03/31/15: Yesterday

23:25 Changeset [9964] by gahacke
baseline update after r9962
23:25 Changeset [9963] by gahacke
fix for block component iteration changes
23:24 Changeset [9962] by gahacke
fix for NL writer suffix export improvements so that the dual section of …
23:24 Changeset [9961] by gahacke
Fixes inside main pyomo scripting functions to ensure the correct …
21:34 Changeset [9960] by gahacke
fixing broken setstate and getstate methods on ComponentWrapper? and …
17:54 Changeset [9959] by gahacke
one last optimization to last commit
17:50 Changeset [9958] by gahacke
Major speed improvments to exporting NL writer suffixes. Complexity is now …
14:27 Changeset [9957] by dlwoodr
correct an error in the linearization


12:51 Changeset [9956] by gahacke
py3 fix for peformance test model
12:51 Changeset [9955] by gahacke
adding traceback info to performance test runs
12:42 Changeset [9954] by gahacke
py3 fixes in PySP
12:41 Changeset [9953] by gahacke
fixes after changes to block iteration API
12:11 Changeset [9952] by jdsiiro
Renaming the base performance test class so it does not begin with "Test" …


19:36 Changeset [9951] by dlwoodr
update functions.py for python 3 and add an example of a decorator


19:48 Ticket #4588 (Error creating constraint with indexed set) created by cserpell@…
I have a constraint where one of the indexes is taken from an indexed set. …
15:49 Changeset [9950] by gahacke
moving hack that prevents memory leaks out of pyutilib and into pyomo
15:16 Changeset [9949] by gahacke
fixing performance test for block iteration; adding dummy rule to invoke …
15:06 Changeset [9948] by dlwoodr
support the revised chapter
15:02 Changeset [9947] by gahacke
Adding a performance block iteration test that uses all_blocks. Adding …
14:48 Changeset [9946] by gahacke
adding test script for component iteration performance
14:47 Changeset [9945] by gahacke
fixing plotting code
13:35 Changeset [9944] by dlwoodr
needed by newest version of the quickstart chapter
09:18 Changeset [9943] by dlwoodr
needed by the next checking


22:18 Changeset [9942] by jdsiiro
Renaming _component_map to _component_typemap to better characterize its …
22:18 Changeset [9941] by jdsiiro
Undoing a change from r9926 that introduces an unnecessary test against …
22:18 Changeset [9940] by jdsiiro
Cleaning up documentation changes from r9926.
19:05 Changeset [9939] by dlwoodr
For folks who don't have a quadratic solver
16:50 Changeset [9938] by jdsiiro
Minor efficiency improvement (don't lookup values that are not used).
15:47 Changeset [9937] by wehart
Adding missing file.
15:19 Changeset [9936] by jdsiiro
Python3 fix for strip_examples.py
12:53 Changeset [9935] by gahacke
temporary hack to prevent memory leaks
12:52 Changeset [9934] by gahacke
make sure cleanup occurs w.r.t. plugin deactivation inside core pyomo …
12:51 Changeset [9933] by gahacke
cleaning up whitespace
12:51 Changeset [9932] by gahacke
removing pysp scenario_tree_model as a global variable
12:50 Changeset [9931] by gahacke
adding the option of specifying the hostname to send to the Pyro solver …
12:22 Changeset [9930] by gahacke
Use the 'with' statement with both TempfileManager? and solver plugins …
12:03 Changeset [9929] by gahacke
use pyomo_create_model callback in pmedian example so the AbstractModel?
11:59 Changeset [9928] by gahacke
report memory leaks after performance tests
11:47 Changeset [9927] by gahacke
change so that large models do not remain in memory throughout performance …
01:57 Changeset [9926] by wehart
A stab at reworking the Block API. Used objects to replace: …


21:06 Changeset [9925] by dlwoodr
Examples for the quickstart chapter
17:35 Changeset [9924] by jdsiiro
Fixing a bug introduced in r9923 for cname on nested blocks.
17:21 Changeset [9923] by jdsiiro
Reordering some internal tests in Component.cname() so that generating …


11:51 Changeset [9922] by gahacke
fixing phpyro import
05:56 Changeset [9921] by wehart
Adding several simple examples that illustrate the model variants that …


11:03 Changeset [9920] by jdsiiro
Python3 fixes (print statements) for PyPS plugins
09:11 Changeset [9919] by jdsiiro
Python3 fix for the Pyomo4 expression to_string() method.


18:57 Changeset [9918] by wehart
Adding additional examples for the ref-modeling chapter.
17:41 Changeset [9917] by wehart
Documentation changes. Made function to flag stale variables a private …
17:40 Changeset [9916] by wehart
Disabling the xlsb interface.
17:12 Changeset [9915] by wehart
Misc updates to comments.
17:11 Changeset [9914] by wehart
Misc changes in comments
09:14 Changeset [9913] by wehart
Adding the quickstart directory


17:59 Changeset [9912] by dlwoodr
I just learned about the BuildCheck? component, so thought I should add it.
17:38 Changeset [9911] by dlwoodr
needed by the BuildAction? text; I don't know why it did not check in when …
15:20 Changeset [9910] by dlwoodr
Mainly added material to BuildAction? and moved it; plus a few minor typos …
14:26 Ticket #4587 (Need a virtual set called EmptySet) created by dlwoodr
NOTE: sorry if this is a duplicate ticket and sorry that there are …
14:19 Ticket #4586 (Need a virtual set called EmptySet) created by dlwoodr
Aside: I am having trouble formatting this ticket so there are spurious …


09:42 Changeset [9909] by jdsiiro
Relaxing the EPS for the CHull transformation to avoid floating point …
09:17 Changeset [9908] by wehart
Adding a comment
09:17 Changeset [9907] by wehart
Misc format edit
09:16 Changeset [9906] by wehart
Adding 'setitem' ... for expert users.
04:59 Changeset [9905] by wehart
Adding a directory for the ref-modeling chapter.


13:49 Changeset [9904] by blnicho
Fixing a major bug to get collocation with Legendre roots working


16:27 Changeset [9903] by blnicho
Changes to ensure that a ContinuousSet? is always sorted


11:48 Changeset [9902] by jwatson
Fixing lingering Pyomo 4.0 upgrade issue in PySP.
11:00 Changeset [9901] by jwatson
Propagating change to verbose output text to baselines.
01:42 Changeset [9900] by gahacke
fixing a number of name errors found by statically compiling with Cython
01:24 Changeset [9899] by gahacke
fix to ScenarioTree? variableNode method to work with stage cost variables
01:23 Changeset [9898] by gahacke
fix to ScenarioTree? variableNode method to work with stage cost variables
00:43 Changeset [9897] by gahacke
fix to get runbenders script working again after adding new runph option


23:40 Changeset [9896] by wehart
Renaming SparseIndexedComponent? to IndexedComponent?.
23:05 Changeset [9895] by gahacke
replacing tabs with spaces
23:02 Changeset [9894] by gahacke
untracking temporary file used for debugging
23:01 Changeset [9893] by gahacke
fixing imports for cute models that use DAT files
22:59 Changeset [9892] by gahacke
replacing tabs with spaces
15:13 Changeset [9891] by dlwoodr
minor changes to the wild-card documentation for the ScenarioStructre?.dat …
12:35 Changeset [9890] by wehart
Disabling the 3rd python database example
12:34 Changeset [9889] by wehart
Misc documentation changes


16:02 Changeset [9888] by wehart
Bug fixes to get SQL queries working from the load() method.
15:58 Changeset [9887] by wehart
Adding mysql files
15:58 Changeset [9886] by wehart
Adding mysql database for Pyomo test tables
13:18 Changeset [9885] by wehart
Adding SQLite examples
12:57 Changeset [9884] by wehart
Adding sqlite example
12:30 Changeset [9883] by wehart
Baseline updates
12:10 Changeset [9882] by wehart
Adding the revised diet1 example
11:48 Changeset [9881] by wehart
Updating the diet.sqlite example
11:42 Changeset [9880] by wehart
Realigning columns
11:35 Changeset [9879] by wehart
Changing plugin descriptions, and renaming the file for pyomo data …
11:34 Changeset [9878] by wehart
Adding new help information: pyomo help -d
11:27 Changeset [9877] by wehart
Removing the empty data directory
11:25 Changeset [9876] by wehart
Moving many files into ref-data-* directories


00:17 Changeset [9875] by jdsiiro
Additional fixes for the Pyomo4 expression system - improved support for …
00:16 Changeset [9874] by jdsiiro
Splitting the expression tests into separate Pyomo4 and Coopr3 test suites
00:15 Changeset [9873] by jdsiiro
Change how we promote Expression objects up to the main …
00:15 Changeset [9872] by jdsiiro
Avoid generating expression trees of simple native_numeric_types.
00:15 Changeset [9871] by jdsiiro
Additional work on Pyomo 4 expressions: - getting the inequality …
00:14 Changeset [9870] by jdsiiro
Using value() as a more portable way to evaluate an expression.
00:14 Changeset [9869] by jdsiiro
Pyomo4 expressions: - Fixes to the string formatter, particularly related …
00:14 Changeset [9868] by jdsiiro
Defining the precedence for linear expressions to depend on if the …
00:13 Changeset [9867] by jdsiiro
Moving the expression logic into an expr_coopr3 module and roughing in a …


09:53 Changeset [9866] by jwatson
Adding exception-handling and error message output to scenario tree, to …


14:59 Changeset [9865] by wehart
Bug fix
14:54 Changeset [9864] by wehart
Other syntax fixes
14:47 Changeset [9863] by wehart
I think I'm fixing a bug…
14:45 Changeset [9862] by wehart
Fixes in tests


23:12 Changeset [9861] by wehart
Adding namespace example
23:03 Changeset [9860] by wehart
Misc comment
23:02 Changeset [9859] by wehart
"Bug fix": Allowing the use of a 'namespace' option to specify the …
22:53 Changeset [9858] by wehart
Adding an XML example for PP. Adding T-files for JSON and YAML.
16:47 Changeset [9857] by wehart
Adding yaml and json files…
12:13 Changeset [9856] by wehart
Adding logic to load the database module through the 'using' option.
12:07 Changeset [9855] by wehart
Fixing Excel example
11:28 Changeset [9854] by wehart
Adding two native-python database packages to pyomo.extras
11:03 Changeset [9853] by wehart
Adding baseline test files
10:50 Changeset [9852] by wehart
Bug fix in baseline data names: P -> PP
10:49 Changeset [9851] by wehart
Changing to eliminate the use of index list/tuples
10:43 Changeset [9850] by wehart
Test fixes.
10:42 Changeset [9849] by wehart
More careful management of file IO to close files when exceptions occur.
10:42 Changeset [9848] by wehart
Bug fixes to get all DataPortal? tests passing.
10:31 Changeset [9847] by wehart
Documentation updates


04:29 Changeset [9846] by wehart
Converting to new JSON/YAML format
04:02 Changeset [9845] by wehart
Updating JSON baseline and TAB scripting file
01:53 Changeset [9844] by gahacke
adding knitroampl solver test case


17:08 Changeset [9843] by wehart
Adding a section to recommend Pyomo citations.
15:20 Ticket #4585 (Required flag for parameters) created by josiah.johnston@…
Many parameters in my model are mandatory, and if I (or a user) forgets to …
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