Welcome to the Trilinos Developer Home

Welcome to the Trilinos developer home page, your one stop for all the information you need as a Trilinos developer.

Trilinos Spring Developer Meeting 2013

The 2013 Trilinos Spring Developer Meeting will take place May 13th-16th in Albuquerque. The meeting will feature small group sessions on Monday afternoon, Tuesday, and Thursday morning and an all-day meeting Wednesday for all Trilinos developers.

Finding Trilinos-related information

A quick and easy way to comb through all of the information on the Trilinos user and developer websites is to use a site-specific Google search. To limit a Google search to information on the Trilinos user site, add "site:trilinos.org" (without the quotes) to the Google search string. To limit a search to the Trilinos developer site, add "site:software.sandia.gov/trilinos/developer" to the search string.

Checkin testing process

In order to maintain the stability of "Primary Stable" Code in Trilinos, the checkin-test.py script should always be used to test code before any checkin that changes source code. See the checkin testing policy.

There is also an in-depth discussion of the local commit/test with remote pull/test/push process that describes how you can do your main development on one machine, like your laptop, and then easily pull the local commits to a faster remote machine (like a central Linux server) to do more detailed testing and do the final push to the global repository.

Git Repository Transition

The main Trilinos repository is now managed with git (since November 2009). For information on installing git, getting set up to use git, and using git see the eg/git documentation.

Mail List Spam Management How-To

This how-to can be found at the bottom of the Mailman page.

Contribute to the Trilinos Site

Developers, is there a page, article, link, or 'Quick Link' that you would like to see on the Trilinos or Trilinos Developer site? Send an email to the Trilinos Framework mail list describing what it is you would like to see added or changed. If you are able to contribute an article, include the article in any format convenient for you.