17:47 CreatingAGraphAdapter edited by gemacke
14:40 Changeset [2528] by jberry
misc compilation updates
14:39 CreatingAGraphAdapter edited by gemacke
14:37 Changeset [2527] by jberry
qthreads compilation
14:29 Changeset [2526] by jberry
-Wall compilation
14:04 CreatingAGraphAdapter edited by gemacke
14:02 CreatingAGraphAdapter edited by gemacke
11:38 Ticket #3891 (Rename adj_vertex_iterator to adjacency_iterator to match BGL) closed by gemacke
fixed: Addressed by r2525.
11:37 Changeset [2525] by gemacke
Addresses #3891.
10:55 Ticket #3891 (Rename adj_vertex_iterator to adjacency_iterator to match BGL) created by gemacke
See summary.
10:29 Changeset [2524] by elgoodm
Added convenience method for getting the size of a file via snapshot.
10:26 MtglPresentations edited by gemacke
10:25 SC09_MTGL_Presentation.ppt attached to MtglPresentations by gemacke
10:23 MtglPresentations edited by gemacke
08:59 Changeset [2523] by elgoodm
Fixed typo
08:57 Changeset [2522] by elgoodm
Added functionality to get a concise list of keys.


17:09 Changeset [2521] by gemacke
Revised comments a bit.
17:07 Ticket #3890 (Change subgraph isomorphism to new algorithm using connected components) closed by gemacke
fixed: Fixed in r2520.
14:20 Changeset [2520] by gemacke
Addresses #3890. Adds the new algorithm for subgraph isomorphism. Also …
14:17 Ticket #3890 (Change subgraph isomorphism to new algorithm using connected components) created by gemacke
Jon and Cindy came up with a new way to return the answer from connected …
12:27 Changeset [2519] by gemacke
Adding a branch for the current version of mtgl.


11:20 Changeset [2518] by gemacke
Optimized bfs_chunked and got rid of an error. This is the version used …


13:01 Changeset [2517] by gemacke
Add fully mtgl-ized version of test.


14:08 Changeset [2516] by elgoodm
Added default hash and equality functions for char*
13:38 Changeset [2515] by elgoodm
Changed the insert function to be the third template parameter. Also, …


00:56 Changeset [2514] by jberry
version used for sc09 results.


22:07 Changeset [2513] by jberry
linux compilation and debugging
21:33 Changeset [2512] by jberry
new version of visit_adj leverages loop collapse.
00:17 Changeset [2511] by jberry
mtgl-ized visit_adj uses loop collapse with generic functor.


10:56 Changeset [2510] by elgoodm
Doesn't use local buffers now and primes the array.
10:54 Changeset [2509] by elgoodm
Example of using the hotel hash set for char star arrays


17:34 Changeset [2508] by gemacke
Get rid of a memory leak.


16:08 Changeset [2507] by elgoodm
Added a insert_global function so that you can bypass the local arrays and …
13:57 Changeset [2506] by elgoodm
I moved the insert function template argument from being the last to the …
13:48 Changeset [2505] by elgoodm
I changed hotel_hash_set.hpp so that the insert function is the third …


14:29 Ticket #3889 (Optimize visit_adj()) closed by gemacke
fixed: Addressed in r2504.
14:10 Changeset [2504] by gemacke
Addresses #3889. Optimizes visit_adj() with the biggest optimization …
14:08 Ticket #3889 (Optimize visit_adj()) created by gemacke
Check what can be done to optimize the calls to visit_adj() that use the …


12:34 Ticket #3888 (Improve iterators in static_graph_adapter) closed by gemacke
fixed: Fixed in r2503.
12:33 Changeset [2503] by gemacke
Addresses #3888. Optimizes some of the static_graph_adapter iterators.
12:22 Ticket #3888 (Improve iterators in static_graph_adapter) created by gemacke
Some of the iterators in static_graph_adapter do unnecessary work and …


10:15 Changeset [2502] by gemacke
Fix having to define values when compiling rand_fill.hpp.
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