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Bonsai was used to browse the Trilinos CVS repositories. Now that Trilinos uses git, Bonsai is only used to browse legacy repositories.

A lot of useful information relating to CVS history is accessible via a web-based package called Bonsai. Sandians can access this tool at the 'Sandia Software Bonsai page' above, or from anywhere on this developer site at 'Bonsai' under 'Quick Links'. Bonsai gives a developer the ability to view the changes made to the files in the repository. The tool can be especially useful when trying to figure out which changes may have introduced bugs into a piece of code. Developers can search for changes base on filename, directory, branch, date, user who made the change, or any combination of these criteria. The entire revision histories of individual files can be utilized in finding the source of bugs. The difference between any two versions of a file may also be viewed.

* To gain access, send an email to