22:11 Changeset [1960] by wehart
Bug fix when option.categories is None.
17:48 Changeset [1959] by wehart
Fixing but with the setup of arguments for the pyutilib_test_driver. …
17:16 Changeset [1958] by wehart
Documentation update.
17:14 Changeset [1957] by wehart
Fixes to collect environmental variables when test classes are defined. …
16:46 Changeset [1956] by wehart
Bug fix. Renaming test class to avoid duplication.
16:39 Changeset [1955] by wehart
Adding a '--cat' option to specify one-or-more test categories.
16:39 Changeset [1954] by wehart
Allow pyutilib.autotest to recognize test categories defined by the …
16:38 Changeset [1953] by wehart
Changing the name of the environment variable used to define categories to …
13:46 Changeset [1952] by wehart
Updating tests to avoid I/O differences between Python 2.4/2.5 and 2.6


07:59 Changeset [1951] by wehart
Changing test syntax to use old-style decorators.


08:24 Changeset [1950] by wehart
Reintroducing conditional logic for runpy/runpy2. These packages may not …
08:04 Ticket #85 (Support parallelization of workflows) created by wehart
This is a long-term goal of this package, and there isn't anything in …
00:03 Changeset [1949] by wehart
Adding a 'category' decorator that can be used to filter tests based on …


22:52 Changeset [1948] by wehart
Adding plugins base class for workflows.
18:33 Blog: New Documentation for pyutilib.workflow created by wehart
18:00 Changeset [1947] by khunter
Runpy /is/ in included, as Bill wrote it. So, for those Python2.4 users …
17:59 Changeset [1946] by khunter
Forgot to commit earlier. Should bring Coopr failing tests to 5.
17:38 Changeset [1945] by khunter
Convert to Unix EOL.
17:38 Changeset [1944] by khunter
Undo accidental toe-stepping from clashed commit.
16:46 Changeset [1943] by khunter
Punting for the time being. These tests *only* differ by a single …
15:05 Changeset [1942] by wehart
Adding documentation for the use of resources.
14:36 Changeset [1941] by wehart
Adding logic to perform tests with module imports.
14:34 Changeset [1940] by wehart
Adding more tests to improve coverage statistics. Reworking example tests …
14:34 Changeset [1939] by wehart
Removing depricated str method.
13:03 Changeset [1938] by khunter
Add a deepcopy method to the possibilities if running Python 2.4.
12:36 Changeset [1937] by wehart
Misc update.
12:36 Changeset [1936] by wehart
Bug fixes.
12:35 Changeset [1935] by wehart
Segregating the logic for validating the value of a port.
12:34 Changeset [1934] by wehart
Misc reorganization to simplify logic. Removing unneeded pprint …
12:31 Changeset [1933] by wehart
Adding documentation strings to describe automatically generated tests in …
12:03 Changeset [1932] by wehart
Declare all workflow inputs as optional ... at least for now.
12:01 Changeset [1931] by wehart
Integrating the lstanchors.pl script into the 'build' process for this …
11:39 Changeset [1930] by wehart
Adding other examples for how to initialize ports. Adding lstanchors.pl, …
10:57 Changeset [1929] by jdsiiro
Updating the workflow examples to make use of the lstanchors.pl script.
09:52 Changeset [1928] by wehart
Specify package dependencies.
09:52 Changeset [1927] by wehart
Adding test_example.py Misc documentation in port.py
08:15 Changeset [1926] by wehart
Resolving reference errors. Adding a test code.


23:12 Changeset [1925] by wehart
Bug fix.
23:11 Changeset [1924] by wehart
Added examples and documentation for input ports that are connected to …
22:35 Ticket #84 (Define tasks without inputs) created by wehart
Currently, the workflows cannot be initialized with tasks that have no …
22:17 Changeset [1923] by wehart
Revision to allow ports to be connected to multiple inputs. The port …
14:39 Ticket #83 (Add support for pypi mirroring) created by wehart
Allow specification of command-line option to define mirror. Automate …
13:40 Ticket #82 (Extend vpy_install logic for repositories using stable/maintenance) created by wehart
If a repository uses stable with maintenance, then checkout stable …
13:01 Ticket #81 (Automate the creation of package externals from a config file) created by wehart
PyUtilib? and Coopr rely on a configuration file that sets up a virtual …
12:59 Ticket #80 (Add an option to specify a source directory) created by wehart
Add the --src-dir option to vpy_install. This will allow us to checkout …


22:18 Changeset [1922] by wehart
Bug fixes in the output of workflows. Misc suppresion of task output for …
22:17 Changeset [1921] by wehart
Adding figures. Adding documentation on how the task factory is used.
21:19 Changeset [1920] by wehart
Starting to flush out documentation and examples for workflows.
13:50 Changeset [1919] by wehart
Setting up an examples directory that can be tested to ensure the …
12:17 Changeset [1918] by wehart
Misc updates.
11:51 Changeset [1917] by wehart
Misc updates.
11:41 Ticket #79 (Execute workflows with Makeflow) created by wehart
Idea: . Dump a workflow in makeflow format . Pickle associated Python …
11:36 Changeset [1916] by wehart
Update to the introduction.
10:32 Changeset [1915] by wehart
Various updates…
10:07 Changeset [1914] by wehart
Rework of core files to support the definition of workflows.
09:48 Changeset [1913] by wehart
Adding a doc directory, with a draft document.
07:12 Changeset [1912] by wehart
Rework of I/O formatting to support nested output that can be more easily …


08:28 Changeset [1911] by wehart
Initial stab at making workflow objects a task/component.
08:16 Changeset [1910] by wehart
Finishing renaming of core workflow classes.
08:10 Changeset [1909] by wehart
Further updates.
08:09 Changeset [1908] by wehart
Renaming to more standard terminology.
08:00 Changeset [1907] by wehart
Rework of workflow logic to explicitly use Connectors and Connections.


11:55 Blog: Note to developers: Subversion post-commit hook created by wehart
09:09 Changeset [1906] by wehart
Adding directories for pyutilib/svn.
09:08 Changeset [1905] by wehart
Creating initial directories for the pyutilib.svn package.


21:31 Changeset [1904] by jwatson
Adding diagnostic output to pyutilib.misc import_file method to add name …


15:57 NavigationBox edited by jdsiiro
Name changed from NavigationBar? to NavigationBox (diff)


07:55 Ticket #78 (ConfigObj as an alternative to configuration parsing) closed by jdsiiro
duplicate: Duplicate of #77.


18:27 Ticket #78 (ConfigObj as an alternative to configuration parsing) created by anonymous
I needed for my app more robust support for *.ini files parsing. …
18:26 Ticket #77 (ConfigObj as an alternative to configuration parsing) created by anonymous
I needed for my app more robust support for *.ini files parsing. …
17:26 Changeset [1903] by khunter
For projects that split their code into multiple files, assume that all …


12:12 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro
12:12 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro
07:25 Changeset [1902] by wehart
Adding runpy2 to PyUtilib? configurations
07:10 Changeset [1901] by wehart
Tagging runpy2 version 2.5
07:07 Changeset [1900] by wehart
Misc fix.
07:06 Changeset [1899] by wehart
Misc rework to get the setup working.
06:59 Changeset [1898] by wehart
Adding runpy and pkgutil packages.
06:57 Changeset [1897] by wehart
Draft of runpy2 package.
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