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First revisionWed 01/07/2015 18:16:46 MST
Last revisionSat 03/28/2015 15:39:03 MDT
Repository age0 years, 79 days, 20 hours
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Author Commits Rate Changes Paths
gahacke 16 0.23 76 60
jdsiiro 13 0.19 19 6
jwatson 3 0.11 3 1
wehart 18 0.26 32 22

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0000003521 gahacke make sure changes to sys.path get reset 27 hours
0000003520 gahacke reverting change that did not belong in last commit 27 hours
0000003519 gahacke reverting r3517, moving the hack into pyomo 27 hours
0000003518 jdsiiro Addding an option to change/suppress the tic() message. 2 days
0000003517 gahacke temporary hack to prevent memory leaks 2 days
0000003516 gahacke support using the 'with' statement with Plugins so that deactivate takes place even during exceptions 2 days
0000003515 gahacke support using the 'with' statement with TempfileManager.push so that pop takes place even during exceptions 2 days
0000003514 gahacke fixing newline style 2 days
0000003513 jdsiiro Adding basic tic/toc routines for printing out timing messages. 3 days
0000003512 wehart Test updates 13 days

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pyutilib.virtualenv 1 2 2
pyutilib.autodist 1 1 1
pyutilib.svn 1 3 3
pyutilib 47 124 74

Most active paths

pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc/tests 22 16.92%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc 18 13.85%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel 14 10.77%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro 12 9.23%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/workflow 7 5.38%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/workflow/tests 6 4.62%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/tests 5 3.85%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/dev 5 3.85%
pyutilib/trunk 3 2.31%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/component/config/tests 3 2.31%

Most active files

pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc/tests/ 10 7.69%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/misc/ 9 6.92%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 5 3.85%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/ 4 3.08%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/tests/ 4 3.08%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/workflow/tests/ 4 3.08%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/ 3 2.31%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/pyro/ 3 2.31%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/ 3 2.31%
pyutilib/trunk/pyutilib/excel/ 3 2.31%

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.py 122 93.85%
.txt 6 4.62%
.xlsx 1 0.77%
.3478 1 0.77%

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