17:21 Ticket #97 (Support specifying (multiple) test categories on the command line) created by wehart
Add support for the --cat option. This could be implemented by …
17:19 Ticket #96 (Add support for test suite inheritance) created by wehart
I think that this should be straightforward ... and we may already have …
15:23 Changeset [2126] by wehart
Misc edit
15:19 Changeset [2125] by wehart
Other changes needed to revert recent commits.
15:16 Changeset [2124] by wehart
Reverting creation of pyutilib.autotest 1.5. This revision made 'smoke' …
14:48 Changeset [2123] by wehart
Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.5
14:39 Changeset [2122] by wehart
Bug fix.
14:35 Changeset [2121] by wehart
Removing logic to make 'smoke' the default test category.
14:35 Changeset [2120] by wehart
Changed the test semantics to execute smoke tests by default.
13:53 Changeset [2119] by wehart
Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.2


22:20 WikiStart edited by wehart
17:44 Documentation/vpy edited by wehart
17:13 Changeset [2118] by wehart
Merged revisions 2116-2117 via svnmerge from …
17:13 Changeset [2117] by wehart
Tagging pyutilib.virtualenv 2.0
17:12 Changeset [2116] by wehart
Merged revisions 2114-2115 via svnmerge from …
17:12 Changeset [2115] by wehart
Updates for version 2.0
13:49 Changeset [2114] by wehart
Merged revisions 2095-2113 via svnmerge from …
13:47 Changeset [2113] by wehart
Fixing syntax error
13:47 Ticket #61 (Detect package installation errors) closed by wehart
13:46 Changeset [2112] by wehart
Misc edits in error message that is printed when a package installation …
13:43 Changeset [2111] by wehart
Creating a typo to test vpy_install
13:37 Ticket #89 (Test for the 'svn' command) closed by wehart
13:37 Changeset [2110] by wehart
Perform error checking to confirm that the subversion command can be …
12:59 Changeset [2109] by wehart
Updating vpy_install.
12:29 Ticket #94 (vpy_install - fail if easy_install fails) closed by wehart
12:29 Changeset [2108] by wehart
Adding logic to handle installation errors gracefully. Errors result in …
11:39 Changeset [2107] by wehart
Adding the '--no-deps' option for offline installation.
11:21 Ticket #93 (vpy_install: add logic to test whether the target directory can be created) closed by wehart
11:21 Changeset [2106] by wehart
Add logic to gracefully terminate when a user does not have permissions …
10:33 Ticket #80 (Add an option to specify a source directory) closed by wehart
fixed: Resolved in r2100. This option is being used in Hudson builds, and it …
10:31 Ticket #91 (PluginEnvironment.__repr__ missing return statement) closed by wehart


12:59 Ticket #95 (Catch error when registering two plugin classes with the same name) created by wehart
This arises when the same class is defined in different modules, but they …


14:52 Ticket #94 (vpy_install - fail if easy_install fails) created by wehart
Force the failure immediately
09:26 Ticket #93 (vpy_install: add logic to test whether the target directory can be created) created by wehart
This is an issue for many users, so the vpy_install script should die …


21:58 Changeset [2105] by wehart
Adding the --release option to specify subversion checkouts of release …
08:40 Changeset [2104] by wehart
Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-2094" from …
08:40 Changeset [2103] by wehart
Adding a stable branch to pyutilib.virtualenv


21:43 Ticket #92 (Add stream indenter) created by wehart
Move this new utility from coopr.gdb into pyutilib.misc


15:22 Changeset [2102] by jdsiiro
If we catch an exception while loading a module, include the message from …


18:01 Changeset [2101] by jdsiiro
Adding support for importing unexported symbols through import_file(). …
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