Papers Related to PyUtilib

Overview of PyUtilib Packages

  • pyutilib.common - This package includes commonly used PyUtilib definitions and commands. For example, this package includes PyUtilib-specific exception definitions.
  • - This package defines application interfaces that simplify the use of the PyUtilib Component Architecture.
  • pyutilib.component.config - This package includes utilities to configure the PyUtilib Component Architecture. This includes facilities for using configuration files, controlling logging, and specifying component options.
  • pyutilib.component.loader - This package includes plugins to support loading of components from external Python packages and EGG files.
  • - This package includes scripts that are used for developing PyUtilib within virtual Python installations.
  • pyutilib.dist - A 'distribution' package, which is under development.
  • pyutilib.enum - This package is a variant of the !PyPI 'enum' package. This package has been modified to support pickling of enum objects, which required a weakening of the comparison semantics. Also, this class supports helper functions that allow enumeration objects to be retrieved given the enumeration constant value.
  • pyutilib.excel - This package includes utilities that use Excel spreadsheets.
  • pyutilib.ply - This package includes utilities that use Ply.
  • pyutilib.R - This package includes utilities that use R.
  • - This package defines general services that are supported by PyUtilib componentss. For example, PyUtilib components are used to manage temporary files in a general manner.
  • - This package includes utilities for testing Python software. The main component of this package is an extension of *unittest* to support new testing capabilities (e.g. tests that perform comparison with baseline data, and dynamic registration of test methods).