14:10 Changeset [2509] by wehart
Bug fix: recognize when bounds are constant expressions, and print their …
14:07 Ticket #4046 (Erroneous processing in GLPK soln output) created by wehart
The current glpk parser divides the solution dataline into chunks: […] …
13:48 Changeset [2508] by wehart
Bug fix: Allow dashes in filenames.
13:07 Ticket #4045 (Mirror ipython to avoid dependency on scipy) created by wehart
ipython's scipy site is not reliable. I have disabled the ipython …
13:05 Changeset [2507] by wehart
Disabling the use of ipython in Coopr configurations. The PyPI repository …
12:02 Changeset [2506] by wehart
Disabling Pyro script.
11:35 Changeset [2505] by wehart
Removing [coopr] from the configuration, since we are explicitly …
11:31 Changeset [2504] by wehart
Commenting out the Coopr package ... which really shouldn't be installed.
10:57 Changeset [2503] by wehart
Updating GUI configuration.
10:21 Changeset [2502] by wehart
Misc documentation update.
10:13 Changeset [2501] by wehart
Misc edit
09:58 Changeset [2500] by wehart
Rework of CEP documentation.
09:14 Ticket #4044 (Detected failed imports) created by wehart
Plugin modules can have syntax errors, which prevents them from being …
08:41 Changeset [2499] by wehart
Adding initial HTML files generated from draft CEPS.
08:40 Changeset [2498] by wehart
Adding the pep0 python package. Misch configuration changes in Externals …
08:36 Changeset [2497] by wehart
Removing pep0 dir.
08:35 Changeset [2496] by wehart
Removing cep-0000.txt
08:35 Changeset [2495] by wehart
Fixing externals to point to coopr/html/ceps. Changing the docutils …
08:27 Changeset [2494] by wehart
Removing the 'html' directory, which is going to be replaced by an …
08:26 Changeset [2493] by wehart
Adding directory for Coopr Enhancement Proposals
08:25 Changeset [2492] by wehart
Adding python packages needed to generate HTML files. Adding draft CEPS …


20:30 Changeset [2491] by wehart
Misc cleanup, in preparation for a new installation.
20:24 Changeset [2490] by wehart
Initial organization of CEP.
14:12 Changeset [2489] by wehart
Documentation update.


08:12 Ticket #4043 (Add support for generation of warm-start data) created by wehart
E.g. for LP solvers, we should provide the option for them to dump …
07:48 WikiStart edited by wehart


21:22 Changeset [2488] by wehart
Creating directory for Coopr Extension Proposals.
21:22 Changeset [2487] by wehart
Misc commit


10:11 Changeset [2486] by wehart
Misc update to test synchronization.


20:26 Changeset [2485] by wehart
One more test…
19:19 Changeset [2484] by wehart
Yet another test…
19:15 Changeset [2483] by wehart
Yet another test…
19:11 Changeset [2482] by wehart
19:06 Changeset [2481] by wehart
19:04 Changeset [2480] by wehart
19:03 Changeset [2479] by wehart
Another stab at debugging the sync with COIN-OR.
19:02 Changeset [2478] by wehart
Yet another test…
18:59 Changeset [2477] by wehart
Another test of sync with COIN-OR.
18:55 Changeset [2476] by wehart
Another misc edit to test synchronization with COIN-OR.
18:47 Changeset [2475] by wehart
Misc edit to test synchronization
18:39 Changeset [2474] by wehart
Adding commit priviledges for the cooprsync user.
18:36 Ticket #4042 (latest trunk build fails with glpk and cplex) created by carl.d.laird@…
It appears that the latest trunk build is broken >> pyomo --solver=glpk …


12:59 Changeset [2473] by wehart
Adding yaml.


16:20 Ticket #4041 (Add MGA solver) created by wehart
The 'modeling to generate alternatives' solver can be developed …
16:04 Ticket #4040 (Create solver plugins for PH) created by wehart
Note: both extensive form and regular PH
16:02 Ticket #4039 (Create generalized benders solver) created by wehart
Idea: create a generic solver for Benders, including support for …
15:29 Ticket #4038 (Multiobjective optimizer for LPs) created by wehart
Develop a solver to enumerate Pareto points for multi-objective LPs. …
15:26 Ticket #4037 (Allow data imports to process symbols that do not exist in a model) created by wehart
Idea: Let the user process a set of data and then load this data into a …
15:21 Ticket #4036 (Use model objects to validate data while its being read) created by wehart
Idea: perform symbol error checking earlier by passing a model object into …
15:20 Ticket #4035 (Collect metadata for data sources) created by wehart
Record the file/source and the location/line number/record This …
11:37 Changeset [2472] by jwatson
Updating configuration options to allow for computeconf.cmd.
11:32 Changeset [2471] by jwatson
Adding PySP script for computing confidence intervals. Preliminary, but …
11:11 Changeset [2470] by wehart
Updating coopr_install to work better on MSWindows.
10:53 Ticket #4034 (coopr_install status check) created by wehart
Have this script check its own status.
10:35 CoopersHawk edited by wehart
10:35 CoopersHawk created by wehart
10:29 WikiStart edited by wehart
10:27 WikiStart edited by wehart
10:25 WikiStart edited by wehart


16:38 Changeset [2469] by wehart
Adding ipython
16:37 Changeset [2468] by wehart
Adding ipython.
07:51 SUCASA edited by wehart
07:49 PySP/runph edited by wehart
Name changed from Documentation/pysprunph to PySP/runph (diff)
07:48 PySP/runef edited by wehart
Name changed from Documentation/pysprunef to PySP/runef (diff)


13:17 Ticket #4033 (Simple Pyomo GUI) created by wehart
Finalize Jython GUI for Pyomo
13:15 Ticket #4032 (Extend API for Pyomo modules) created by wehart
Allow for dynamic identification of utility functions: . initialization . …


22:57 PySP/runph created by jwatson
22:56 PySP/runef created by jwatson
22:33 Changeset [2467] by jwatson
Updates to shift form "efwriter.cmd" to "runef.cmd".
22:27 Changeset [2466] by jwatson
Renamed the PySP "efwriter" script to "runef", to be consistent with other …
16:54 Ticket #4029 (Error message without line number) closed by wehart
16:52 Ticket #4031 (Disable Download plugin) closed by wehart
16:52 Ticket #4028 (Use namespaces to define scenarios) closed by wehart
14:25 WikiStart edited by wehart
14:22 WikiStart edited by wehart
14:18 Changeset [2465] by jwatson
Removed reference to _load_model_data (replaced with load) in PySP, and …
13:50 WikiStart edited by wehart
13:48 WikiStart edited by wehart


20:03 Changeset [2464] by jwatson
Updating PySP test baselines due to new output formats.


21:48 Ticket #4031 (Disable Download plugin) created by wehart
21:44 Licensing edited by wehart
21:43 Licensing edited by wehart
17:51 Changeset [2463] by wehart
Fixing problems with namespace data management. Our unit tests pass, …


16:38 Changeset [2462] by jwatson
If reporting solutions or weights for the first stage, don't report the …
16:23 Changeset [2461] by jwatson
Tweaks to PH output to optionally suppress (via the …
16:21 Changeset [2460] by jwatson
Various tweaks to the lot sizing model.
15:05 Ticket #4030 (Speed improvement suggestion to avoid numerous "isinstance" calls) created by jwatson
When manipulating expressions, the Python isinstance call is invoked …
14:41 Changeset [2459] by wehart
Rework of Pyomo parser to allow for the specification of namespaces for …
11:21 Changeset [2458] by jwatson
Improving diagnostic output for EF writer.
10:29 Changeset [2457] by jwatson
Fixed error when loading more than one .dat file via the pyomo script; an …
09:20 Changeset [2456] by wehart
Removing coopr.gdp
09:00 Changeset [2455] by wehart
Deleting coopr.gdp, which has been migrated to Coin Bazaar.
08:41 Changeset [2454] by jwatson
Fixed another valid exception case in the extensive form writer that …
08:28 Changeset [2453] by jwatson
Added some error handling logic to the extensive form writer, to deal with …


22:17 WikiStart edited by wehart
22:15 WikiStart edited by wehart
22:14 WikiStart edited by wehart
21:46 Changeset [2452] by jwatson
Based on new extensive form solution reader, added solve options to …
21:15 Changeset [2451] by jwatson
Modified scenario tree class in PySP to not create solution attributes on …
20:43 Changeset [2450] by jwatson
Added code to the PySP scenario tree class to facilitate computation …
17:26 Changeset [2449] by jwatson
Added method to PySP to load the extensive form solution into the master …
10:36 Changeset [2448] by jwatson
Fixed issue with LP format writer involving the failure to output model …
10:05 Changeset [2447] by wehart
A draft GUROBI solver interface. NOTE: I'm not sure if gurobi uses ILM. …


19:18 Changeset [2446] by jwatson
Added --output-scenario-tree-solution option to PySP runph script, which …
18:20 Changeset [2445] by jwatson
Refactored PySP scenario tree code, and added initialization code to …
07:38 Ticket #4029 (Error message without line number) created by anonymous
The following erroneous code: model.Dummy = Set() model.Dummy.append('q') …


12:05 WikiStart edited by wehart
11:46 Changeset [2444] by wehart
Adding documentation for Coopr webpage on COIN-OR.
11:20 Changeset [2443] by wehart
Adding conf/html directories for COIN-OR.


17:01 Blog: New Wiki Organization created by wehart
16:46 Blog: Welcome to Coopr created by wehart
09:50 Changeset [2442] by jwatson
Disabling garbage collection in PySP during instance construction.
09:43 Changeset [2441] by jwatson
"Manually" controlling garbage collection in PH - Python does it stupidly …
08:06 Changeset [2440] by jwatson
Minor fix to forestry example - two semi-colons in a .dat file now makes …
08:03 Changeset [2439] by jwatson
Added option to EF writer to generate a CVaR-only cost, e.g., with no …
07:49 Changeset [2438] by jwatson
Corrected some generation issues with CVaR and the extensive form writer.
01:44 Changeset [2437] by wehart
Merged revisions 2357-2436 via svnmerge from …
01:43 Changeset [2436] by wehart
Merged revisions 2389-2435 via svnmerge from …
01:43 Changeset [2435] by wehart
Merged revisions 2355-2434 via svnmerge from …
01:43 Changeset [2434] by wehart
Merged revisions 2391-2433 via svnmerge from …
01:42 Changeset [2433] by wehart
Merged revisions 2388-2432 via svnmerge from …
01:42 Changeset [2432] by wehart
Merged revisions 2390-2431 via svnmerge from …
01:41 Changeset [2431] by wehart
Merged revisions 2353-2430 via svnmerge from …


23:38 Changeset [2430] by wehart
Reworking class decorators.
23:38 Changeset [2429] by wehart
Reworking class decorators.
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