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Last revisionSun 06/12/2016 09:52:07 MDT
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dlwoodr 322 0.13 602 300

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0000011413 dlwoodr Changed the text concerning cleaning up pyro servers because the old version had "too few words" and caused stress for sys admins 3 years
0000011395 dlwoodr delete an obsolete, misleading comment 3 years
0000011394 dlwoodr Add a bounds update "service" to and changed the plugins that use it (for now) This will make it easy for other plugins (e.g., crosscut) to report bounds that they find The idea is that bounds should be reported to ph and let ph decide if it wants to keep them def _update_reported_bounds(self, inner = None, outer = None): # see if a reported bound is good enough to be the best # (bear in mind that for the outer bound the worse the better) 3 years
0000011390 dlwoodr fixing bit-rot in the boundsetter callback 3 years
0000011387 dlwoodr The main thing was to make it so the trivial bound can be passed back to ph if it is the best outer bound 3 years
0000011382 dlwoodr deleted a comment that was not correct (it is possible to slam reals for xhat) 3 years
0000011376 dlwoodr Add some clarification about solver options sent by Gabe to the forum 3 years
0000011261 dlwoodr Clearing some of the bit-rot, but there may be bigger troubles with config files 3 years
0000011093 dlwoodr changed a couple of print(results) to be instance.display() 3 years
0000011053 dlwoodr quick comment about what does 3 years

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Project Commits Changes Paths 19 35 24
coopr.pyomo 3 4 4
coopr.pysp 106 268 168 26 53 28
coopr.misc 8 8 1
coopr.doc 62 89 15
pyomo.doc 37 42 6
pyomo 53 72 41
trunk 17 31 13

Most active paths

coopr.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current 88 14.62%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp 56 9.30%
pyomo.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current 42 6.98%
coopr.pysp/trunk/doc/pysp 39 6.48% 35 5.81%
pyomo/trunk/pyomo/pysp/plugins 29 4.82% 27 4.49%
coopr.pysp/trunk/examples/pysp/forestry/chile18-nb-yr 25 4.15% 22 3.65%
coopr.pysp/trunk/examples/pysp/forestry/unequalProbs 19 3.16%

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coopr.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current/pyomo.txt 35 5.81%
coopr.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current/scripts.txt 24 3.99%
coopr.pysp/trunk/doc/pysp/pyspbody.tex 19 3.16%
pyomo.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current/scripts.txt 17 2.82%
pyomo.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current/pyomo.txt 16 2.66%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp/ 15 2.49%
coopr.pysp/trunk/doc/pysp/pyspdoc.pdf 13 2.16%
coopr.doc/trunk/GettingStarted/current/pysp.txt 11 1.83%
trunk/doc/pysp/pyspdoc.pdf 10 1.66%
coopr.pysp/trunk/coopr/pysp/ 9 1.50%

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.py 228 38.84%
.txt 130 22.15%
.dat 105 17.89%
.pdf 37 6.30%
.tex 35 5.96%
.cfg 11 1.87%
.s 11 1.87%
.lp 8 1.36%
.sh 4 0.68%
.json 4 0.68%

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