23:50 Milestone Pyomo 4.0 completed
23:43 Changeset [9630] by wehart
Tagging Pyomo 4.0.9629
23:29 Ticket #4573 (NameError: name 'coopr' is not defined) created by yigal@…
Hello, When I try use "import coopr.environ" in my code there is follow …
23:28 Ticket #4558 (Installation Errors) closed by wehart
worksforme: This issue appears to be resolved in Pyomo 4.0
09:39 Changeset [9629] by wehart
Updating baseline after fix to generate string indices with quotes
09:22 Changeset [9628] by wehart
Updating baselines after John's bug fixes.
02:40 Changeset [9627] by jdsiiro
Enabling test_model.solve6 in light of the fix from r9622 (see also …
02:38 Ticket #4525 (Pyomo solution output needs quotes added) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: [9624:9626] should resolve this.
02:35 Changeset [9626] by jdsiiro
Marking the test_model.solve7 test as an expected pass (see #4525). …
02:32 Changeset [9625] by jdsiiro
Bugfix for r9624: convert integer indices to strings before escaping. …
02:14 Changeset [9624] by jdsiiro
Escape component indexes when converting them to string formats (e.g., for …
01:59 Ticket #4572 (Bad mapping of variable names within blocks) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Resolved by r9622
01:59 Changeset [9623] by jdsiiro
Block.display() should descend into any sub-blocks.
01:58 Changeset [9622] by jdsiiro
Fixing the remapping of results objects to human-readable names to use …
01:15 Changeset [9621] by gahacke
Update to phboundextension to attempt to check solution quality around …


20:28 Changeset [9620] by gahacke
Bug fix for when a bundle specification file is used with PH. A function …
20:21 Changeset [9619] by gahacke
Overhaul for how PH handles failed solves. Befault an exception will be …
13:23 Changeset [9618] by jwatson
Some more PySP baseline updates.
11:34 Changeset [9617] by jwatson
Some PySP parallel test baseline updates.
11:21 Changeset [9616] by wehart
Updated documentation concerning the 4.0 release.


23:38 Changeset [9615] by jdsiiro
Backing out an API change in r9614 due to a name conflict between the …
23:14 Changeset [9614] by jdsiiro
Updating the block component iteration methods to match the new block …
22:50 Changeset [9613] by gahacke
Adding missing call to close the ArchiveReader? when an error occurs before …
22:50 Changeset [9612] by gahacke
fixing imports in CPLEXPersistent plugin. Also, do not extract solutin gap …
20:49 Changeset [9611] by jwatson
More PySP baseline updates.
17:39 Changeset [9610] by wehart
Disabling pyodbc, which cannot be installed on some platforms
17:32 Changeset [9609] by wehart
Tagging Coopr 4.0.9597
16:48 Changeset [9608] by wehart
Reverting change r9595
16:44 Changeset [9607] by wehart
Reverting r9595 in the pyomo/examples directory
16:39 Changeset [9606] by wehart
Reverting change r9596
16:33 Changeset [9605] by wehart
Changes to use pyomo.environ
16:33 Changeset [9604] by wehart
Updates to specify the 'pyomo solve' subcommand.
15:34 Changeset [9603] by blnicho
Updating revision notes and changelog to include a few more details about …
15:30 Changeset [9602] by jwatson
One more PySP baseline update.
15:15 Changeset [9601] by jwatson
More PySP baseline updates.
14:44 Changeset [9600] by jwatson
Re-baselining PySP tests.
13:57 Changeset [9599] by gahacke
fixing imports
13:45 Changeset [9598] by wehart
Reworking directory structure of Coopr
13:32 Changeset [9597] by wehart
Moving the 'coopr' package out of the attic
13:27 Changeset [9596] by gahacke
Experimenting with replacing 'from pyomo.environ import *' with 'from …
13:26 Changeset [9595] by gahacke
Experimenting with replacing 'from pyomo.environ import *' with 'from …


23:12 Changeset [9594] by gahacke
fixing test imports
23:12 Changeset [9593] by gahacke
reverting r9592, it was not a type error
22:53 Changeset [9592] by gahacke
fixing test assertion value type
22:32 Changeset [9591] by gahacke
py3 fix for lagrange tools
21:57 Changeset [9590] by gahacke
bug fix in test, module was renamed
21:28 Changeset [9589] by gahacke
fixing skip check for test
20:57 Changeset [9588] by gahacke
reverting r9513 and r9514: we now have enough Jenkins nodes to segragate …
20:52 Changeset [9587] by gahacke
more cleanup related to pyomo.environ imports
20:42 Changeset [9586] by gahacke
Bug fix for last commit. Missing import of pyomo core
20:19 Changeset [9585] by gahacke
import cleanup: - Be more prudent about where we place 'import …
16:48 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro
16:46 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro


20:48 Changeset [9584] by wehart
Bug fix
00:23 Changeset [9583] by wehart
Renaming a new bilevel transformation.


16:23 Changeset [9582] by wehart
Bug fix.
01:09 Changeset [9581] by jdsiiro
Significant overhaul of the block class: - component access methods now …


10:31 Changeset [9580] by wehart
Renaming the 'base.*' transformations to 'core.*' to maintain naming …
10:12 Changeset [9579] by wehart
Misc updates


20:11 WikiStart edited by wehart
10:27 Changeset [9578] by wehart
Further steps to refactor the code that collects the linear representation …
02:07 Changeset [9577] by wehart
Segregating the logic for preprocessing the bilevel transformation.


15:44 Changeset [9576] by wehart
Refactoring the code in this transformation to separate the logic for …
15:35 Changeset [9575] by wehart
Re-enabling the PS solver, which is used in various tests…
13:40 Changeset [9574] by wehart
Disabling the pattern search solver


22:50 Changeset [9573] by wehart
Misc editorial changes
22:09 Changeset [9572] by wehart
Misc editorial updates
14:17 Changeset [9571] by dlwoodr
Updated and checked for Pyomo 4.0 and Python 3.3
14:16 Changeset [9570] by dlwoodr
Updated for Pyomo version 4.0
12:42 Changeset [9569] by wehart
Misc cleanup
12:36 Changeset [9568] by wehart
Misc update
12:24 Changeset [9567] by wehart
Adding copyright assertion
12:16 Changeset [9566] by wehart
Adding a simple example
10:54 Changeset [9565] by dlwoodr
from pyomo.core import *
09:24 Ticket #4561 (Pyomo --help text) closed by wehart
09:24 Changeset [9564] by wehart
Resolving #4561
09:21 Changeset [9563] by wehart
Fixing typo
00:40 Ticket #4572 (Bad mapping of variable names within blocks) created by wehart
The following file illustrates a bug in Pyomo: […] When you run the …
00:34 Changeset [9562] by wehart
Adding an example that illustrates the use of Block components.
00:11 Changeset [9561] by wehart
Initialize the mpec_bound parameter with an option value.


12:17 Changeset [9560] by wehart
Removing the 'old' transformation logic.
12:15 Changeset [9559] by wehart
Adding AMPL version of munson1
08:13 Changeset [9558] by wehart
Adding an IntegerInterval? set class.
08:08 Changeset [9557] by wehart
Initial stab at mcplib examples


21:32 Changeset [9556] by wehart
Adding a 'prod' function.
12:42 Changeset [9555] by dlwoodr
A general version of the solution write, but - it is not called - it does …
11:55 Changeset [9554] by wehart
Further cleanup of examples
11:50 Changeset [9553] by wehart
Misc notes
11:49 Changeset [9552] by wehart
Cleaning up the MPEC examples
11:40 Changeset [9551] by wehart
Moving mcplib examples into pyomo.data
11:39 Changeset [9550] by wehart
Removing temporary files
11:11 Changeset [9549] by wehart
Update to NL baseline after a change in the NL writer.
11:09 Changeset [9548] by wehart
Updating NL baselines after a change in the NL writer
11:04 Changeset [9547] by wehart
Incrementing the counter just by the number of variables found. This …
00:57 Changeset [9546] by wehart
Misc cleanup


07:36 Changeset [9545] by wehart
Adding 'import site', which shouldn't be necessary but …
07:01 Changeset [9544] by wehart
Adding pyutilib.virtualenv, which is used in the installer tests.
06:59 Changeset [9543] by wehart
Removing the '-v' installer options.
06:51 Changeset [9542] by wehart
Only the first # is guaranteed to be an integer.
06:41 Changeset [9541] by wehart
Updating version and changelog for 4.0rc9540


23:13 Changeset [9540] by wehart
Updating release documentation.
01:05 Changeset [9539] by wehart
Documentation update
01:05 Changeset [9538] by wehart
Updating documentation
00:53 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:51 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:44 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:40 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:35 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:35 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:33 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:33 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:28 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:27 WikiStart edited by wehart
00:00 Blog: New Pyomo Home Page created by wehart


23:55 WikiStart edited by wehart
23:34 Changeset [9537] by wehart
Moving the PySP documentation into pyomo.doc
22:51 Changeset [9536] by wehart
Editorial updates


20:35 Changeset [9535] by gahacke
fixing syntax error with overrelax ph option
20:29 Changeset [9534] by gahacke
adding test skip guard with Pyro or Pyro4 is not available
13:55 Ticket #4571 (Solver streaming in Windows) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: (formatting original description) The root cause for the problem was in …
13:43 Ticket #4571 (Solver streaming in Windows) created by ana.mileva@…
Hello: I wanted to report an error I get when trying to stream solver …


22:15 Changeset [9533] by wehart
Updating the installation guide for 4.0 I further stream-lined the quick …
20:13 Changeset [9532] by wehart
Resolving Linux installation issue
14:34 Changeset [9531] by wehart
Updating Externals, which was pointing to a bad Coopr link
14:14 Changeset [9530] by wehart
Removing deprecated configurations.
14:12 Changeset [9529] by wehart
Moving coopr-centric config files into the OLD directory
13:35 Changeset [9528] by wehart
Updating externals
13:35 Changeset [9527] by wehart
Updating externals
12:52 Changeset [9526] by wehart
Renaming Coopr -> Pyomo
12:47 Changeset [9525] by wehart
Moving Coopr packages into the ATTIC.
11:23 Changeset [9524] by wehart
Deprecating the 'mpec' subcommand
11:18 Changeset [9523] by wehart
Removing non-ascii character, which caused test failures
10:58 Changeset [9522] by wehart
Adding tests with pyutilib.th, which preserves test names Bug fixes after …
08:57 Changeset [9521] by wehart
Disabling the bilevel subcommand. Removing the linear_dual preprocessing …
08:15 Changeset [9520] by wehart
Updating copyright assertion notices


22:47 Changeset [9519] by wehart
Adding copyright headers for files that are missing them. Updating some …
20:38 Changeset [9518] by wehart
Removing YAML import test
20:24 Changeset [9517] by wehart
Moving MacMPEC examples into pyomo.data
20:22 Changeset [9516] by wehart
Revising the requirements for the latest Coopr release to specify the …
20:03 Changeset [9515] by wehart
Changing system call syntax to avoid the following error on Linux: Bad …
15:52 Changeset [9514] by gahacke
change to test category
15:44 Changeset [9513] by gahacke
temporarily changing pysp test categories until we get more jenkins builds
15:42 Changeset [9512] by gahacke
fixing imports
15:26 Changeset [9511] by gahacke
more pysp baseline updates
14:39 Changeset [9510] by gahacke
updating tests for new output order
14:34 Changeset [9509] by gahacke
fixes to PySP lagrange tools
14:34 Changeset [9508] by gahacke
customizing tests for pyro behavior on local machines
14:12 Changeset [9507] by gahacke
avoid invalid comparison with NoneType? in python 3
12:40 Changeset [9506] by gahacke
Fixing import
04:19 Changeset [9505] by wehart
Fixing GDP tests


14:27 Changeset [9504] by jdsiiro
Adding the "inplace" option to the BigM / CHull relaxations.
14:26 Changeset [9503] by jdsiiro
Update to GDP so that importing pyomo.gdp.bigm or pyomo.gdp.chull …


20:43 Changeset [9502] by wehart
Explicitly searching for pip and the site-packages directory.
13:49 Changeset [9501] by jwatson
Updated chance-constrained sizes model.
13:42 Changeset [9500] by jwatson
Adding Pyomo 4.0-related migration updates.


21:50 Changeset [9499] by wehart
Draft release announcement for Pyomo 4.0
16:44 Changeset [9498] by dlwoodr
Hacked up the start.in writer and need to check in to avoid confusion.
13:08 Changeset [9497] by dlwoodr
minor fixes to the literals written to sip.in
08:25 Changeset [9496] by gahacke
only extract solution gap when problem is discrete; avoid confusing …


22:34 Ticket #4553 (Need on-demand capability to compute model (block) statistics) closed by wehart
22:32 Ticket #4520 (Jenkins coverage report is broken) closed by wehart
worksforme: Somehow this is fixed now …
22:18 Ticket #4568 (Report meaningful error when no input is provided) closed by wehart
22:17 Changeset [9495] by wehart
Resolving #4568
21:29 Changeset [9494] by wehart
Updates for Linux, where python files may be installed in a different …


20:52 Changeset [9493] by wehart
Updating relaxation tests. These were disabled (expected failures). …
20:51 Changeset [9492] by wehart
Creating a RealInterval? domain
20:50 Changeset [9491] by wehart
Adding a domain property for SimpleVar? objects that sets the initial …
20:50 Changeset [9490] by wehart
Create a RealInterval? domain for many relaxed integer domains
16:13 Changeset [9489] by wehart
Removing the linear dualization logic from pyomo.bilevel. This now calls …
15:39 Changeset [9488] by wehart
Changing problem sense to match the bilevel test problems. Updating …
14:05 Changeset [9487] by wehart
Updates to linear transformation logic. Needs to support generic …
14:05 Changeset [9486] by wehart
Adding linear dualization transform tests
13:34 Changeset [9485] by wehart
Fixes to push bounds changes into all variable data
13:34 Changeset [9484] by wehart
Fixes to enable the setting of bounds data
13:33 Changeset [9483] by wehart
Adding the '--transform' option, which applies a model transformation …
13:31 Changeset [9482] by wehart
Adding examples to test integrality
09:00 Changeset [9481] by wehart
Adding package file to test this directory
08:57 Changeset [9480] by wehart
Adding test examples for linear dualization. Misc fixes to the …
08:56 Changeset [9479] by wehart
Adding tests for the linear dual transfromation.
08:08 Changeset [9478] by wehart
Changes to improve coverage


23:48 Changeset [9477] by wehart
Removing transformations that are likely deprecated. Will be testing …
23:32 Changeset [9476] by wehart
Removing the ability to execute a transformation with a virtual attribute …
23:15 Changeset [9475] by wehart
Updating the version #. Renaming transformations to 'base.*' if they …
23:12 Ticket #4570 (Add documentation for DAE model transformations) created by wehart
The two DAE model transformations need a brief description. This is …
23:11 Ticket #4569 (Coopr gallery Link Brken) created by wbukhsh@…
Hi, I am new to Coopr and trying to look into examples and sample …
23:03 Changeset [9474] by wehart
Removing debugging I/O


16:40 Changeset [9473] by dlwoodr
changed starti back to zero before I start a lot of work on this aspect. …
14:03 Changeset [9472] by dlwoodr
minor changes to the values written to sip.in to be close to what Claire …


20:04 Ticket #4568 (Report meaningful error when no input is provided) created by wehart
We currently get a wierd error related to an empty task input
11:56 Ticket #4567 (Require var bounds in Phboundextension) created by dlwoodr
Variables subject to non-anticipativity should be required by …
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