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(edit) @2005   5 years wehart Adding a test driver, updating associated documentation, and adding …
(edit) @2003   5 years wehart An update to use the argparse.ArgumentParser? instead of the …
(edit) @1979   5 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.workflow 2.0
(edit) @1978   5 years wehart Updated PDF
(edit) @1977   5 years wehart Documentation update.
(edit) @1952   5 years wehart Updating tests to avoid I/O differences between Python 2.4/2.5 and 2.6
(edit) @1948   5 years wehart Adding plugins base class for workflows.
(edit) @1945   5 years khunter Convert to Unix EOL.
(edit) @1944   5 years khunter Undo accidental toe-stepping from clashed commit.
(edit) @1943   5 years khunter Punting for the time being. These tests *only* differ by a single …
(edit) @1942   5 years wehart Adding documentation for the use of resources.
(edit) @1940   5 years wehart Adding more tests to improve coverage statistics. Reworking example tests …
(edit) @1939   5 years wehart Removing depricated str method.
(edit) @1937   5 years wehart Misc update.
(edit) @1936   5 years wehart Bug fixes.
(edit) @1935   5 years wehart Segregating the logic for validating the value of a port.
(edit) @1934   5 years wehart Misc reorganization to simplify logic. Removing unneeded pprint …
(edit) @1932   5 years wehart Declare all workflow inputs as optional ... at least for now.
(edit) @1931   5 years wehart Integrating the script into the 'build' process for this …
(edit) @1930   5 years wehart Adding other examples for how to initialize ports. Adding, …
(edit) @1929   5 years jdsiiro Updating the workflow examples to make use of the script.
(edit) @1928   5 years wehart Specify package dependencies.
(edit) @1927   5 years wehart Adding Misc documentation in
(edit) @1926   5 years wehart Resolving reference errors. Adding a test code.
(edit) @1925   5 years wehart Bug fix.
(edit) @1924   5 years wehart Added examples and documentation for input ports that are connected to …
(edit) @1923   5 years wehart Revision to allow ports to be connected to multiple inputs. The port …
(edit) @1922   5 years wehart Bug fixes in the output of workflows. Misc suppresion of task output for …
(edit) @1921   5 years wehart Adding figures. Adding documentation on how the task factory is used.
(edit) @1920   5 years wehart Starting to flush out documentation and examples for workflows.
(edit) @1919   5 years wehart Setting up an examples directory that can be tested to ensure the …
(edit) @1918   5 years wehart Misc updates.
(edit) @1917   5 years wehart Misc updates.
(edit) @1916   5 years wehart Update to the introduction.
(edit) @1915   5 years wehart Various updates…
(edit) @1914   5 years wehart Rework of core files to support the definition of workflows.
(edit) @1913   5 years wehart Adding a doc directory, with a draft document.
(edit) @1912   5 years wehart Rework of I/O formatting to support nested output that can be more easily …
(edit) @1911   5 years wehart Initial stab at making workflow objects a task/component.
(edit) @1910   5 years wehart Finishing renaming of core workflow classes.
(edit) @1909   5 years wehart Further updates.
(edit) @1908   5 years wehart Renaming to more standard terminology.
(edit) @1907   5 years wehart Rework of workflow logic to explicitly use Connectors and Connections.
(edit) @1800   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.workflow 1.1
(edit) @1799   6 years wehart Bug fix in DFS. We were calling the same function twice in the search. …
(edit) @1797   6 years wehart Adding pyutilib.workflow plugins to the pyutilib.workflow environment.
(edit) @1794   6 years wehart Resolving back-portability issues for Python 2.4
(edit) @1792   6 years wehart Fixes in tests due to recent changes.
(edit) @1791   6 years wehart Eliminating debugging I/O
(edit) @1790   6 years wehart Moving ID management into Adding, which currently …
(edit) @1789   6 years wehart Added options() method, to get the options that can be set when launching …
(edit) @1766   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.workflow 1.0
(edit) @1764   6 years wehart Misc notes to myself. Exposing the Component class.
(edit) @1763   6 years wehart Various changes to get option parsing working with optparse. We need to …
(edit) @1762   6 years wehart Adding support option parsing.
(edit) @1761   6 years wehart Breaking out workflow elements into separate files.
(edit) @1760   6 years wehart Initial setup of file and executable resources.
(edit) @1759   6 years wehart Adding unit tests to cover various cases in the code.
(edit) @1757   6 years wehart Adding tests and misc reformatting of core.
(edit) @1756   6 years wehart Update to package README files to point to the new PyUtilib? mailing lists.
(add) @1755   6 years wehart Initial setup of the pyutilib.workflow package.
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