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Category Release Filename Size (kB) Architecture
MTGL Category notes
  mtgl-1.1.1 (tar) Release notes (05/18/12 11:09:28)
  mtgl-1.1.1.tar.gz File notes 545.14 source
  mtgl-1.1.1 (zip) Release notes (05/18/12 11:33:49) File notes 663.08 source
  mtgl-1.1 (tar) Release notes (05/18/12 11:45:46)
  mtgl-1.1.tar.gz File notes 543.89 source
  mtgl-1.1 (zip) Release notes (05/18/12 11:46:17) File notes 660.62 source
  mtgl-1.0 (tar) Release notes (05/18/12 11:46:43)
  mtgl_1.0.tar.gz File notes 335.77 source
  mtgl-1.0 (zip) Release notes (05/18/12 11:47:27) File notes 424.64 source