23:21 Changeset [5357] by wehart
Removing memcov, which isn't a real package.
23:00 Changeset [5356] by wehart
Update installers with fixed versions of various tagged packages.
22:34 Changeset [5355] by wehart
Bug fix in tagged setup.py version.
22:32 Changeset [5354] by wehart
Retagging Coopr 3.1.5325. Clarifying versions of package dependencies.
22:28 Changeset [5353] by wehart
Various efforts to get a table of contents to work in epub.
22:23 Changeset [5352] by wehart
Tagging coopr.plugins 2.8
22:21 Changeset [5351] by wehart
Tagging coopr.pyomo 3.0
18:14 Changeset [5350] by wehart
More documentation. Getting authorship to work (for epubs).
16:51 Changeset [5349] by wehart
Adding AsciiDoc? documentation.
16:30 Milestone Coopr 3.1 completed
* Make the generation of expression representations more explicit * Is …
15:36 Changeset [5348] by jwatson
Enabling propagation of solver options through the phpyro solver manager …
15:36 Changeset [5347] by wehart
Updating release notes.
15:27 Development/ReleaseCheckList edited by wehart
15:23 Development/ReleaseCheckList edited by wehart
15:20 Development/ReleaseCheckList edited by wehart
15:17 Changeset [5346] by wehart
Updating RELEASE documentation for Coop 3.1.5325
15:11 Blog: Coopr 3.1.5325 Release edited by wehart
15:10 Blog: Coopr 3.1.5325 Release edited by wehart
15:08 Blog: Coopr 3.1.5325 Release created by wehart
14:56 Changeset [5345] by wehart
Updates to include coopr.coopr with updated version info
14:40 Changeset [5344] by wehart
Fixing version # in Coop 3.1.5325
14:16 Changeset [5343] by wehart
Quick bug fix in coopr.openopt 1.0
14:14 Changeset [5342] by jwatson
Tagging coopr 3.1.5325
14:04 Changeset [5341] by wehart
Making the PyYAML optional.
13:55 Changeset [5340] by wehart
Updating version of PyUtilib? included with Coopr.
13:55 Changeset [5339] by jwatson
Tagging Coopr 3.1 release number with the SVN number.
13:34 Changeset [5338] by wehart
Changing the update script to create coopr_install_release, which disables …
12:46 Changeset [5337] by jwatson
Trying out new coopr_install for Coopr 3.1.
12:25 Changeset [5336] by jwatson
Updating Coopr setup.py in prep for 3.1 release.
12:23 Changeset [5335] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.misc 2.6
12:20 Changeset [5334] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.doc 1.0
12:17 Changeset [5333] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.data.samples 1.1
12:15 Development/ReleaseCheckList edited by wehart
12:14 Changeset [5332] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.pyomo 3.0
12:00 Changeset [5331] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.gdp 1.0.2
11:57 Changeset [5330] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.opt 2.7
11:53 Changeset [5329] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.plugins 2.9
11:49 Changeset [5328] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.data.pyomo 1.2
11:46 Changeset [5327] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.pysp 3.1
11:40 Changeset [5326] by jwatson
Tagging coopr.data.cute 1.2
11:08 Ticket #4281 (Python direct solver interfaces don't work) closed by jwatson
fixed: The CPLEX and Gurobi direct interfaces appear to work - there are now PySP …
11:02 Ticket #4314 (Finalize coopr.fdt) created by wehart
We need test examples (Bob). We need to add some preliminary …
10:49 Changeset [5325] by jwatson
Updating CHANGELOG for Coopr 3.1 release.
10:39 Changeset [5324] by jwatson
Finalizing change log for Coopr 3.1 release.
10:36 Changeset [5323] by wehart
Bug fix for pympler usage (to be forward compatible).
10:20 Changeset [5322] by wehart
Removing the PICO asl test. This is failing, but we are capturing that …
08:00 Changeset [5321] by wehart
Adding memcov package to the test configuration.


22:04 Changeset [5320] by jwatson
Correcting issue with getObject in ampl.py (yielding incorrect keys), …
21:47 Changeset [5319] by jwatson
Fixing hopefully the last PySP baseline, in response to deterministic LP …
16:15 Changeset [5318] by jdsiiro
Minor efficiency tweaks in the canonical representation and the LP writer.
16:15 Changeset [5317] by jdsiiro
Minor efficiency tweaks to the SymbolMap?.
15:50 Changeset [5316] by jwatson
Tweaking PySP baselines due to recent deterministic LP file commits.
15:11 Ticket #4313 (Remove "prefix", "output_*" options from LP writer) created by jdsiiro
The ProblemWriter_cpxlp class contains numerous flags and options that …
15:02 Changeset [5315] by jwatson
Fixing bug due to change in signature of preprocess_objectives …
14:53 Changeset [5314] by jwatson
Fixing minor issue with options in phinit.py.
08:30 Changeset [5313] by jwatson
PySP doc should not be in coopr.misc!
08:29 Changeset [5312] by jwatson
Compiling PySP docmentation.
07:36 Changeset [5311] by dlwoodr
added a sentence or two about --create-random-bundles


23:25 Changeset [5310] by jdsiiro
Update to canonical expressions to support the optional deterministic …
21:42 Changeset [5309] by jwatson
Adding --create-random-bundle=x option to runph, which will create x …
21:39 Changeset [5308] by wehart
Adding an epub document. Initial stab at getting the authorship to show …
17:10 Changeset [5307] by wehart
Updating externals
17:09 Changeset [5306] by wehart
Making coopr.extras installable from pypi.
17:07 Changeset [5305] by wehart
Updating externals
17:07 Changeset [5304] by wehart
Updating externals
17:07 Changeset [5303] by wehart
Updating externals
17:07 Changeset [5302] by wehart
Updating externals
17:06 Changeset [5301] by wehart
Adding coopr.extras to the test_tpls configuration.
14:50 Changeset [5300] by wehart
Omiting a test that isn't reproducible on different platforms.
13:22 Changeset [5299] by jwatson
Limiting the precison of timing results for writing warm start files to …
09:15 Changeset [5298] by jwatson
Modifying scenario tree solution snapshotting in PySP to simply warn on …


23:57 Changeset [5297] by wehart
Adding other OpenOpt? solvers.
23:27 Changeset [5296] by wehart
Bug fix. Import from coopr.pyomo moved to coopr.openopt.
23:00 Changeset [5295] by wehart
Adding --with-extras flag to coopr_install.
22:32 Changeset [5294] by wehart
Retagging coopr.extras 1.0. The previous release caused problems in the …
16:40 Changeset [5293] by jwatson
Eliminating weird white-space comparison issues in 2 PySP test baselines - …
16:37 Changeset [5292] by jdsiiro
Update to the pyomo test driver to track the dual support for YAML and …
16:35 Changeset [5291] by jdsiiro
Adding a JSON baseline for the DIET example.
15:34 Changeset [5290] by jdsiiro
Converting test_baselines.yml -> test_baselines.json
15:19 Changeset [5289] by jdsiiro
Reverting optimization from r5288 that was not compatible with …
15:04 Changeset [5288] by jdsiiro
- More optimizations for Set membership tests - Optimization for fetching …
13:04 Changeset [5287] by wehart
Adding the coopr_extras flag.
13:02 Changeset [5286] by wehart
Removing coliny tests (for now).
08:36 Changeset [5285] by jdsiiro
Performance improvements when testing the membership of Sets and Set …


16:55 Changeset [5284] by jdsiiro
Significant performance improvement when testing membership of RangeSet?
12:48 Changeset [5283] by gabeh
Fixed bug in CPLEXDirect where model.active_components were being check …
12:18 Ticket #4292 (SOSConstraint and string type indices) closed by gabeh
fixed: This issue was corrected by the addition of the symbol_map object to all …


20:24 Changeset [5282] by wehart
Tagging coopr.extras
20:24 Changeset [5281] by wehart
Documentation updates.
20:22 Changeset [5280] by wehart
Making import of packages that rely on numpy conditional.
19:34 Changeset [5279] by wehart
Moving the skeleton projects into the Attic. I don't want to delete …
19:32 Changeset [5278] by wehart
Updating changelog description.
18:44 Changeset [5277] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
18:29 Changeset [5276] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
18:19 Changeset [5275] by wehart
Tagging coopr.os 1.0
18:17 Changeset [5274] by wehart
Tagging coopr.openopt 1.0
18:15 Changeset [5273] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
18:09 Changeset [5272] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
18:06 Changeset [5271] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
18:04 Changeset [5270] by wehart
Disabling the s2 test until we can figure out how to make it more …
17:59 Changeset [5269] by wehart
Moving coopr.colin into the ATTIC directory
13:26 Changeset [5268] by jwatson
Updating the phpyro test output filter.


22:06 Changeset [5267] by jwatson
Refactoring the PySP scenario instance preprocessing code. Eliminating …
18:43 Changeset [5266] by jwatson
Eliminating some race-condition output from parallel PySP tests.
16:34 Changeset [5265] by gabeh
Minor efficiency updates to piecwise.py.
16:20 Changeset [5264] by jwatson
Minor issue in last commit…
15:47 Changeset [5263] by jwatson
Splitting our MPI-based parallel PySP tests into a separate class - …
13:47 Changeset [5262] by wehart
Attempting to avoid loading a config file from the network unless --trunk …
11:52 Changeset [5261] by wehart
Updating to use a new version of virtualenv. Adding some diagnostic …
10:43 Changeset [5260] by dlwoodr
match the src
10:42 Changeset [5259] by dlwoodr
change to the default convergence criterion, the way it is computed, and …
10:33 Changeset [5258] by jwatson
Removing accidental random keystroke insertion.
10:27 Changeset [5257] by jwatson
Enabling --output-solver-log functionality on PH solver servers.


23:17 Changeset [5256] by jwatson
Update of pysp test baselines.
22:52 Changeset [5255] by jwatson
Wrap-up of initial function in phpyro + bundling, including some …
17:52 Changeset [5254] by jwatson
More phpyro+bundling.
17:34 Changeset [5253] by jwatson
More phpyro+bundle mods.
17:26 Changeset [5252] by jwatson
More bundling + ph solver server fixes.
17:24 Changeset [5251] by dlwoodr
update so this pdf matches the src version
17:23 Changeset [5250] by dlwoodr
Drop the version number Add some more documentation about bundles Add some …
16:26 Changeset [5249] by jwatson
More work on bundling with ph solver server.
12:56 Ticket #4312 (Problem processing results with CPLEXDirect and pyomo command line) created by gabeh
I'm getting a strange error trying to use the python interface for cplex …
12:39 Changeset [5248] by gabeh
One more update to sos tests. Should all be working now.
12:19 Changeset [5247] by gabeh
Updated sos tests. Activated nl writer sos tests for cplexamp and …
12:17 Changeset [5246] by gabeh
Fixed SOSConstraint handling in CPLEXDirect plugin.
12:16 Changeset [5245] by gabeh
Fixed SOSConstraint handling in gurobi_direct plugin.
12:16 Changeset [5244] by jwatson
Accidentally commited a PH solver server with bundling test that wasn't …
11:10 Changeset [5243] by jwatson
Adding code to re-establish the original instance objective functions when …
09:24 Changeset [5242] by jwatson
Correcting PySP farmer maximization reference model.
09:23 Changeset [5241] by jwatson
Establishing correct farmer-maximization baselines.


22:36 Changeset [5240] by jwatson
More tweaks to the PH solver server with bundling - iteration 0 solves now …
22:14 Changeset [5239] by jwatson
Some preliminary code for the phpyro solver interface, to support …
22:13 Changeset [5238] by jwatson
Adding check for existence of option for scenario down-sampling, before …
22:13 Changeset [5237] by jwatson
Adding methods for bundle query.
20:17 Changeset [5236] by gabeh
Updated sos tests to work with latest fresh install of coopr trunk. Also …
16:28 Changeset [5235] by gabeh
Reactivated and updated solver based sos tests.
14:28 Changeset [5234] by jwatson
Establihsing PySP gurobi-direct test baseline.
14:28 Changeset [5233] by jwatson
Fixing (finally!) the gurobi_direct plugin.
09:22 Changeset [5232] by dlwoodr
Updated version that includes some new features such as bundling
09:20 Changeset [5231] by dlwoodr
The bundling documentation has been added and it compiles
08:20 Changeset [5230] by dlwoodr
Added preliminary documentation for bundling. This LaTeX has not yet been …


16:41 Changeset [5229] by dlwoodr
Trivial change to the location of the assignment of zero to …
16:18 Changeset [5228] by jwatson
Updating PySP CPLEX test baseline.
15:07 Changeset [5227] by jwatson
Splitting apart ph objective formation code into two components - …
07:38 Changeset [5226] by wehart
The coopr.pyomo package has had some major changes, so I'm setting the …


23:39 Changeset [5225] by jdsiiro
Bugfix reported via email (from Florian Stapel via Lars Beckmann): …
20:51 Ticket #4311 (COOPR Installation on Windows clears system path) created by Roger.Stuckey@…
Hi, I just installed COOPR (Coopr_3.0.4362_2011-07-17) on my Windows 7 …
17:37 Changeset [5224] by dlwoodr
Ph.solve now returns None unless iteration zero had a solve that returned …
12:32 Ticket #4303 (AMPL NL writer does not currently examine variable used/unused status) closed by gabeh
fixed: Checking whether the variable is used/unused is unnecessary in the NL …
12:18 Changeset [5223] by dword
removal of code in the NL writer to interface with Jias solver that was …
09:53 Ticket #4308 (NL writer not handling binary variables) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: dword reports that r5222 fixes this issue: […]
09:40 Changeset [5222] by dword
Integrated Jias algorithm with Pyomo by adding the code to generate a file …


21:52 Ticket #4310 (Piecewise linear exampes don't seem to work...) created by wehart
Specifically, example3.py gives an optimal answer of 9, when the answer …
21:32 Changeset [5221] by wehart
Misc revisions to simplify these two examples.
21:07 Ticket #4290 (Add summaries for successful checks) closed by wehart
fixed: The --verbose option gives all of this information.
21:05 Ticket #4286 (ordered sets for set expressions) closed by wehart
fixed: See r5220
21:04 Changeset [5220] by wehart
For set operations, the set is ordered if the initial sets are ordered.
20:31 Changeset [5219] by wehart
Adding version info.
20:26 Ticket #4071 (Implement successive exclusion in Coopr) closed by wehart
fixed: This example is included in coopr.doc
20:11 Ticket #4293 (Documentation dead links) closed by wehart
invalid: This page appears to have already been cleaned up.
20:08 Ticket #4301 (Exit Status) closed by wehart
fixed: I fixed this some time ago.
20:04 Changeset [5218] by jwatson
Fixing bug in PH solver server, involving ipopt-based solves.
19:10 Ticket #4260 (Need to print objective function values when running ipopt through pyomo) closed by wehart
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #4237
17:17 Ticket #4304 (Add a --version option to the coopr command) closed by wehart
17:16 Changeset [5217] by wehart
Adding a 'version' subcommand, rather than a '--version' option.
16:52 Changeset [5216] by wehart
Renaming hte coopr.py file.
16:50 Changeset [5215] by wehart
Adding a '--version' option, which doesn't quite work…
15:30 Ticket #4013 (bounds error message does not work for scalar vars) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm closing this ticket, since we don't have enough information to …
15:28 Ticket #4306 (Document different parts of components) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm not sure what this is about... {sigh}
15:25 Ticket #4294 (missing api.py file in tutorials directory) closed by wehart
fixed: This file was moved to the pyomo/drafts directory. I don't think we …
15:25 Changeset [5214] by wehart
Documentation update.
15:18 Ticket #3893 (For "singleton" constraints, we should not output the "_None_" suffix when ...) closed by wehart
fixed: I've confirmed that this is no longer happening.
14:39 Ticket #3986 (Pyomo Documentation) closed by wehart
fixed: This documentation has been deleted (r5213)
14:39 Changeset [5213] by wehart
Removing the coopr.pyomo documentation, which isn't actively maintained.
14:36 Ticket #3977 (Allow documentation of Pyomo data/variables) closed by wehart
fixed: See r5212
14:35 Changeset [5212] by wehart
Adding support for 'doc' attributes for components. Adding a test to …
11:48 Changeset [5211] by wehart
Adding a 'reference' section.
11:46 Changeset [5210] by wehart
Adding an iterative example
11:45 Ticket #3897 (Add documentation for utility functions) closed by wehart
fixed: These are documented in the Pyomo book. I've added a note to have these …
11:38 Changeset [5209] by wehart
Adding a section for scripting examples, along with a simple iterative …
11:11 Ticket #4187 (GLPK fails to recognize infeasible MIP problems) closed by wehart
fixed: This was fixed some time ago.
11:09 Ticket #4122 (Weird import behavior) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm closing this since I don't recall enough details to figure out how to …
11:03 Ticket #4256 (Remove support for model arguments as the last argument) closed by wehart
fixed: See #5208
11:02 Changeset [5208] by wehart
Removing deprecation of pre-3.0 rule order.
10:50 Ticket #4255 (Deprecate support for None/True/False rule return values) closed by wehart
fixed: See #5207
10:50 Changeset [5207] by wehart
Making the use of None return values in rules an error, rather than a …
10:02 Changeset [5206] by wehart
Adding a 'verbose' option to 'pprint', which forces the generation of …
08:59 Changeset [5205] by wehart
Adding 'verbose' option for pprint. Bug fix in check actions.


09:16 Changeset [5204] by jwatson
Making PH objective formation to one-shot in the PH solver server - it was …
09:14 Changeset [5203] by jwatson
More test additions for maximization / linearization.
09:10 Changeset [5202] by jwatson
Adding farmer test with maximization variant and linearization.
08:59 Changeset [5201] by jwatson
Adding farmer maximize-with-solve tests - these fail as well at the …
08:52 Changeset [5200] by jwatson
Adding farmer extensive form test with maximize - presently returns the …
08:13 Changeset [5199] by wehart
Changes to make the coopr script more 'future proof'. Now, if things are …


22:36 Changeset [5198] by jwatson
Establishing the baseline for the farmer maximization.
22:32 Changeset [5197] by jwatson
Minor re-expression of farmer maximize example.
22:26 Changeset [5196] by jwatson
Correcting issues with maximization objectives and ph objective formation …
22:26 Changeset [5195] by jwatson
Adding error detection logic to ef writer script, to detect and report …
22:25 Changeset [5194] by jwatson
Fixing bug in GUROBI plugin, in which problem was infeasible/unbounded, …
16:25 Changeset [5193] by jwatson
Modifying Pyro shutdown logic to continue and warn if the nameserver …
16:07 Changeset [5192] by wehart
Baseline update due to bug fixes.
16:04 Changeset [5191] by wehart
Various fixes in OSiL writer. This still isn't quite working…
16:04 Changeset [5190] by wehart
Bug fix.
16:04 Changeset [5189] by wehart
Many fixes to OS solver launcher. This isn't done.
16:03 Changeset [5188] by wehart
Adding the ability to guess the 'osil' format.
16:02 Changeset [5187] by wehart
Adding the pyomo2osil command.
14:38 Ticket #4309 (Add support for semi-integer decision variables) created by wehart
Either the variable is zero, or it is integer within a specified range.
14:34 Changeset [5186] by jwatson
Improving efficiency of weight computation update.
14:34 Changeset [5185] by jwatson
Added store_values bulk commit to Param and parameter representations.
12:45 Changeset [5184] by jwatson
Introducing a time lag after an empty queue result is obtained from the …
10:54 Changeset [5183] by jwatson
Re-working PH solver servers to avoid shipping results objects to the …
10:53 Changeset [5182] by jwatson
Adding extract_values and store_values methods to variables, to allow for …
09:04 Changeset [5181] by jwatson
Improving efficiency of update_weights routine, which is becoming a serial …
08:34 Changeset [5180] by jwatson
Improving the time associated with extracting PH rho/weight parameters for …
08:30 Changeset [5179] by jwatson
Adding an extract_values method to Param objects and the associated …


22:26 Ticket #4308 (NL writer not handling binary variables) created by gabeh
The trivial model: model = ConcreteModel?() model.y = Var(within=Binary) …
16:26 Changeset [5178] by jwatson
Updating PySP Pyro test baselines, in response to recent pyutilib.pyro …
13:32 Changeset [5177] by jdsiiro
Fixing weirdness with NSIS variable definitions - removing …


10:48 Changeset [5176] by jwatson
Fixing bug relating to profiling of PH solver servers.


22:19 Changeset [5175] by jwatson
More robustness improvements to the pyro PySP test filter.
20:13 Changeset [5174] by jwatson
Fixing module export.
17:16 Changeset [5173] by jwatson
Cleaning up old code.
17:16 Changeset [5172] by jwatson
Adding more diagnostic information, including a traceback, when the PH …
10:41 Changeset [5171] by jwatson
Enhancing Pyro test filter, to cull out lines involving re-tries to obtain …


19:58 Changeset [5170] by jwatson
Added missing phpyro test baseline.
14:52 Changeset [5169] by wehart
Other fixes to tests. Misc changes to improve coverage.
14:38 Changeset [5168] by wehart
Adding baseline files. Many test fixes…


20:27 Changeset [5167] by jwatson
When running the PHPyro solver manager, it isn't necessary keep the …
18:10 Changeset [5166] by wehart
Adding changelog documentation.
18:03 Changeset [5165] by jwatson
Fixing precision of timing output to hundredths of a second.
18:03 Changeset [5164] by jwatson
Fixing the resolution of timing statistics to hundredth of a second …
18:03 Changeset [5163] by wehart
Updating changelog documentation.
17:55 Changeset [5162] by wehart
Updating externals
17:55 Changeset [5161] by wehart
Updating externals
17:55 Changeset [5160] by wehart
Updating externals
17:55 Changeset [5159] by wehart
Updating externals
17:40 Changeset [5158] by jwatson
Correction of two PySP test baselines.
12:38 Changeset [5157] by wehart
Update to allow the use of 'version' components of configurations.
09:29 Changeset [5156] by wehart
This looks like a fix in the baseline. I'm not sure that the baseline was …
09:24 Changeset [5155] by wehart
Changing tests to explicitly create RealSet?, IntegerSet? and _AnySet …
09:23 Changeset [5154] by wehart
Add the valid_model_component() method, which allows components to disable …


18:58 Changeset [5153] by dlwoodr
Now it can read annotations (although nothing is done with them), but the …
17:51 Changeset [5152] by dlwoodr
Added the annotations command option Deleted the help text claiming that …
15:55 Changeset [5151] by jwatson
Fixing some issues with PySP pyro tests.
14:38 Changeset [5150] by jwatson
Bug fixes.
14:28 Changeset [5149] by jwatson
Establishing additional PySP pyro tests.
13:49 Changeset [5148] by jwatson
Eliminating client-side preprocessing when using the PH solver server.
13:35 Changeset [5147] by jwatson
Various debug/edits to the PH use of the solver server. Added a test for …
13:35 Changeset [5146] by jwatson
More edits to PH Pyro server.
12:41 Changeset [5145] by jwatson
Missing file in PH solver server commits - namely, the server itself!
12:28 Changeset [5144] by jwatson
Updates to PH to leverage the new PH-Pyro solver manager.
12:28 Changeset [5143] by jwatson
More updates to the new PH Pyro solver manager.
12:27 Changeset [5142] by jwatson
Changing ValueError? to RuntimeError? in exceptions relating to CPXLP writer …


23:29 Changeset [5141] by jdsiiro
Tracking change to the definition of the "canonical representation" (used …
22:24 Changeset [5140] by jwatson
Some efficiency improvements to identify variables and canonical …
21:49 Changeset [5139] by jwatson
Fixing PySP CPLEX test baselines, accounting for verbose output …
21:14 Changeset [5138] by jwatson
Updating verbose PySP baselines due to recent output additions.
19:48 Changeset [5137] by jwatson
Added logic to respect the "nochecking" flag when setting values in a …
19:38 Changeset [5136] by jwatson
Adding timing information for the construction of bundles in PH. …
16:26 Changeset [5135] by jwatson
Adding additional timing statistics for PH initialization. Improving …


20:32 Changeset [5134] by jwatson
Reducing memory and construction time in PH parameter initialization. …
11:06 Changeset [5133] by jwatson
A few more PySP baseline fixes.


23:11 Changeset [5132] by jwatson
More PySP test baseline updates.
23:10 Changeset [5131] by jwatson
PySP-Pyro test baseline updates.
22:48 Changeset [5130] by jwatson
Removing some debug stuff from last few commits.
22:37 Changeset [5129] by jwatson
Various modifications to PH to use the new phpyro solver manager. Not …
22:36 Changeset [5128] by jwatson
Adding "phpyro" solver manager.
22:35 Changeset [5127] by jwatson
Upgrading symbol_map_from_instance method to include constraint labels.
22:34 Changeset [5126] by jwatson
Exposing LP writer labelers, for use elsewhere within Coopr.
22:34 Changeset [5125] by jwatson
Adding some iteration methods to ConstraintBase?. Exporting ConstraintData?
22:33 Changeset [5124] by jwatson
Fixing issue with "canonical_label" identifier, which should be "canonical …
16:25 Changeset [5123] by jwatson
Fixing of PySP test baseline.
16:00 Changeset [5122] by jwatson
Bug fixes in response to elimination of "var" and "con" attributes from …
15:59 Changeset [5121] by jwatson
Eliminating the redundant "var" and "con" slots in (respectively) …


21:00 Changeset [5120] by jwatson
More PySP baseline corrections.
20:43 Changeset [5119] by jwatson
Re-working more of the warm-start PH mechanism, which occasionally was …
20:13 Changeset [5118] by jwatson
Fixing PySP baseline.
15:20 Changeset [5117] by jwatson
Fixing GUROBI plugin to function correclty when time-out halts the solver, …
13:16 Changeset [5116] by jwatson
Adding test for trivial bundling with ipopt/PySP.
13:15 Changeset [5115] by jwatson
Fixing bug in ampl_var_id dictionary clear - for some reason, resetting it …


21:48 Changeset [5114] by wehart
Bug fix due to reorg of openopt interface.
21:48 Changeset [5113] by wehart
Fixing bug due to reorganization of openopt code.
15:13 Changeset [5112] by jdsiiro
Updating canonical_repn tests: - new baselines to track recent change in …
11:45 Changeset [5111] by jwatson
Removing last remanants of older extensive form solution loading code in …


17:40 Changeset [5110] by wehart
Adding the CooprOSSolverService executable.
17:22 Changeset [5109] by wehart
Removing a strict requirement on openopt, etc…
17:16 Changeset [5108] by wehart
Adding test files (adapted for OS). Misc bug fixes…
16:43 Changeset [5107] by wehart
Misc fixes in directory setup. Removing pylea, which appears to be not …
15:47 Changeset [5106] by wehart
Moving the OS solver interface into coopr.os
10:51 Changeset [5105] by wehart
Adding another auxilliary package.
10:48 Changeset [5104] by wehart
Moving coopr.os and coopr.openopt from dev to installer.
10:46 Changeset [5103] by wehart
Adding coopr.openopt and coopr.os to the Coopr metapackage.
10:45 Changeset [5102] by wehart
Renaming wextras to extras. Changing the core requirements.
09:22 Changeset [5101] by wehart
Removing the requirement that suds be installed to use coopr.os. This …
09:11 Changeset [5100] by wehart
Adding coopr.openopt to dev.ini


23:34 Changeset [5099] by wehart
Adding coopr.wextras
23:07 Changeset [5098] by wehart
Adding coopr.openopt
23:05 Changeset [5097] by wehart
Moving tests into coopr.openopt
23:02 Changeset [5096] by wehart
Removing OpenOpt? references
23:01 Changeset [5095] by wehart
Migrating OpenOpt? code to coopr.openopt
22:59 Changeset [5094] by wehart
Removing references to OpenOpt?.
20:51 Changeset [5093] by jwatson
Correcting more PySP baselines due to recent canonical commit.
20:48 Changeset [5092] by jwatson
Fixing bug propagated by canonical change.
20:39 Changeset [5091] by jwatson
Commenting out PySP pyro test that was causing some issues. Fixing gurobi …
17:46 Changeset [5090] by jwatson
Updating some PySP baselines due to prior commit.
17:45 Changeset [5089] by jwatson
Created specialized encoding for linear components of canonical …
10:16 Changeset [5088] by jwatson
Adding ipopt - Pyro test to PySP test suite.
10:16 Changeset [5087] by jwatson
Fixing issue with missing symbol map in Pyro interface.


18:30 Changeset [5086] by gabeh
Small efficiency updates to piecewise.py
12:57 Changeset [5085] by jwatson
Modifying PH to limit preprocessing to what is needed in the case of Ipopt …
12:56 Changeset [5084] by jwatson
Allowing NL preprocessing to be enabled/disabled via instance attributes - …
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