12:44 Ticket #4057 (SharedObject) created by wehart
While working on the ObjectParser?, I realized that we could leverage the …
11:16 Ticket #4049 (Disable UTILIB Bugzilla system) closed by wehart
fixed: This was resolved this week by Bill Goldman.
11:15 Ticket #4031 (Error handling when user specifies options like: -foo) closed by wehart
fixed: Fixed, and tested in the TOptionParser unit tests.
11:13 Changeset [1550] by wehart
CharString? - Register this type as Any-compatible. Added loging in …
11:10 Changeset [1549] by wehart
Update of OptionParser? unit tests.
11:05 Changeset [1548] by wehart
Enabling the expose() method with non-const data. I think that this is …


02:17 Ticket #4052 (Migrate generic utilities into UTILIB) closed by wehart
fixed: memmon and related tools have been migrated into UTILIB. Python tools …
01:28 Changeset [1547] by wehart
Disabling an error check, which prevents the use of an OptionParser? to …


19:36 Changeset [1546] by wehart
Adding a hook for categorizing parameters. I haven't implemented this, …
15:50 Changeset [1545] by wehart
Change of unit tests to use add_usage().
13:43 Changeset [1544] by wehart
Rework of OptionParser? API. Now, you can set more than one usage string …
11:05 Changeset [1543] by wehart
Changed the type of args_t to return a vector.
09:18 Ticket #4056 (OptionParser configuration) created by wehart
Enable configuration of OptionsParser? options to support _only_ direct …
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08:32 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro


09:29 Changeset [1542] by jdsiiro
Adding the ability to "disable" (delete) a parameter registered with an …


20:56 Changeset [1541] by wehart
Adding #ifdefs around the header.
14:14 Changeset [1540] by lafisk
This is the start of a script that discovers unit tests and exact studies, …


12:43 Changeset [1539] by jdsiiro
Adding support for programmatically setting parameters through …


23:02 Changeset [1538] by wehart
Completing unit testing for string_ops.h!!!! gcovr still reports one …
11:46 Ticket #4051 (Add navagation bar to UTILIB Trac) closed by jdsiiro
duplicate: I am closing this bug as a duplicate of  #A4191 and  #A4192. As mentioned …


00:17 Changeset [1537] by wehart
Adding tests for string_ops.h


23:37 Ticket #4055 (Conditional execution of 'make check'?) created by wehart
Is it possible to conditionally execute 'make check'? The …
23:35 Ticket #4038 (Extend cxxtest to support C++ parsing) closed by wehart
fixed: This ticket is being closed. A preliminary C++ parser has been integrated …
23:32 Changeset [1536] by wehart
Rework of cxxtest setup, to get the runner working…
22:41 Changeset [1535] by wehart
Fixing paths in the Makefile. Eliminating runner.cpp, which should not be …
11:35 Changeset [1534] by jdsiiro
Adding extension to Any API to allow storage of non-copyable objects …


20:14 Changeset [1533] by wehart
Adding tools from coopr_tools here. Deleting gcovr, which is moved to …
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