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#4351 Resolve value errors with singleton parameters unassigned defect major pyomo.core
#4208 runef has trouble with unused variable jdsiiro defect normal Configuration
#4312 Problem processing results with CPLEXDirect and pyomo command line gabeh defect normal Configuration
#4313 Remove "prefix", "output_*" options from LP writer unassigned minor enhancement normal pyomo.core
#4361 Param initializing Params jdsiiro defect normal pyomo.core
#4367 Piecewise should be derived from IndexedComponent or SparseIndexedComponent gabeh minor enhancement normal pyomo.core
#4374 NL writer is not reclassifying constraints with fixed variables unassigned defect normal pyomo.core
#4375 failure when objective expression is a numeric constant unassigned defect normal pyomo.core
#4376 gurobi_direct needs to handle quadratic constraints gabeh defect normal pyomo.solvers
#4384 typo in runph --help text jwatson defect minor pyomo.pysp
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