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Release notes of release "Version 1.1":

Poblano Toolbox version 1.1
by Daniel M. Dunlavy, Tamara G. Kolda, and Evrim Acar.
Copyright 2009-2012, Sandia Corporation.
Released January 30, 2012.

Changes from Version 1.0 (March 17, 2010.)
New features:
- ExitDescription output parameter: contains text description of
ExitFlag output parameter.
- DisplayIters input parameter: determines how many iterations are
performed before printing output when Display input parameter is
set to 'iter'. Iteration 0 and final iteration are also printed.
New default parameters:
- MaxIters = 1000 (was 100)
- MaxFuncEvals = 10000 (was 100)
Bug fixes:
- Fixed two-loop recursion bug in lbfgs.m (#19).
- Documented initial step for linsearch in poblano_linesearch.m
(#2, #18).
Other changes:
- Updated documentation for input and output parameters.
- Updated URL for Poblano Toolbox.

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