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The MultiThreaded Graph Library (MTGL) is collection of algorithms and data structures designed to run on shared-memory platforms such as the massively multithreaded Cray XMT, or, with support from the Qthreads library , on Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) machines or multi-core workstations. The software and API is modeled after the Boost Graph Library, though the internals differ in order to leverage shared memory machines.

The MTGL is copyrighted and released under a Berkeley open source license: source:/trunk/LICENSE. However, there has not yet bee a formal release of the code in the software quality assurance sense. Much of the current code base is deprecated. You may get the most recent unreleased version of the MTGL by clicking the "Browse Source" tab at the top of this page, then clicking on "trunk," and finally clicking on the "zip archive" link. Check this site for the MTGL 1.0 release, which will have various improvements and will not include deprecated code.

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