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Example Problems

As of the Tramonto v5.0 release, there are 144 example problems that are distributed with the Tramonto software. These example problems collectively are called the test harness. The test harness is run regularly on multiple computational platforms with different processor counts to test the stability of the development branch of Tramonto as new capabilities are introduced. The status of the nightly tests can be found on the Tramonto Developer/Test Harness page. The Tramonto v5.0 release also includes a cmake and ctest capability that allows the user to automatically run example problems in order to test their installations or code changes. Instructions on using ctest can be found on the TH Instructions page.

A tabulated list of the example problems in the development branch can be found here. The table provides the name of the example problem and a short description of the problem. A more lengthy description of the test and the principle output can be obtained by clicking on the link associated with Test_Name/README. As new test problems are introduced on the development branch, they are not generally reconciled with previous release branches. However, example problems are rarely removed from the test harness. So, short descriptions of all cases in Tramonto/Examples remain available for all release tarballs.

In any of the release tarballs, these test problems can be found in Tramonto/Examples. Each test problem has its own directory that contains the descriptive README file as well as all input files needed to run the test problem. For the new user we strongly recommend that you begin by running several test problems most closely related to your interests in order to become acquainted with Tramonto procedures and output.