09:46 Ticket #3863 (Should we add namespaces to segregate commonly used plugin services?) created by wehart
I've included some output that dumps out the configuration of PyUtilib?


23:17 Changeset [1161] by wehart
I'm breaking coopr.opt with this commit, but the reorganization is so …


14:42 Changeset [1160] by jwatson
Various updates/tweaks to the PH base code - much remains!


19:30 Changeset [1159] by jwatson
Eliminated any reference to the "sets" module, as it was deprecated in …


07:58 Changeset [1158] by jwatson
Updates to Birge's farmer example.


15:09 Changeset [1157] by jwatson
Initial commit of a functional CPLEX solver interface. Missing various …


13:10 Changeset [1156] by jwatson
Merge of unique temporary filename logic from pysp branch, including …
12:24 Changeset [1155] by jwatson
Interim merge of coopr sp branch back into trunk. Includes numerous fixes …
11:23 Changeset [1154] by jwatson
Fixed problem with LP format writer outputting variables (specifically, …


16:06 Changeset [1153] by jwatson
Another interim commit. PH runs through iteration 0, and does 'something'.
14:09 Changeset [1152] by jwatson
Interim commit of DLW/JPW working copies of PH algorith implementation. No …


16:57 Changeset [1151] by jwatson
Improvements to basic energy model.
15:38 Changeset [1150] by jwatson
Modifications to energy_base model; now instantiates correctly, with …


14:38 Changeset [1149] by jwatson
Various fixes relating to the use of SetArray? in index set construction. …


14:41 Changeset [1148] by jwatson
Added Woodruff's basic electical grid operation model to the pysp examples …


10:52 Ticket #3862 (Add timing information to Pyomo) created by wehart
Add a summary of Pyomo events, including timing statistics.


09:52 Ticket #3861 (Default rule initialization) created by wehart
When constructing Var, Objective and Constraint objects, if the 'rule' …


13:06 Changeset [1147] by jwatson
Fixed temporary/persistent filename issues with CBC. Like PICO (due to the …
12:32 Changeset [1146] by jwatson
Added cleanup of temporary problem input files. Works fine with GLPK, …
08:24 WikiStart edited by wehart
08:17 Changeset [1145] by wehart
Adding more a more detailed description of Coopr, which appears on the …


08:37 Changeset [1144] by wehart
Update to parameter processing.
08:25 Changeset [1143] by wehart
Adding support for debugging of the mapfile parse.
08:24 Changeset [1142] by wehart
Removing commented-out stuff that isn't being used.
08:23 Changeset [1141] by wehart
Extending this example to include sets of tuples.


12:58 Ticket #3860 (print_linterm error) created by wehart
From Dave Woodruff: The attached model and data, taken together, should …


21:39 WikiStart edited by wehart
21:35 WikiStart edited by wehart


10:56 SUCASA/MapFileSyntax edited by wehart
10:28 Changeset [1140] by wehart
Documentation fix.
10:26 Ticket #3859 (Update the SUCASA wiki info) created by wehart
This should not be a low priority, since we've started to give SUCASA …
10:25 Ticket #3858 (Validate the use of sets of sets in SUCASA) created by wehart
10:24 Ticket #3855 (SUCASA parameter parse error) closed by wehart
10:10 Changeset [1139] by wehart
Eliminating debugging info.
10:07 Changeset [1138] by wehart
Updates to models, used to exercise the new AMPL model.
10:07 Changeset [1137] by wehart
Update to tests and baselines to account for the updated AMPL parser.
10:06 Changeset [1136] by wehart
Rework of the AMPL parser to guess the superset types for sets and …
10:06 Changeset [1135] by wehart
Adding diagnostic information to help diagnose the superset type in the …


14:12 Ticket #3857 (Improve test coverage) created by wehart
The SUCASA tests are not exhaustive in all of the possible AMPL syntax …
14:02 Ticket #3856 (Extend AMPL parser to recognize multi-dimensional sets) created by wehart
Currently, the AMPL parser cannot recognize that a set or parameter …
12:52 Changeset [1134] by jwatson
- Added logic to SystemCallSolver? to clean up, depending on keepFiles …
00:49 Ticket #3855 (SUCASA parameter parse error) created by wehart
The line param Acapacity symbolic; should not default to 'reals' in …
00:46 Changeset [1133] by wehart
Fixing tests involving the dimension, which may be zero in some cases.


23:14 Ticket #3854 (Validate the application of SUCASA with sets of multi-dimensional sets) created by wehart
I'm pretty sure that this functionality does not work with Coopr 1.0.
23:12 Ticket #3853 (Review the sucasa '-a' option) created by wehart
I've added the '-a' option to SUCASA, which terminates the script after …
23:08 Changeset [1132] by wehart
Added an option to terminate SUCASA after the AMPL script is generated, …
15:18 Changeset [1131] by wehart
Rework of the SUCASA Info API to ensure a consistent interface for sets, …
14:53 Changeset [1130] by jwatson
Fixed various issues in the Birge/Louveaux? farmer example (deterministic …
12:44 Ticket #3848 (Misc TODO list) closed by wehart
wontfix: I'm treating these issues as "wont fix" because they're too vague for me …
11:06 Ticket #3844 (SUCASA Parsing error?) closed by wehart
duplicate: Duplicate of #3849
10:37 Ticket #3845 (Set value method generation is inconsistent) closed by wehart
fixed: I've confirmed that these make sense, but I'm going to discuss the …
09:08 Ticket #3829 (Setup build tests for sucasa) closed by wehart
fixed: I've setup tests in acro/packages/pico/test/sucasa. An initial test of …
09:07 Ticket #3847 (Change semantics for variable/constraint functions) closed by wehart
08:56 Changeset [1129] by wehart
A rework of the SUCASA API that is exported to the user. This new API …
08:09 Changeset [1128] by wehart
Further examples in the basic.mod example.
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