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01/14/16 Documentation #125 Documentation down major wehart new 01/14/16
11/16/14 Documentation #122 Wrong link for vpy_install download PyUtilib 4.6 blocker wehart reopened 06/14/13
06/01/14 pyutilib.svn #115 Diagnostic error in pyutilib.svn PyUtilib 5.x normal jdsiiro accepted 02/22/13
06/01/14 pyutilib.svn #118 Conditional generation of Externals file PyUtilib 5.x minor jdsiiro new 04/29/13
05/17/11 pyutilib.svn #99 Pegged targets should be referred to by full URL in repo definition Long Term normal jdsiiro new 12/06/10
10/08/10 pyutilib.svn #90 Add utility to compute a changelog draft PyUtilib 5.x normal jdsiiro new 10/08/10
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