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17:16 Ticket #3992 (property_maps, references, and copy construction) created by jberry
We need to be able to pass property_maps (e.g. edge_property_map<graph,T>) …


17:49 Changeset [3180] by gemacke
Get rid of mtgl_string.h since it was moved to mtgl_string.hpp.
13:30 Changeset [3179] by elgoodm
Was missing the first word in the tokenizing methods.
12:30 Changeset [3178] by elgoodm
Changed name to hpp


12:32 Changeset [3177] by jberry
breaking out functions


11:08 Changeset [3176] by jberry
starting to break out functions for more flexible code (forgetting xmt …
09:18 Changeset [3175] by jberry
restoring tri-colored triangles experiment to match the paper.


16:01 Changeset [3174] by jberry
David Gleich's "graphlets" format
14:05 Changeset [3173] by gemacke
Moved find_triangles_phases into its own file.


16:31 Changeset [3172] by gemacke
Fix a bug when configuring for qthreads and giving an install directory. …
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15:37 Changeset [3171] by gemacke
- Removing mtgl/mtgl_config.h from the repository. Hopefully, this …
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14:22 Changeset [3170] by gemacke
Updating svn:ignore property of test/.
14:19 Changeset [3169] by gemacke
Make the build work again. Get rid of unneeded stuff in the build files …
12:26 Changeset [3168] by gemacke
- Changing the svn properties of a couple of files. - Getting rid of some …
10:46 Changeset [3167] by gemacke
Fix a couple of typing bugs found by Will McLendon?. These were due to …
10:14 Changeset [3166] by gemacke
Get rid of array2d.hpp and repair the fallout.
09:48 Changeset [3165] by gemacke
Fix a wrongly named header guard and a couple of compiler warnings.
09:25 Changeset [3164] by jberry
A further example for the subgraph isomorphism paper. This compares the …


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17:22 Changeset [3163] by gemacke
This commit contains numerous updates: - Gets rid of cprops support. …
14:22 Ticket #3991 (Cprops is no longer necessary for qthreads. Get rid of support for it in ...) created by gemacke
14:21 Ticket #3990 (Some files use std::string without including the "string" include file) closed by gemacke
fixed: Addressed in r3162.
14:12 Changeset [3162] by gemacke
Addresses #3990. Removes two instances of stdint.h that are no longer …
13:34 Ticket #3990 (Some files use std::string without including the "string" include file) created by gemacke
Files that use std::string should include the header file <string>. There …
10:07 Changeset [3161] by wcmclen
Fixed source() and target() calls
10:06 Changeset [3160] by wcmclen
Fixed source() and target() calls
09:59 Changeset [3159] by wcmclen
Creating 2011-04-12 branch


13:09 Changeset [3158] by gemacke
Updates to make count_adjacencies_higher_id3_mtgl() perform better.


16:06 Changeset [3157] by gemacke
Update documentation for generate_rmat_graph().
08:06 Changeset [3156] by elgoodm
Changed %u to %lu


16:42 Changeset [3155] by gemacke
Finished the remaining functions for iterating over a list of random …
15:58 Changeset [3154] by gemacke
The file mtgl/types.hpp now includes inttypes.h. Since MS Visual Studio …
15:23 Ticket #3989 (Add a makefile for the tutorial directory) created by gemacke
14:06 Changeset [3153] by elgoodm
Removed hashes array
09:23 Changeset [3152] by gemacke
Fix a bug related to Qthreads.


17:29 Changeset [3151] by gemacke
Fix error with mt_lock() when using qthreads.
15:56 Changeset [3150] by gemacke
Make sssp_deltastepping.hpp work with qthreads. This involved changing …
14:35 Ticket #3988 (Add #undef for all #define macros to limit scope in library files) created by gemacke
We use #define throughout the code. When used in library files (aka files …
12:59 MtglProgrammingTips edited by gemacke
12:34 Changeset [3149] by gemacke
Don't compile test_sssp_deltastepping.cpp as it doesn't compile correctly …
11:50 MtglProgrammingTips created by gemacke
11:44 Changeset [3148] by kbwheel
must have dropped an argument somehow
09:31 FAQ edited by gemacke


18:59 Changeset [3147] by gemacke
Make --with-qthreads work again for configure. Clean up the autoconf …
13:45 Changeset [3146] by elgoodm
Removed unnecessary hashes array.
13:05 Changeset [3145] by gemacke
Adding a placeholder version of mtgl_config.h that prints an error if it …
12:46 Ticket #3987 (Problems with mtgl_config.h and compiling MeGraphs) closed by gemacke
fixed: Addressed in r3144.
12:45 Changeset [3144] by gemacke
Addresses #3987.
12:23 Changeset [3143] by gemacke
Fix a few compile errors with qthreads.
11:19 Ticket #3987 (Problems with mtgl_config.h and compiling MeGraphs) created by gemacke
There's a problem when compiling MeGraphs due to interactions between …


21:55 Changeset [3142] by elgoodm
Forgot one record_num_threads
21:54 Changeset [3141] by elgoodm
Forgot about record_num_threads on one line.


07:55 Changeset [3140] by elgoodm
Now it's working


21:59 Changeset [3139] by elgoodm
Works on the XM
16:45 Changeset [3138] by elgoodm
Shaping up. ca_k now works on XMT.
14:58 Changeset [3137] by elgoodm
Added ability to print key values at end.
14:57 Changeset [3136] by elgoodm
Added ability to print keys values
13:27 Changeset [3135] by elgoodm
Cosmetic changes.
13:27 Changeset [3134] by elgoodm
Trying to chase down bug, making it look like hh_u


14:57 Changeset [3133] by elgoodm
Cosmetic changes
12:56 Changeset [3132] by elgoodm
Cosmetic changes
12:34 Changeset [3131] by elgoodm
Getting rid of warnings.
10:47 Changeset [3130] by elgoodm
Added some ifdefs to get rid of compiler warnings. Other cosmetic …
10:46 Changeset [3129] by elgoodm
Mostly cosmetic changes.
10:45 Changeset [3128] by elgoodm
Works for the XMT
10:44 Changeset [3127] by elgoodm
Fixed typo
09:15 Changeset [3126] by elgoodm
Seems to be working on the XMT.
09:14 Changeset [3125] by elgoodm
Adding the ability to print the top n keys


17:49 Changeset [3124] by gemacke
Fix small bug in manhattan_partitioner.hpp where ending vertices with no …
15:09 Changeset [3123] by elgoodm
Files that use the cache-oblivious method.
14:48 Changeset [3122] by elgoodm
Added a curly brace
14:17 Changeset [3121] by elgoodm
Cleaning up some stuff.
12:28 Changeset [3120] by elgoodm
Changing names again.
12:27 Changeset [3119] by elgoodm
Renaming things again.
12:26 Changeset [3118] by elgoodm
Removing unnecessary line.


11:02 Changeset [3117] by elgoodm
New api


13:22 Changeset [3116] by gemacke
Merging trunk 3106:3114 into this branch.
09:15 Changeset [3115] by gemacke
Add generate() to random generators. This allows the user to reuse the …


17:54 Changeset [3114] by gemacke
Get rid of bad mta pragma that causes a warning.
17:17 Changeset [3113] by gemacke
Add *_generator classes to random.hpp. These provide vector generation of …
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