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Changing link to Acro to leverage intertrac links (diff)
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10:24 Ticket #4054 (Create plugin for "Goto Page") closed by jdsiiro
worksforme: I am closing this ticket as "worksforme". As of Trac 0.11, if you type a …


13:58 Ticket #4054 (Create plugin for "Goto Page") created by wehart
This makes it more clear for novice users.
08:44 Changeset [1532] by wehart
An initial (incomplete) stab at testing the utilib::Any class.


18:54 Changeset [1531] by wehart
Misc rework to rename test reference output.
08:31 Changeset [1530] by wehart
Disabling unit testing in UTILIB, since the cxxtest branch is private (for …


23:19 Changeset [1529] by wehart
Rework of how coverage is computed, using explicit sets of covered and …
22:31 Changeset [1528] by wehart
Updates to gcovr to work under MS windows.
22:04 Changeset [1527] by wehart
Updates to gcovr to search recursively for data files. Updates to 'make …
19:07 Changeset [1526] by wehart
Misc updates.
11:05 Changeset [1525] by wehart
Migrating gcovr out of acro/bin and into utilib/bin.
11:04 Changeset [1524] by wehart
Adding a test of the Tuple class.
10:50 Changeset [1523] by wehart
Misc update to OptionParser? tests. Setting svn ignore status.
09:10 Ticket #4053 (UTILIB reorg notes) created by wehart
1. Reorg subversion repository so the top-level directory contains …


21:39 Changeset [1522] by wehart
Setting up tests for the OptionParser? class.


11:11 Changeset [1521] by wehart
Removing this branch. I meant to create a branch of acro-utilib. SIGH.
11:09 Changeset [1520] by wehart
Creating a branch of acro-utilib for testing cxxtest development.


23:15 Changeset [1519] by wehart
A first stab at a cxxtest code.
21:45 Changeset [1518] by wehart
I forgot to add a Makefile.am! :(
21:33 Ticket #4052 (Migrate generic utilities into UTILIB) created by wehart
For some time, I have been uncomfortable with the organization of various …
21:19 Changeset [1517] by wehart
Extending the semantics of 'make clean' to remove files generated by gcov. …
09:25 Changeset [1516] by wehart
Moving stuff from utilib/test into utilib/test/studies.
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08:41 Ticket #4047 (any test failure) closed by wehart


17:23 Changeset [1515] by jdsiiro
Fixing a bug in the intent of the any regression test. However, this bug …


22:57 Ticket #4051 (Add navagation bar to UTILIB Trac) created by wehart
Idea: try using the Trac plugin here: …
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13:34 Changeset [1514] by jdsiiro
Misc code cleanups and silencing some compiler warnings.
13:15 Changeset [1513] by jdsiiro
Moving the PackBuf? support from PackBuf?.h to stl_auxillary.h (see r1511) …
11:43 Changeset [1512] by jdsiiro
A const SharedPtr? mimics a const pointer and not a pointer-to-const. As a …
10:12 Ticket #4050 (Parameter mechanism is broken) created by caphill
Recent changes in the parameter mechanism has broken parameters in PICO. …


13:46 Changeset [1511] by wehart
Adding packing operations for list, set, and maps. Moving packing …
13:12 Ticket #4049 (Disable UTILIB Bugzilla system) created by jdsiiro
It looks like we are committing to Trac for [[Utilib]] ticket tracking. …
12:37 Ticket #4048 (Standardize IO formats) created by wehart
Hart and Siirola have started using different IO formats for …
12:24 Ticket #4047 (any test failure) created by wehart
The output of 'tests any' differs from any.qa in a subtle way…
12:19 Ticket #4046 (Rename stl_auxillary.h to stl_auxiliary.h) created by wehart
Just do it.
12:18 Ticket #4045 (Autoconf error checking) created by wehart
When a 'missing' argument is passed to ./configure, print a warning at the …
09:51 Ticket #4044 (Fix subversion mail) created by wehart
Fix the subversion notification email script 1. The python script that …


17:47 Changeset [1510] by wehart
Making std::list and utilib::ValuedContainer? packable.
13:53 Changeset [1509] by jdsiiro
- bugfix: assigning a SharedValue? to itself could dereference container …
11:35 Changeset [1508] by jwatson
Took out the line I (jwatson) just added.
11:24 Changeset [1507] by jberry
Dummy change to see why jwatson is being interpreted as jberry in the …


13:54 Changeset [1506] by wehart
Adding a set streaming function.


11:28 Ticket #4043 (Document UTILIB in utilib/examples) created by wehart
For key UTILIB components, include examples to illustrate their use.
11:20 Ticket #4042 (OptionParser documentation) created by wehart
This needs to be documented in the examples directory. Perhaps this needs …
11:06 Ticket #3131 (AnyValue and pointers) closed by wehart
wontfix: AnyValue? is deprecated, so this bug is being deleted. I think that the …
10:49 Ticket #4041 (Any const semantics) created by wehart
Extend Any to clarify and explicitly support const semantics for the data …
10:42 Ticket #4040 (Deprecate ParameterSet and ParameterList) created by wehart
We should be able to eliminate these classes after the OptionParser? is …
10:40 Ticket #4039 (OptionParser semantics) created by wehart
Generalize OptionParser? to support groups and serialization
10:29 Ticket #4038 (Extend cxxtest to support C++ parsing) created by wehart
Extract class names, class methods and functions, in namespaces that look …
10:21 Ticket #4037 (Setup unit tests with cxxtest) created by wehart
I'm treating this as a defect, since the unit tests are nonexistent, but …
10:07 Ticket #4036 (Serialization Documentation) created by wehart
Document the serialization capability, and create examples of its use.
10:05 Ticket #4035 (Deprecate PackBuf) created by wehart
For the 4.0 release, I think we should (a) keep PackBuf?, but deprecate its …
09:56 Ticket #4034 (Setup SCONS build system) created by wehart
This has been prototyped, but it needs to be finalized.
09:05 Ticket #4033 (Updates to UTILIB Trac) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: SAND 2008-5938 added to the site.html template. ContactUs page …
09:01 ContactUs created by jdsiiro
07:59 Ticket #4033 (Updates to UTILIB Trac) created by wehart
Two things need to be done for R&A: . Instrument the web pages to include …


16:39 Changeset [1505] by jdsiiro
- adding Serializer for utilib::CharString? - changing …


06:26 Changeset [1504] by jdsiiro
Bugfix for Anys where assigning an Any to itself could cause the container …
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