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(edit) @3521   37 hours gahacke make sure changes to sys.path get reset
(edit) @3520   37 hours gahacke reverting change that did not belong in last commit
(edit) @3519   37 hours gahacke reverting r3517, moving the hack into pyomo
(edit) @3518   3 days jdsiiro Addding an option to change/suppress the tic() message.
(edit) @3517   3 days gahacke temporary hack to prevent memory leaks
(edit) @3516   3 days gahacke support using the 'with' statement with Plugins so that deactivate takes …
(edit) @3515   3 days gahacke support using the 'with' statement with TempfileManager?.push so that pop …
(edit) @3514   3 days gahacke fixing newline style
(edit) @3513   3 days jdsiiro Adding basic tic/toc routines for printing out timing messages.
(edit) @3512   2 weeks wehart Test updates
(edit) @3511   2 weeks jdsiiro Fixing the PyPI downloader so that it can handle non-numeric versions.
(edit) @3509   2 weeks gahacke fixing a few name errors caught by statically compiling with Cython
(edit) @3508   2 weeks wehart py3k fixes
(edit) @3506   3 weeks wehart Bug fix when getting a single cell value
(edit) @3505   3 weeks wehart Return list data instead of tuple data
(edit) @3504   4 weeks wehart Fixing bug when 'ctype' is not defined
(edit) @3503   4 weeks wehart Change to avoid applying tests to TestBase? class.
(edit) @3502   4 weeks wehart Adding documentation. The default is just to have an empty …
(edit) @3501   4 weeks wehart Adding support for xlrd and openpyxl interfaces
(edit) @3500   6 weeks jwatson Fixing bug in exception print statement.
(edit) @3498   7 weeks wehart Disabling xlrd interfacing to spreadsheets ... for now.
(edit) @3497   2 months gahacke cleaning up imports
(edit) @3496   2 months gahacke cleaning up imports
(edit) @3495   2 months gahacke Do not print a new timeout message unless another NS location attempt is …
(edit) @3494   2 months gahacke trap any Pyro exceptions during shutdown as the method is used in shutdown …
(edit) @3493   2 months jdsiiro Py3k fix
(edit) @3492   2 months jdsiiro Additional tests for ConfigBlock?.
(edit) @3491   2 months jdsiiro Cleaning up some of the changes from r3488: - ConfigBlock?.itervalues() …
(edit) @3490   2 months wehart Don't append 'None' values to a list.
(edit) @3489   2 months wehart Updating baseline files due to changes in pyutilib.misc.Container
(edit) @3488   2 months wehart Changing the semantics of Config* objects to return the values of …
(edit) @3487   2 months wehart Changing Container output to look like YAML. When loading dictionaries, …
(edit) @3486   2 months jwatson Removing an unnecessary timeout in the Pyro workers, made unnecessary by …
(edit) @3485   2 months jdsiiro ConfigBlock?: - improved handling of implicit domains - set_value …
(edit) @3484   2 months jdsiiro Py3k fix
(edit) @3483   2 months jwatson Adding a randomization component to the sleep timeout in the worker …
(edit) @3482   2 months jdsiiro ConfigBlock?: adding a missing guard for when the level is None
(edit) @3481   2 months jdsiiro Updates to the ConfigBlock? - support for multiple argument definitions …
(edit) @3480   2 months wehart Adding a release statement.
(edit) @3479   2 months wehart Tagging PyUtilib? 5.0.3478
(edit) @3478   2 months jdsiiro Updating the Config tests to be less fragile when run with nosetests or …
(edit) @3477   2 months jdsiiro Adding the ability to associate ConfigValue? objects with (argparse) …
(edit) @3476   2 months gahacke fix for when Pyro and Pyro4 are not present
(edit) @3475   2 months gahacke tagging Dispatcher.add_task and add_result as oneway in Pyro4
(edit) @3474   3 months wehart Minor efficiency change.
(edit) @3473   3 months wehart Adding the --with-testdata option when running performance tests.
(edit) @3472   3 months wehart Bug fix for Python3.x compatibility. Changing naming of nose plugins.
(edit) @3469   3 months wehart Adding the ability to match a pattern specified in a file
(edit) @3468   4 months wehart Tagging PyUtilib? 5.0.3467
(edit) @3467   4 months wehart "fixing" Dir archive reader. The semantics for walking was different …
(edit) @3466   4 months wehart Removing debugging diagnostics.
(edit) @3465   4 months wehart Bug fix: Cannot break out of os.walk after the first maxdepth directory …
(edit) @3464   4 months wehart Add plugin registrations to the pyutilib environment.
(edit) @3463   4 months wehart Updating tests and test baselines to more carefully account for plugin …
(edit) @3462   4 months wehart Allowing the specification of whether singletons are removed when removing …
(edit) @3461   4 months wehart win32 portability fix
(edit) @3460   4 months wehart Starting to revise the PCA documentation.
(edit) @3458   4 months wehart Fixes to more agressively cleanup environments. This is important for …
(edit) @3457   4 months wehart Ignoring executables.
(edit) @3456   4 months wehart Portability bug fix?
(edit) @3455   4 months wehart Debugging trick
(edit) @3454   4 months wehart Changing test I/O
(edit) @3453   4 months wehart Portability fixes for MS Windows
(edit) @3452   4 months wehart Fixing the call to 'run' to work in a portable manner.
(edit) @3451   4 months wehart More debugging
(edit) @3450   4 months wehart More debugging
(edit) @3449   4 months wehart More debugging info
(edit) @3448   4 months wehart More debugging output
(edit) @3447   4 months wehart Adding output from 'ls'
(edit) @3446   4 months wehart Misc diagnostic changes to try and catch win32 bugs
(edit) @3445   4 months wehart Bug fix. Json tests should call a different baseline test.
(edit) @3444   4 months wehart Adding JSON tests. Making YAML tests conditional on the installation of …
(edit) @3443   4 months wehart Bug fix
(edit) @3442   4 months wehart Augmenting tests to test with Json and conditionally with Yaml.
(edit) @3441   4 months wehart Changing tests to not strictly rely on YAML. Created a pprint() option to …
(edit) @3440   4 months wehart Disabling the modification of executable paths, which is not as portable …
(edit) @3439   4 months wehart Fixing portability issue
(edit) @3436   4 months gahacke use check os.path.expanduser before reporting file not found error
(edit) @3435   4 months wehart Adding diagnostic output
(edit) @3434   4 months wehart Changing the semantics of repr and str for task objects. This …
(edit) @3433   4 months wehart Changes to enable the clearing of only a subset of the global data. This …
(edit) @3432   4 months wehart Bug fix: calling get_env() instead of env()
(edit) @3431   4 months wehart Bug fixes. Adding back the 'simple' argument, which is used to print …
(edit) @3430   4 months wehart py3k fixes
(edit) @3429   4 months wehart Re-enabling line to cleanup bad weakrefs
(edit) @3428   4 months wehart A major rework of PyUtilib?'s plugin system. The old system had known …
(edit) @3427   4 months wehart Misc code reformating
(edit) @3426   4 months gahacke Adding support for Pyro4. Defaults to Pyro3 if available
(edit) @3425   4 months wehart Commenting out 'fix' for 2to3 installs.
(edit) @3424   4 months wehart Disabling the use of 2to3, which creates a copy of all source while …
(edit) @3423   4 months gahacke py3 fix. This was popping up during installation
(edit) @3422   4 months wehart Bug fix
(edit) @3421   4 months wehart Changes to make test.pyutilib work like test.pyomo.
(edit) @3420   4 months wehart Managing py3k portability with six, instead of import failures
(edit) @3419   4 months wehart Immediately cache the executable
(edit) @3418   4 months wehart Debugging info added
(edit) @3417   4 months wehart Adding debugging IO
(edit) @3416   4 months wehart Adding some debugging output
(edit) @3415   4 months wehart Removing a debugging line
(edit) @3414   4 months wehart Migrating pyutilib/doc and pyutilib/examples directories.
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