19:26 Changeset [10910] by wehart
Adding the 'install-extras' subcommand.
19:25 Changeset [10909] by wehart
Adding a 'quiet' mode. When '-q' is passed in, then only the …
17:12 Changeset [10908] by wehart
Adding the get_pyomo_extras script.
17:12 Changeset [10907] by wehart
Revising the get_pyomo_extras logic so it can be called as a script.
17:07 Changeset [10906] by wehart
Renaming this file, so I can install it as a script.
16:13 Changeset [10905] by wehart
Updating XML based on schema changes.
16:06 Changeset [10904] by wehart
Updating COIN-OR description to reference Pyomo.
10:27 Changeset [10903] by gahacke
Catch edge case sol file parser (first line doesn't always start with a …
10:13 Changeset [10902] by gahacke
open sol file with universal newline support


09:35 Changeset [10901] by gahacke
fixing error message


01:28 Changeset [10900] by gahacke
fixing bogus test failure caused by mock test class not using the base …
01:25 Changeset [10899] by gahacke
fixing outdated pyro_mip_server test
01:21 Changeset [10898] by gahacke
minor code cleanup
01:09 Changeset [10897] by gahacke
Changes that allow users to set the solver executable used by …
00:53 Ticket #4613 (Solver name in template config file is wrong) created by gahacke
When I create a template config file for the pyomo command, e.g., […] …


23:52 Ticket #4612 (Failed Solve Not Reporting Error) created by gahacke
Why is this failing to give any notification of a solver failure (with …
16:31 Changeset [10896] by gahacke
Fix for the GUROBI plugin so that SolverFactory?('gurobi', solver_io='nl') …


08:42 Changeset [10895] by jdsiiro
Partially reverting r10883: we always need to check for model scope to …


23:44 Changeset [10894] by gahacke
adding deprecation warning when using the --shutdown-pyro option with new …
23:42 Changeset [10893] by gahacke
adding more helpful error message in example PySP app
23:40 Changeset [10892] by gahacke
fix after design simplification of ComponentDict? prototypes
22:26 Changeset [10891] by wehart
Adding a 'nonpysp' configuration.
20:45 Changeset [10890] by wehart
Removing the deprecated pyomo.extras
20:45 Changeset [10889] by wehart
Change to 'reconfig' to ignore github urls.


10:20 Changeset [10888] by wehart
Using github repos for pyutilib.virtualenv
09:28 Changeset [10887] by wehart
Updating git branch
09:06 Changeset [10886] by wehart
Removing github info.
08:59 Changeset [10885] by wehart
Adding github url for PyUtilib?


14:04 Changeset [10884] by jdsiiro
Fix for running Gurobi on Windows: use '%r' to generate embedded strings …
14:04 Changeset [10883] by jdsiiro
Efficiency fix for model cloning so that when we are cloning the entire …
05:56 Changeset [10882] by wehart
Moving the 'app' directory to 'intro'. Adding other examples to the …


14:30 Changeset [10881] by gahacke
removing temp svn file
07:09 Changeset [10880] by jdsiiro
Adding a warning for iterating over an empty indexed component when the …
07:09 Changeset [10879] by jdsiiro
Updating the interscenario plugin to track recent changes in pyomo core …


14:40 Changeset [10878] by jdsiiro
Misc updates to the interscenario plugin
14:38 Changeset [10877] by jdsiiro
Adding an export missing from the previous commit
13:59 Changeset [10876] by jdsiiro
Adding UnknownSolver? to the main list of components that are exported by …
13:58 Changeset [10875] by jdsiiro
Updating IndexedComponent? so that iterators behave appropriately in Python …
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