16:33 Changeset [5877] by gabeh
More updates to Cute test baselines in preparation for more rigorous …
15:14 Ticket #4363 (Allow variable initialization in data files) created by gabeh
This seems like a straightforward extension to mimic another capability of …


21:40 Changeset [5876] by dlwoodr
Indicate how to change the value of a param
15:22 Changeset [5875] by jdsiiro
Tracking block pprint() API changes.
15:15 Ticket #4361 (Param initializing Params) closed by jdsiiro
15:14 Changeset [5874] by jdsiiro
Adding support for initializing Params from other Pyomo components …
14:25 Changeset [5873] by zbfried
Added note about Connectors
13:28 Changeset [5872] by zbfried
Fixed GDP tests -- sorry for the headaches, everyone.
05:56 Ticket #4362 (Rethink error message when a user double indexes like x[i][j]) created by wehart
def sample_constraint_rule(model,i,j): return (model.var1[i][j] >= …


16:12 Changeset [5871] by jwatson
Adding in absent value() method in canonical expression generation, which …
14:04 Ticket #4358 (Display() fails on indexed Params) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: This was resolved in r5837.
14:00 Changeset [5870] by jwatson
Adding a --report-timing option to the pyomo script and the PyomoModel?
13:58 Ticket #4351 (Resolve value errors with singleton parameters) closed by jdsiiro
13:58 Changeset [5869] by jdsiiro
The Param rework ([5803:5805]) resolved a significant bug in singleton …
13:40 Changeset [5868] by zbfried
Indexed params (in and out of blocks) can be created with dictionaries.
13:00 Changeset [5867] by zbfried
Can now create Sets from dictionary in model.create(data_dict={...})
12:44 Changeset [5866] by jdsiiro
Fixing a problem with the Ipopt test where the test would edit the …


19:18 Changeset [5865] by gabeh
Fixing a few issues with the coopr.data.cute testing suite - Adding …
13:31 Changeset [5864] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
13:30 Changeset [5863] by jdsiiro
Moving the PyomoBook? examples into the Coopr repository.
13:30 Changeset [5862] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
13:29 Changeset [5861] by jdsiiro
Moving the examples from the PyomoBook? from the sandbox into a formal …
13:12 Changeset [5860] by jdsiiro
Carving out space for a package to store examples from the Pyomo Book.
10:36 Changeset [5859] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
09:56 Changeset [5858] by jdsiiro
Adding the PyomoBook? tests to all.ini (so the test harness picks them up).
09:40 Changeset [5857] by jdsiiro
Updated to the reconfig script. It no longer automatically checks in …
09:25 Changeset [5856] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
09:12 Changeset [5855] by jdsiiro
Updating externals


14:25 Changeset [5854] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5853] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5852] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5851] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5850] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5849] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
14:22 Changeset [5848] by jdsiiro
Updating externals
12:51 Changeset [5847] by jwatson
Fixes (last ones, I think!) for remaining pysp test failures on carr.
12:35 Ticket #4361 (Param initializing Params) created by gabeh
Situations like the following can cause problems in a number of places in …
11:59 Ticket #4360 (allow Param( default=otherParam )) created by khunter
Referencing this …
10:49 Ticket #4359 (Checker.py) created by dlwoodr
Last summer someone (Tim?) wrote a version of a model checker that warns …


17:58 Changeset [5846] by gabeh
Updating nl baseline due nl writer bugfix. Ipopt does not converge for …
17:34 Changeset [5845] by gabeh
NL WRITER: Fixing major bug in the NL writer (affecting certain forms of …
14:50 Changeset [5844] by jwatson
More alternative baseline updates.
14:45 Changeset [5843] by jwatson
More alternative baseline updates, triggered by carr migration.
14:39 Changeset [5842] by jwatson
Adding alternative baseline for PySP test - encountered when moving some …
14:04 Changeset [5841] by zbfried
Changed model.create to be able to take a dictionary holding model data
09:51 Changeset [5840] by jwatson
Updating Gurobi baseline - trying to clear up the last few failure on …


22:54 Changeset [5839] by wehart
Enforce precidence for conversion of *.mod->*.lp
19:46 Changeset [5838] by jwatson
Fixing missing guard for mpirun executable on test.
16:38 Changeset [5837] by wehart
Re-adding the display() method info ParamArray?.
16:24 Changeset [5836] by wehart
Test cleanup to skip instead of simply returning. Making baseline more …
16:16 Changeset [5835] by wehart
Updating baseline files.
16:16 Changeset [5834] by wehart
Filtering NL files differently when comparing baselines.
16:14 Changeset [5833] by wehart
Correcting the name when writing MPS files.


11:06 Ticket #4358 (Display() fails on indexed Params) created by gabeh
See error below. Param tests were added for this in commit r5832. >>> …


19:08 Changeset [5832] by gabeh
Params: display() function works on singleton params but not indexed …


14:57 Changeset [5831] by jwatson
Adding --profile-memory=3 option to PyomoModel?, to report memory …
14:51 Changeset [5830] by jdsiiro
Fix for r5828: the SparseIndexableComponent? handles _index_set slightly …
14:37 Changeset [5829] by jwatson
Re-working behavior of profile_memory option on pyomo script and …
14:24 Changeset [5828] by jdsiiro
Fixing an error in the new Param class where constructing a Param from …
11:07 Changeset [5827] by gabeh
Adding a required 'import sys' to Param.py
09:39 Changeset [5826] by jwatson
More messing with test-to-baseline tolerances.
09:29 Changeset [5825] by jwatson
Adding tolerance parameters for test-to-baseline comparisons.


22:50 Changeset [5824] by jwatson
More fixes for preprocessor upgrade.
22:40 Changeset [5823] by jwatson
More fixes to bring phutils.py into compliance with latest preprocessor …
22:17 Changeset [5822] by jwatson
Upgrading phutils.py to work with recent preprocessor commits.
21:54 Changeset [5821] by jwatson
Test fix to mock signatures, to match recent check-ins.
21:40 Changeset [5820] by jwatson
Missed a file in the prior restructuring commits.
21:39 Changeset [5819] by jwatson
Fixes to deal with recent param changes.
21:36 Changeset [5818] by jwatson
Changes related to infrastructure for passing keyword arguments through to …
19:59 Changeset [5817] by jwatson
Adding support and infrastructure for propagating options through the maze …


12:29 Changeset [5816] by wehart
Reworking the preprocessing logic to rely on coopr functors. This …


14:20 Changeset [5815] by wehart
Commenting out initialization of active variables. This seems to be done …
14:19 Changeset [5814] by wehart
Adding an error message when the RangeSet? object is not initialized before …
14:15 Changeset [5813] by wehart
Misc documentation edits.
14:11 Changeset [5812] by wehart
Changing example to use xrange instead of range.


16:46 Changeset [5811] by wehart
Using scalability tests that aren't quite as big
16:45 Changeset [5810] by wehart
Adding scalability tests that aren't quite as large…


21:30 Changeset [5809] by wehart
Setting a baseline that omits the name.
21:29 Changeset [5808] by wehart
Bug fix setting the problem name.
20:59 Changeset [5807] by wehart
Changes to the GLPK converter class to use temporary files.
20:56 Changeset [5806] by wehart
Adding an AmplModel? class, which serves as a wrapper for models.
17:30 Changeset [5805] by jdsiiro
Restoring Param.reset() as a no-op. I'm not really sure what reset() …
17:15 Changeset [5804] by jdsiiro
Fixing incompatibility with Python 2.6 introduced in r5803.
17:08 Ticket #4357 (Prevent / error on iteration of Set prior to construction) created by jwatson
_end_val and _start_val attributes don't exist prior to construction() - …
16:57 Changeset [5803] by jdsiiro
Major overhaul of Pyomo Param: - adding a new "SparseIndexedComponent?
16:02 Changeset [5802] by jwatson
Commenting ModelData? class, in preparation for re-work / enhancement pass.
15:59 Ticket #4356 (Revisit need for model instance in ModelData class) created by jwatson
Does it really hurt to have extra data in a .dat file, for example? As it …


21:28 Changeset [5801] by gabeh
Fixing the last 'fix' to the GLPK plugin. Tried to call .strip() on …
21:14 Changeset [5800] by gabeh
Removing debugging comment from last commit.
21:12 Changeset [5799] by gabeh
Fixing a bug in the GLPK solver plugin where specifying solver options …
16:40 Changeset [5798] by jwatson
Fixing issue in which ConstraintLists? were not being processed by the …


16:51 Changeset [5797] by jwatson
Fixing PySP to be compliant with recent changes to PyomoModel? create() …


19:58 Changeset [5796] by wehart
Removing deprecated functionality. This hasn't worked since the self._var …
19:53 Changeset [5795] by wehart
Migrating model xform stuff out of PyomoModel?.py
17:03 Changeset [5794] by wehart
Bug fixes in new model for the create() method.
15:04 Changeset [5793] by wehart
Various cleanup of cloning and other stuff…
14:55 Changeset [5792] by wehart
Setting up defacto method descriptions
14:31 Changeset [5791] by wehart
Documentation clarification.


12:23 Changeset [5790] by jwatson
Fixing of some PySP tests, in response to carr migration.
11:54 Changeset [5789] by jwatson
Moving a parallel pysp test out of the serial test class!


22:51 Changeset [5788] by jwatson
More improvements to Pyro filter.
20:19 Changeset [5787] by jwatson
Adding screens for mpirun that were missing in some pysp tests.


22:00 Changeset [5786] by jwatson
Adding darwin CPLEX baselines for PySP.
17:20 Changeset [5785] by wehart
Adding tests that track the performance of constructing large bilinear …
14:12 Changeset [5784] by jwatson
Fixing divide-by-zero case in solution snap-shoting when solving the …


20:42 Changeset [5783] by wehart
Adding large diagonal models for profiling.
15:08 Changeset [5782] by gabeh
Quick fix to last commit. Removing unneeded del method used for …
15:04 Changeset [5781] by gabeh
Piecewise: Fixing memory leak caused by keeping dictionaries on the …


13:57 Changeset [5780] by dlwoodr
better fix to pysp.txt formatting
13:56 Changeset [5779] by dlwoodr
added info about getting solution status in a script; did a temporary fix …
11:01 Changeset [5778] by jwatson
Fixing issue with CPLEX plugin where only non-zero slacks and duals were …


21:52 Changeset [5777] by wehart
Changing imports used by pympler. This was causing the pympler profiling …
15:54 Changeset [5776] by jwatson
Upgrading Benders example to be compliant with recent "attr"->"suffix" …
15:03 Changeset [5775] by jwatson
Changing "declare_attribute" calls in WW PH extension to "declare_suffix".


20:30 Changeset [5774] by wehart
Collapsing the nested dictionaries used to manage suffix data. For large …
17:07 Changeset [5773] by dlwoodr
Add information about passing solver options NOTE: I am getting an error …
16:28 Ticket #4355 (Acquire settings from solver) created by dlwoodr
It would be good to to be able to get all the settings from the solver …
14:25 Changeset [5772] by wehart
Update due to change in Pyomo
14:24 Changeset [5771] by wehart
Update due to change in Pyomo
14:24 Changeset [5770] by wehart
Update due to change in Pyomo
14:24 Changeset [5769] by wehart
Migrating suffix logic from var.py to indexedcomponent.py This allows all …
12:34 Changeset [5768] by wehart
Removing the Var._varval dictionary. Instead, the IndexedComponent?._data …
12:34 Changeset [5767] by wehart
Changing a variable name to reflect the change of the corresponding data …
12:25 Changeset [5766] by wehart
Further tests of the single-objective logic.
08:06 Changeset [5765] by wehart
Changing tests to remove reference to _data[None]
08:03 Changeset [5764] by wehart
Adding support for singleton and array objectives.


15:49 Changeset [5763] by wehart
Extending the Constraint hierarchy to distinguish between singleton and …
14:55 Changeset [5762] by wehart
Various documentation edits.
09:52 Changeset [5761] by wehart
Simplifying the management of initialization. The new method is now …
09:37 Changeset [5760] by wehart
Renaming _BaseSet to Set.
09:36 Changeset [5759] by wehart
Changing logic to eliminate _BaseSet. This change exposed flaws in the …


17:01 Changeset [5758] by wehart
Replacing _ParamBase with Param. This requires some class magic to …
16:50 Changeset [5757] by wehart
Replacing _VarBase with Var. This change requires some class magic that …
16:46 Changeset [5756] by wehart
Misc documentation change
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