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(edit) @4879   5 years dword edited baselines for the modified nl writer
(edit) @4522   5 years dword updated NL writer baselines
(edit) @4383   5 years tekl New baselines for id -> name transition
(edit) @4378   5 years dword updated baselines due to the error fixes for constant objectives; scripts …
(edit) @4344   5 years dword updated baselines for the NL writer tests
(edit) @4338   5 years dword New NL test baselines
(edit) @4262   5 years wehart Updating baselines.
(edit) @4260   5 years wehart Updating baselines.
(edit) @4256   5 years dword edited baselines for the latest edits to
(edit) @4222   5 years dword New NL file baselines for modified NL writer.
(edit) @4220   5 years wehart Update due to change in
(edit) @4159   6 years dword The new baseline NL files for testing with the modified NL writer.
(edit) @4147   6 years dword new baseline NL files for CUTEr test suite
(edit) @4136   6 years wehart Update to fix CUTE problems with constant objectives.
(edit) @4074   6 years wehart Updates to NL baselines that were impacted by changes in component …
(edit) @4064   6 years wehart Rework of rules in cute models to reorder the arguments.
(edit) @4052   6 years wehart Format updates due to reindent.
(edit) @3813   6 years wehart Removing some CUTE tests per Carl's recommendation.
(edit) @3791   6 years jdsiiro Re-baselining several CUTE tests. CDL verified that the new baselines …
(edit) @3777   6 years claird Fixed zy2 (same value() problem as last commit)
(edit) @3776   6 years claird For some reason parameters require value() to work now. Updated pyomo cute …
(edit) @3774   6 years claird Fixed some CUTEr test cases
(edit) @3752   6 years wehart Change tests to eliminate the use of deprecated 'fail*' syntax.
(edit) @3741   6 years jdsiiro Tracking changes in constraint generation (r3740)
(edit) @3726   6 years jdsiiro Adding exception information to any errors raised by Pyomo.
(edit) @3708   6 years wehart Updating CUTE tester to omit output. Updating baselines ... again. (Yes, …
(edit) @3690   6 years jdsiiro Fixing the CUTE test driver to be tolerant of spaces in the PWD.
(edit) @3667   6 years wehart Updating NL baselines.
(edit) @3657   6 years jdsiiro Bugfix for CUTE Hager1 test case (use sum() instead of directly …
(edit) @3655   6 years jdsiiro Update to track changes in Pyomo log handling ([3616:3117]).
(edit) @3564   6 years wehart Updating baselines. I'm hoping that these differences were simply due to …
(copy) @3461   6 years wehart Moving CUTE problems from coopr.pyomo into
copied from coopr.pyomo/trunk/coopr/pyomo/tests/NL/CUTE:
(edit) @3446   6 years wehart Deprecating the use of 'Model' as the base abstract Model class. An …
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