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(edit) @2760   5 years wehart Compatibility changes for Python 3.x
(edit) @2738   5 years wehart Return a list instead of a map (which generates an iterator).
(edit) @2706   5 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.6
(edit) @2696   5 years wehart Use the simple YAML parser in pyutilib.misc if PyYaml? is not installed.
(edit) @2693   5 years wehart Changes due to printing of the Container/Options? class in YAML format.
(edit) @2600   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.5
(edit) @2599   6 years wehart Making JSON tests conditional.
(edit) @2597   6 years wehart Making use of json conditional, so this package can be used with Python …
(edit) @2596   6 years wehart Adding a JSON plugin for autotest.
(edit) @2555   6 years wehart Allowing an option to specify a format for the test name.
(edit) @2493   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.6
(edit) @2470   6 years wehart Update due to change in
(edit) @2417   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.5
(edit) @2327   6 years wehart Applying reindent to standarize the format of PyUtilib? modules.
(edit) @2289   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.5
(edit) @2283   6 years wehart Removing the _empty_ scripts directory, and associated logic in
(edit) @2266   6 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.3
(edit) @2264   6 years wehart Change tests eliminate the use of deprecated 'fail*' syntax. Reworked the …
(edit) @2125   7 years wehart Other changes needed to revert recent commits.
(edit) @2124   7 years wehart Reverting creation of pyutilib.autotest 1.5. This revision made 'smoke' …
(edit) @2123   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.5
(edit) @2120   7 years wehart Changed the test semantics to execute smoke tests by default.
(edit) @2119   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.2
(edit) @2076   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4.1
(edit) @2071   7 years wehart Flushing output after each test to ensure portable IO format.
(edit) @1972   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.4
(edit) @1968   7 years wehart Misc rework to use more distinguished categories, and to isolate the tests …
(edit) @1967   7 years wehart Rework to use unusual categories ... which shouldn't conflict with the …
(edit) @1960   7 years wehart Bug fix when option.categories is None.
(edit) @1959   7 years wehart Fixing but with the setup of arguments for the pyutilib_test_driver. …
(edit) @1958   7 years wehart Documentation update.
(edit) @1957   7 years wehart Fixes to collect environmental variables when test classes are defined. …
(edit) @1954   7 years wehart Allow pyutilib.autotest to recognize test categories defined by the …
(edit) @1881   7 years wehart Misc update to tags 1.3 I had failed to update the trunk before copying …
(edit) @1880   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.3
(edit) @1875   7 years wehart Renaming filter function to hide it from 'nose'
(edit) @1874   7 years wehart Filtering to ensure portability to Python 2.4
(edit) @1872   7 years wehart Augmenting the filter
(edit) @1871   7 years wehart Adding filter for 'currdir', whose value is host-specific
(edit) @1869   7 years wehart Updates to skip tests when YAML is not available.
(edit) @1865   7 years wehart Changing 'enabled' to leverage the 'using_yaml' value.
(edit) @1863   7 years wehart Rework of the definition of test suite problems section. Update of …
(edit) @1862   7 years wehart Fairly complete documentation for pyutilib.autotest. Restructure of the …
(edit) @1860   7 years wehart Fixing bug in test setup: needed to include suite name in the …
(edit) @1859   7 years wehart Updates to baselinse. Removing 'data' directory, which we weren't using.
(edit) @1858   7 years wehart Revisions to use the suite name in the baseline file.
(edit) @1857   7 years wehart Further updates to this example to clarify the test semantics.
(edit) @1856   7 years wehart Fixing baseline for 'echo' commands.
(edit) @1855   7 years wehart Undo of move for some files…
(edit) @1854   7 years wehart Misc rename of testfiles.
(edit) @1853   7 years wehart Adding a base test driver class, to simplify the specification of …
(edit) @1852   7 years wehart Renaming the examples directory.
(edit) @1851   7 years wehart Reordered initialization of a test suite. Ensured that Python statements …
(edit) @1850   7 years wehart Adding code-level documentation. Adding ability to get categories from …
(edit) @1849   7 years wehart Adding a 'tests' block to specify a subset of the total combinations of …
(edit) @1848   7 years wehart Adding test baseline values. Misc changes to clear the suites after they …
(edit) @1847   7 years wehart Update to testing baseline
(edit) @1844   7 years wehart Tagging pyutilib.autotest 1.2
(edit) @1842   7 years wehart Further renaming of testdriver to autotest
(copy) @1841   7 years wehart Renaming pyutilib.testdriver to pyutilib.autotest. The 'nose' testing …
copied from pyutilib.testdriver:
(edit) @1838   7 years wehart Adding initial tests.
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