::ModelMgrModel Manager - interface to surrogates
APPSPACK::MsgTagAll message tags for all types of messages
APPSPACK::Node< Comparable >Templated splay tree node
APPSPACK::PatternManages the matrix for the pattern
APPSPACK::PointAdds a convergence table to a BasePoint
APPSPACK::SearchManages the searches on the process
APPSPACK::SearchElementIndividual search
APPSPACK::SplayTree< Comparable >The splay tree is a binary storage structure
APPSPACK::UtilsUtility functions and objects

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