UTILIB library of C++ utilities

Utilib is a library of general-purpose C++ utilities, similar in spirit to the  Boost libraries. While generally treated as an  Acro package, Utilib is hosted in a separate subversion repository to facilitate use by projects outside of Acro.

Software Components

  • C++ library
    • adt?: classes for manipulating abstract data types
    • core?: the minimal core set of utilities on which the Utilib classes themselves depend.
    • io?: utilities for assisting input and output
    • math?: common mathematical routines
    • ranlib?: random number generators and stochastic distribution functions
    • sys?: system utilities to support debugging and profiling
    • typemngr?: utilities for supporting variant data types, data transformations, and data serialization.


  •  acro-utilib: This Acro project builds UTILIB and manages a local installation of related Python packages.

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