22:07 Changeset [1104] by wehart
Update due to changes in config files.
20:44 Changeset [1103] by kaklise
incremental update to booster_mip includes use of config class, …
15:35 Overview edited by kaklise
15:07 WikiStart edited by kaklise
15:06 Documentation edited by kaklise
15:03 Documentation created by kaklise
15:00 Development edited by kaklise
14:51 Licensing edited by kaklise
14:49 WikiStart edited by kaklise
14:43 Overview edited by kaklise
14:42 Overview edited by kaklise
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14:07 Development created by kaklise
13:44 WikiStart edited by kaklise
13:28 WikiStart edited by kaklise
09:47 Changeset [1102] by kaklise
bug fix
09:30 Changeset [1101] by kaklise
big fix in flushing, detection time in DVF file is in hours


22:14 Changeset [1100] by wehart
Documentation fixes. Updating solvers to include lower/upper bounds.
22:13 Changeset [1099] by wehart
Adding documentation for bounding and fixing/unfixing locations.
22:09 Changeset [1098] by wehart
Adding tests used in the UM
20:22 Changeset [1097] by kaklise
bug fix, do not use dvf with ec and tec
15:10 Changeset [1096] by kaklise
bug fix
14:02 Changeset [1095] by gabeh
more booster quality updates
11:20 Changeset [1094] by kaklise
bug fix, flushing now runs 'wst tevasim' and 'wst sim2Impact' instead of …
03:17 Changeset [1093] by gabeh
More booster_quality updates
02:34 Changeset [1092] by gabeh
Adding missing files in last commit
02:32 Changeset [1091] by gabeh
Updates to pywst booster_quality module, adding some examples for Kate


23:44 Changeset [1090] by gabeh
Small fix to booster data file writing for tanks
21:24 Changeset [1089] by wehart
Updates due to changes in previous commits
12:19 Changeset [1088] by anseth
ran generate_config with updated python to remove minor bug
11:54 Changeset [1087] by anseth
wst_config changes to add inversion, grabsample and events blocks
11:51 Changeset [1086] by anseth
formulation and config documentation for inversion and grabsample


00:56 Changeset [1085] by wehart
Updating documentation after updating pyutilib.misc
00:49 Changeset [1084] by wehart
Changes to control I/O for creating lagrangian data.
00:46 Changeset [1083] by wehart
Adding the Lagrangian solver.
00:43 Changeset [1082] by wehart
Adding sp5 example.


13:20 Changeset [1081] by jdsiiro
Fixing how we manage description environment spacing (and adding a missing …
11:24 Changeset [1080] by kaklise
Updates to booster_msx to include all tevasim and sim2Impact options
11:23 Changeset [1079] by kaklise
Updates to flushing to include all tevasim and sim2Impact options
11:22 Changeset [1078] by kaklise
Added write_tsg function to wst_util. Added location, strength, start and …
11:20 Changeset [1077] by kaklise
Added date and time to output json
11:20 Changeset [1076] by kaklise
added location, strength, start and stop time to yml input. If tsg file …


14:31 Changeset [1075] by thaxton
Updated Forward.tex with current NHSRC director's name


15:24 Changeset [1074] by kaklise
Reformated sp.tex to match other subcommand format, added json output …
15:23 Changeset [1073] by kaklise
Updated booster msx to use config class, added json output file, updated …
15:21 Changeset [1072] by kaklise
Added json output file to flushing
12:37 Changeset [1071] by kaklise
added json output to tevasim and sim2Impact
12:36 Changeset [1070] by kaklise
added json output files to tevasim and sim2Impact, modifications to file …


15:15 Changeset [1069] by kaklise
updates to sim2Impact metric equations
00:11 Changeset [1068] by wehart
Updating the sp.tex chapter. Various updates to *.tex baselines due to …


23:41 Changeset [1067] by wehart
Baseline updates. Updating solver scripts to strip out absolute paths.


15:15 Changeset [1066] by wehart
Bug fix.
10:42 Changeset [1065] by kaklise
Updates to flushing problem.py to use config class, tests need work
10:40 Changeset [1064] by kaklise
Updates to wst_config for flushing subcommand
10:35 Changeset [1063] by kaklise
Delete hydraulics.hyd after running tevasim
10:34 Changeset [1062] by kaklise
Updates to sim2Impact chapter, minor updates to tevasim


12:04 Changeset [1061] by gabeh
Changing the merlion based pywst modules to check for the 'INP' tag with …
11:19 Changeset [1060] by gabeh
- Removing the 'hydraulic stepsize' option from all merlion-based …
10:51 Changeset [1059] by gabeh
- Minor updates to merlion booster code - Adding functionality to merlion …


18:17 Changeset [1058] by smcgee
Gabe pointed out that the time step data written to the json file was not …


20:32 Changeset [1057] by wehart
Fixing issue with monospace lstinputlisting environments.
16:31 Changeset [1056] by gabeh
Reformatting booster formulations
15:32 Changeset [1055] by kaklise
to do list for user manual
13:28 Changeset [1054] by kaklise
minor updates to the usermanual
12:54 Changeset [1053] by gabeh
Minor updates to pywst booster_quality


20:30 Changeset [1052] by wehart
Many updates, flushing out the sp-pmedian chapter. Other configuration …
20:25 Changeset [1051] by wehart
Bug fixes when not using absolute paths for the impact files.
19:34 Changeset [1050] by wehart
Adding 'logfile' and 'compute greedy ranking' options.
18:16 Changeset [1049] by wehart
Updating to copy the JSON results file.
17:45 Changeset [1048] by wehart
Specifying the dimension of the feasible/infeasible sets.
17:44 Changeset [1047] by wehart
Adding a second 'wst sp' example.
13:40 Changeset [1046] by wehart
Misc changes to start reworking the sensor placement chapters in Part II.
12:45 Changeset [1045] by wehart
Changing the book's terminology to focus on subcommands rather than …
12:14 Changeset [1044] by wehart
Commenting out some configuration options that we shouldn't require.
08:56 Changeset [1043] by wehart
Updating baseline.
08:56 Changeset [1042] by wehart
Don't force the impact directory to be an absolute path.
08:52 Changeset [1041] by wehart
Updates to baselines. A 'debug' option has been added to the 'configure' …
08:49 Changeset [1040] by wehart
Baseline output.
08:49 Changeset [1039] by wehart
Setting up a simple SP test using a YAML config file.
08:48 Changeset [1038] by wehart
Disabling the 'No weights file' warning, since this is unlikely.
08:47 Changeset [1037] by wehart
Adding a 'debug' configure option. Instrumenting the sp subcommand to be …
08:24 Changeset [1036] by wehart
Changes to deal with the new configuration object. Also, there were …
08:23 Changeset [1035] by wehart
Changes because the 'impact' block is now 'impact data'. Changes because …
08:22 Changeset [1034] by wehart
Bug fix when getting names from the configuration data.
08:21 Changeset [1033] by wehart
Changes based on whether configuration blocks should really be lists. …


12:35 Changeset [1032] by wehart
Moving files into 'simple'. Removing *_template.yml files, which are not …
12:01 Changeset [1031] by wehart
Moving tests in 'simple'.
11:57 Changeset [1030] by wehart
Moving all tests into subdirectories.
11:55 Changeset [1029] by wehart
Moving SP YAML files to SP example dir.
11:37 Changeset [1028] by wehart
Bug fixes in lstanchors.pl to correctly detect changes. Updates to use …
11:19 Changeset [1027] by wehart
Updates to use the '\listing' command.
09:24 Changeset [1026] by wehart
Update to config/template fragments. Moving Net3 data into a separate …
08:56 Changeset [1025] by wehart
Adding a subdirectory for Net3 data.


16:30 Changeset [1024] by jdsiiro
Updating lstanchors to only rewrite a file if there are changes to that …
15:31 Changeset [1023] by kaklise
add imperfect and aggregation to sp yml config
15:29 Changeset [1022] by kaklise
none_list added back to sp problem for now
15:27 Changeset [1021] by kaklise
updates to user manual
09:42 Changeset [1020] by kaklise
bug fix in tevasim, updates to sim2Impact to allow list of erd files, …
09:39 Changeset [1019] by kaklise
Updates to the user manual
02:56 Changeset [1018] by gabeh
Fixes to booster_quality formulation
02:01 Changeset [1017] by gabeh
Adding the booster_quality c++ application to the automake and nmake build …
01:59 Changeset [1016] by gabeh
- More work on the pywst booster_quality module - Minor updates to pywst …
01:58 Changeset [1015] by gabeh
Updates to booster c++ code, adding booster application for generation …
00:55 Changeset [1014] by gabeh
Changing merlion ERROR about initial quality info in inp files to a …


15:20 Changeset [1013] by gabeh
More updates to the booster_quality pywst module
14:08 Changeset [1012] by jdsiiro
Specifying a minimum version of Nose so that --with-xunit works.
13:07 Changeset [1011] by jdsiiro
Adding missing __init__.py files so that tests are reported correctly.
13:06 Changeset [1010] by jdsiiro
Updating copyright statements in all __init__.py files to reflect WST


19:15 Changeset [1009] by gabeh
- Adding a booster_quality (incomplete) pywst module (along with an AMPL …
12:48 Changeset [1008] by kaklise
biblography updates


17:08 Changeset [1007] by kaklise
added tevasim and sim2Impact examples
17:04 Changeset [1006] by kaklise
updates to user manual yml and examples


14:17 Changeset [1005] by kaklise
update to sim2Impact to use common problem, update to sim2Impact tests
14:16 Changeset [1004] by kaklise
add valid metrics to wst_config and common problem. Fix typo
12:57 Changeset [1003] by kaklise
fix tevasim tests (dvf test still fails) and update location of none_list
11:34 Changeset [1002] by wehart
More formatting updates for config descriptions.
10:14 Changeset [1001] by wehart
Updated *.tex files do to reformatting. Adding a 'sp' subdirectory. The …
10:14 Changeset [1000] by wehart
Updated configuration files. I'm not sure why these were updated…
10:06 Changeset [999] by wehart
Fix to allow the LaTeX format to be valid. Does this mess up other …
10:00 Changeset [998] by wehart
Bug fix.
09:53 Changeset [997] by wehart
Bug fix
09:51 Changeset [996] by wehart
Bug fix.
09:46 Changeset [995] by wehart
Adding a Problem core class, from which the tevasim.Problem class is …
08:25 Changeset [994] by wehart
Error checks added.
07:59 Changeset [993] by wehart
SP updates. Adding courier ttt font. Labeling part2.


22:17 Changeset [992] by wehart
Changing the format to use a book format. Broke the book into two parts: …
21:29 Changeset [991] by wehart
Changes to account for missing YML files.
16:43 Changeset [990] by kaklise
minor updates to Forward and Ackowledgements
16:29 Changeset [989] by kaklise
Add booster descriptions
16:28 Changeset [988] by kaklise
Updates to flushing and booster chapters
16:08 Changeset [987] by kaklise
Updates to sim2Impact for new config
15:31 Changeset [986] by kaklise
updates to user manual
15:29 Changeset [985] by kaklise
add autogenerated config templates and latex documentation to user manual …
15:26 Changeset [984] by kaklise
Addition of wst config to tevasim problem
15:25 Changeset [983] by kaklise
preliminary master config file for pywst


12:09 Changeset [982] by gabeh
Fixing GeneralSP.py so it will STOP BREAKING PYWST. I assume Pyomo was …
11:03 Changeset [981] by smcgee
add numSteps to the results of a static call for a simulation


09:28 Changeset [980] by jdsiiro
leveraging lbin for generating the documentation templates
09:26 Changeset [979] by kaklise
wst templates for doc


10:46 Changeset [978] by jdsiiro
Updating python.zip from pyutilib trunk (includes pyutilib.misc.config). …
08:10 Changeset [977] by wehart
Updating SP chapter.
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