18:55 Changeset [4407] by wehart
Removing debugging output
17:14 Changeset [4406] by wehart
Adding diagnostic info
16:39 Changeset [4405] by wehart
Bug fix.
16:30 Changeset [4404] by wehart
Adding the GetParent?.nsh file.
16:20 Changeset [4403] by wehart
Adding an include for the GetParent? function.
16:19 Changeset [4402] by wehart
Specifying a minimum version for coverage.
16:09 Changeset [4401] by wehart
Another attempt to setup the Python Root
15:59 Changeset [4400] by wehart
Adding logic to get the directory for Python
15:45 Changeset [4399] by wehart
Another change to the use of macros…
15:16 Changeset [4398] by wehart
Another attempt to resolve macro names…
14:43 Changeset [4397] by wehart
Another change of macro names.
14:31 Changeset [4396] by wehart
Text changes for installer
14:22 Changeset [4395] by wehart
Changing syntax…
14:07 Changeset [4394] by wehart
Synchronizing the configuration of PyUtilib? and Coopr installers.
13:46 Changeset [4393] by wehart
Removing the 'Coopr packages' package selection.
13:34 Changeset [4392] by wehart
Adding logic to finalize the installation of packages.
12:01 Changeset [4391] by wehart
Fixing bug in preinstall logic.
11:04 Changeset [4390] by wehart
Adding a warning that the uninstallation may take a while…
10:56 Changeset [4389] by wehart
Adding a blank option.
10:54 Changeset [4388] by wehart
Removing the --release option from the release build.
10:54 Changeset [4387] by wehart
Removing the --stable option from coopr_install
10:44 Changeset [4386] by wehart
Change in installer configuration to install with coopr_install.
10:43 Changeset [4385] by wehart
Change in installer text.


13:44 Changeset [4384] by tekl
More baseline changes for test_convert
13:39 Changeset [4383] by tekl
New baselines for id -> name transition
11:17 Changeset [4382] by tekl
Merge fixes and refactorings into ampl.py


19:46 Changeset [4381] by dword
ef writer fix - I was double counting Jacobian variables and was not …
18:35 Changeset [4380] by dword
still buggy ef writer, but its closer to right
17:26 Changeset [4379] by dword
error fixes for handling fixed variables and constant objectives - there …
17:26 Changeset [4378] by dword
updated baselines due to the error fixes for constant objectives; scripts …
08:15 Changeset [4377] by tekl
Implement diet1 example model in MySQL
07:37 Changeset [4376] by tekl
Implement weakrefs on ObjectiveData? circular reference with Objective
07:11 Changeset [4375] by zbfried
Propagated ignore_invalid_labels flag from _load_results() back up to …


17:03 Changeset [4374] by jwatson
Fixing issue when ASL solvers are passed to pyro_mip_servers. The solver …
11:15 Changeset [4373] by tekl
Don't dereference a weakref twice
11:08 Changeset [4372] by tekl
Place None checks around var weakref dereference
10:53 Changeset [4371] by tekl
Use weakref when reassigning .var in PySP EF
10:47 Changeset [4370] by tekl
Dereference .var weakrefs in LP expr
10:45 Changeset [4369] by tekl
Remove debugging statement
10:18 Changeset [4368] by wehart
Another update change ... hopefully this is simply the README file.
10:12 Changeset [4367] by tekl
Implement weakrefs on certain .var self-referential attributes
10:06 Changeset [4366] by wehart
Removing the specification of a product version here.
10:05 Changeset [4365] by wehart
Update to set default values for the build version and date.
09:46 Changeset [4364] by wehart
Updating the coopr_install script for Coopr 3.0
09:10 Changeset [4363] by wehart
Tagging Coopr 3.0.4362


16:31 Changeset [4362] by tekl
Warn properly on nonexistent DSN in DB connection
15:56 Changeset [4361] by jwatson
Another fix, paralleling those in the previous commit.
13:31 Changeset [4360] by jwatson
Adding corrections to parameter and constraint construction when the …
11:36 Changeset [4359] by tekl
Add networkflow DB conversion tools and 1ef10db instance
11:23 Changeset [4358] by tekl
Clean up database table parsing; drop unnecessary cruft
08:03 Changeset [4357] by tekl
Refactor db_table for easier connection string/DSN creation
01:07 Changeset [4356] by wehart
Using the coopr/RELEASE.txt as the top-level README file.
00:44 Changeset [4355] by wehart
Updating the changelog, and including the release announcement here.


18:57 Changeset [4354] by wehart
Tagging coopr.data.pysp 1.0.2
09:03 Changeset [4353] by wehart
Adding an option to test.coopr to enable coverage, which is now disabled …
08:36 Changeset [4352] by tekl
Remove bonus spacing from Arcs set definitions. Primarily done for easier …


18:34 Changeset [4351] by dlwoodr
terminate of async for max-iterations is now based on the average over the …
09:36 Ticket #4275 (Add explicit checks in PySP for all variables) created by jwatson
Ensure that all variables in PySP belong to some stage, and warn (if we …
09:35 Ticket #4274 (Add PySP method for simply specifying scenario trees with large numbers of ...) created by jwatson
We really need a simple naming convention scheme to allow for the …
09:23 Ticket #4273 (Verify that PySP checks for uniform depth in the scenario tree) created by jwatson
Verify that we check for uniform depth in the scenario tree. I think we …
09:19 Ticket #4272 (Verify that PySP checks for stage adjacency in parent-child node pairs) created by jwatson
Another useful comment from a PySP journal paper referee - we should …
09:04 Ticket #4271 (Add PySP option indicating name of reference model) created by jwatson
A good enhancement request raised by a referee of the PySP paper: "It is …


20:02 Changeset [4350] by dlwoodr
add "converged" to the fix discrete at exit option name


22:39 Changeset [4349] by jwatson
Adding suffix keyword to the results readers, to prevent unnecessary …
11:10 Changeset [4348] by tekl
Cap diet1 model for PICO solver test
10:53 Changeset [4347] by tekl
Remove commented baseline data for diet solver tests
10:38 Changeset [4346] by dword
faster, more robust load_ef_solutions in ef.py
10:37 Changeset [4345] by dword
updated NL writer
10:36 Changeset [4344] by dword
updated baselines for the NL writer tests
10:25 Changeset [4343] by dword
Updated baselines for test_convert.py. This was necessary due to the …
09:53 Changeset [4342] by tekl
Comment statistics on baseline - testing Gurobi, Pico compatibility
08:40 Changeset [4341] by tekl
Comment upper bound on baseline - testing Gurobi, Pico compatibility
08:20 Changeset [4340] by tekl
Handle weird null-termination issues on Python 2.7


15:10 Changeset [4339] by jwatson
Adding code to support over-relaxation, a variant of xbar updating that …
13:54 Changeset [4338] by dword
New NL test baselines
13:54 Changeset [4337] by dword
Updated, slightly faster NL writer with new test baselines. Variables are …
08:05 Changeset [4336] by tekl
Refactor tests to avoid unnecessary @classmethod
08:01 Changeset [4335] by tekl
Completely remove subprocess-based checks from diet tests
07:36 Changeset [4334] by tekl
Change diet test to not use subprocesses - fixes Jenkins
07:36 Changeset [4333] by tekl
Update diet1 model and baseline to reflect new example


13:34 Changeset [4332] by zbfried
Added unit test for nontrivial bounds (_SumExpression and …
13:09 Changeset [4331] by tekl
Add __del__ guard on ConstraintList?.
13:08 Changeset [4330] by tekl
Check for glpsol for pyomo execution
13:04 Changeset [4329] by tekl
Convert int to str before concatenating
12:46 Changeset [4328] by tekl
One more __del__ guard. These will haunt me forever.
12:33 Changeset [4327] by tekl
Fix unittest.* calls to be on class instances
12:25 Changeset [4326] by tekl
Check for Pyomo erroring with return code 0
12:19 Changeset [4325] by tekl
Rework availability framework for PyODBC
11:43 Changeset [4324] by tekl
Test diet1 example
10:00 Documentation/Developers edited by tekl
Hyphenate Rose-Hulman (diff)
09:10 Changeset [4323] by tekl
Completely refactor diet model example
08:36 Changeset [4322] by tekl
Check for existence of glpsol before using it for version check
08:15 Changeset [4321] by tekl
Skip failing MIP test for GLPK 4.40 - known bug
07:20 Changeset [4320] by tekl
More resilient ODBC connection logic and field parsing
07:19 Changeset [4319] by tekl
Missed a file for __del__ methods
07:19 Changeset [4318] by tekl
Even more __del__ methods; clean up debugging markers


21:46 Changeset [4317] by dlwoodr
one print statement fixed scenario._name --> solved_scenario_name
11:14 Changeset [4316] by jwatson
Was only skipping canonical reprsentation generation with solver type …


22:23 Changeset [4315] by jwatson
Fixing label issue with the NL extensive form writer.
20:30 Changeset [4314] by jwatson
Adding parallel PH scripts for UC Davis cluster.
20:24 Changeset [4313] by jwatson
Adding examples of parallel execution scripts for runph.
13:17 Changeset [4312] by tekl
Try really really hard to get an ODBC connection
13:04 Changeset [4311] by tekl
Replace "Files" with "Driver" for ODBC name accuracy
12:28 Changeset [4310] by tekl
Wrap ODBCConfig import in pyodbc_available check
12:13 Changeset [4309] by tekl
Implement and test ODBC configuration class
11:01 CoopersHawk edited by jdsiiro
10:36 WikiStart edited by jdsiiro
Advertising the developers/contributors (diff)
10:28 Documentation/Developers edited by jdsiiro
Ading David (diff)
10:26 Documentation/Developers edited by jdsiiro
Adding Zev & Tim (diff)
10:21 Changeset [4308] by jwatson
Upgrading all coopr.data.pysp models to comply with the Coopr 3.0 …


16:16 Ticket #4030 (Speed improvement suggestion to avoid numerous "isinstance" calls) closed by jdsiiro
fixed: Recent overhauls of the Pyomo expression system (January - May, 2011) have …
16:10 Changeset [4307] by tekl
Convert string formatting to new-style .format() calls
15:57 Changeset [4306] by jdsiiro
Fix to the CBC plugin configuration so that it does not *always* report an …
13:47 Ticket #4270 (Bad minimum version for coverage) created by jdsiiro
We currently have an insufficient minimum version for coverage in our …
10:29 Changeset [4305] by jdsiiro
Adding missing copyright statements.
10:28 Changeset [4304] by jdsiiro
Fixing typo in comments


12:10 Changeset [4303] by dlwoodr
coopr-ns changed to coop_ns
12:05 Changeset [4302] by dlwoodr
coopr-ns changed to coopr_ns
08:56 Ticket #4207 (unhelpful "dot dat" parsing error message) closed by tekl
fixed: Resolved in [4301]; the .dat file parser will now prompt users for a …
08:55 Changeset [4301] by tekl
Make error messages more verbose for malformed .dat files. Resolves #4207.
06:46 Changeset [4300] by wehart
Reverting the last change for scripting utility functions. These really …
06:36 Changeset [4299] by wehart
Indicate that the Pyomo utility plugins are not to be registered as …
06:35 Changeset [4298] by wehart
Indicate that the IPyomoExpression plugins are not services.
06:34 Changeset [4297] by wehart
Indicating that the IModelComponent plugins are not services.
06:34 Changeset [4296] by wehart
Indicating that the IParamRepresentation plugins are not services.


15:31 Changeset [4295] by zbfried
Removed _IdentityExpression check in _get_bound
15:18 Changeset [4294] by zbfried
Modified to allow expressions as variable bounds
14:07 Changeset [4293] by tekl
Wrap model weakref dereferences in None guards (fixes runph test breakage)
13:05 Changeset [4292] by tekl
Add None check around model weakref dereference
13:00 Changeset [4291] by tekl
Even more __del__ guards. *sigh*
12:44 Changeset [4290] by tekl
__del__ guard in _VarValue class
12:43 Changeset [4289] by tekl
One more __del__ guard
12:31 Changeset [4288] by tekl
Fix model weakref dereference bugs in Pyomo CPLEX LP I/O module
12:21 Changeset [4287] by tekl
Remove debug statement; guard superclass __del__ calls
12:10 Changeset [4286] by tekl
Switch from pympler/muppy to guppy/heapy for memory tracking; implement …
12:09 Changeset [4285] by tekl
Implement del for memory cleanup
12:08 Changeset [4284] by tekl
Implement weak reference support in coopr.opt/Pyomo crossover components
12:07 Changeset [4283] by tekl
Implement weak reference support in GDP/Pyomo components
12:07 Changeset [4282] by tekl
Update Pyomo tests for weak reference support
12:06 Changeset [4281] by tekl
Pyomo expression support for weak references
12:06 Changeset [4280] by tekl
Pyomo component support for weak references
12:05 Changeset [4279] by tekl
Implement weak references in Pyomo
08:29 Changeset [4278] by wehart
Initial setup of setup.py for Coopr 3.0 Need to add release documentation …
08:27 Changeset [4277] by wehart
Tagging coopr.colin 2.3
08:24 Changeset [4276] by wehart
Tagging coopr.pysp 2.8
08:21 Changeset [4275] by wehart
Tagging coopr.pyomo 2.8
08:18 Changeset [4274] by wehart
Tagging coopr.plugins 2.7.1
08:14 Changeset [4273] by wehart
Tagging coopr.opt 2.6.1
08:11 Changeset [4272] by wehart
Tagging coopr.misc 2.5.3
08:08 Changeset [4271] by wehart
Tagging coopr.data.pyomo 1.1.1
08:06 Changeset [4270] by wehart
Tagging coopr.data.cute 1.1.1
08:04 Changeset [4269] by wehart
Renaming the 1.1.1 branch to 1.1, which was the original intent.


16:49 Changeset [4268] by jdsiiro
Adding a special case for expression reference detection so that …
12:54 Changeset [4267] by jdsiiro
Third attempt making the Windows BUILD_DATE optional
12:44 Changeset [4266] by jdsiiro
Second attempt making the Windows BUILD_DATE optional.
12:35 Changeset [4265] by jdsiiro
Making BUILD_DATE optional for the windows installer
11:07 Changeset [4264] by dword
simplification of _get_bounds code in ampl.py
10:06 Changeset [4263] by jdsiiro
Updates to add_coopr_results_test() - the working directory for tests …


21:51 Changeset [4262] by wehart
Updating baselines.
21:34 Changeset [4261] by wehart
Changing the logic to ensure that NL files are not influenced by the …
21:33 Changeset [4260] by wehart
Updating baselines.
10:42 Changeset [4259] by wehart
Documentation updates.
10:13 Changeset [4258] by wehart
Revising the baseline tests to weaken the requirements on value of the …


22:31 Changeset [4257] by wehart
Extending GUROBI plugin to determine the upper bound (when minimizing)
13:01 Changeset [4256] by dword
edited baselines for the latest edits to ampl.py
13:00 Changeset [4255] by dword
Addition of SumExpression? and ProductExpression? checks in _get_bound which …
12:56 Changeset [4254] by dword
a few more efficiency improvements to ampl.py
10:42 Changeset [4253] by dbhart
Fixing extra path entry issue


12:31 Ticket #4269 (Silently ignore unknown index in parameter construction with multiple ...) created by khunter
For Params that have more than one index, Pyomo seems to silently …


13:49 Ticket #4268 (Support map()/reduce() model) created by tekl
Pyomo currently does not run on the attached model due to the constraint …


20:26 Changeset [4252] by jwatson
Updating Gurobi PySP test baselines.
16:12 Changeset [4251] by dword
bug fix in the EF nonlinear term writer
16:09 Changeset [4250] by dlwoodr
added wwph.cfg line to SEP added a mention of the oscillation detection …
15:59 Changeset [4249] by jwatson
Updating Gurobi baselines.
14:41 Changeset [4248] by jwatson
Updating change log.
14:38 Changeset [4247] by jwatson
Some pedantic-but-important changes in PySP output, making it clear what …
13:36 Changeset [4246] by tekl
Composite p_item and p_items for more speed
13:19 Changeset [4245] by tekl
Switch to left-recursion on item list parsing
12:14 Changeset [4244] by jwatson
Fixing issue with recent commit in which slamming was attempted for unused …
12:09 Changeset [4243] by dword
bug fix in the EF NL writer symbol_map to distinguish between scenario …
12:08 Changeset [4242] by dword
commit of NL EF solution loader
11:44 Changeset [4241] by jwatson
Commiting updates to WW PH extension relating to weight oscillation …
11:14 Changeset [4240] by jwatson
Rolling back previous commit temporarily.
10:47 Changeset [4239] by jwatson
Fix to previous commit - versioning issue.
10:23 Changeset [4238] by jwatson
Various new functionality updates for continuous variable oscillation …
08:33 Changeset [4237] by dbhart
Proper path munging
07:59 Changeset [4236] by dbhart
Update to include python path in installer


08:13 Changeset [4235] by dword
Cleaned up ampl.py code


15:24 Changeset [4234] by dlwoodr
doc for chance constraints in runef (and mention runef in the intro)
15:21 Changeset [4233] by dlwoodr
Add terse documentation for runef for chance constraints (and a brief …
14:36 Changeset [4232] by dlwoodr
the First verion of ef for a chance constraint seems to be working; …
12:23 Changeset [4231] by jwatson
Fixing issue with PySP EF - splitting filename from right side (rsplit …
11:18 Changeset [4230] by dlwoodr
Has code for chance constraints, but the drivers are not yet hooked up
09:38 Changeset [4229] by jwatson
Initial integration of NL extensive form writing into PySP. Added minimum …
09:33 Ticket #4265 (Passing results between models) closed by jwatson
fixed: This is a good idea. I added the keyword argument "ignore_invalid_labels" …
09:31 Changeset [4228] by jwatson
Updating change log, for last commit.
09:31 Changeset [4227] by jwatson
Adding keyword to PyomoModel? _load_solution method to optionally ignore …
07:58 Changeset [4226] by dlwoodr
Sizes model to be used with the CC options being implemented for runef


10:31 Changeset [4225] by dword
coopr.pyomo CHANGELOG edit to reflect NL writer changes
10:10 Changeset [4224] by dword
Editing the EF NL writer to have the same performance improvments as the …
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