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#56 Extend to work under jython defect blocker pyutilib.subprocess
#101 Add support for default test categories wehart enhancement major
#9 Add support for coverage testing of external scripts wehart enhancement normal
#41 Add coverage support for platform-specific modules wehart enhancement normal
#46 Support testname aliasing wehart enhancement normal
#48 Enable updates for subversion release checkouts wehart enhancement normal pyutilib.virtualenv
#51 Manage updates of auxdirs jwatson defect normal pyutilib.virtualenv
#70 Support continue-on-fail wehart enhancement normal pyutilib.autotest
#85 Support parallelization of workflows wehart task normal pyutilib.workflow
#98 Test 'vpy_install --update' wehart task normal pyutilib.virtualenv
#100 Add support for zipfiles in Python 2.5 and earlier wehart enhancement normal
#103 Generate a logfile of all commands executed wehart enhancement normal pyutilib.virtualenv
#109 assertFileEqualsBaseline filter should accept tuple of filters wehart defect normal
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