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Kitten is a simple, open-source (GPL) operating system kernel developed at Sandia National Laboratories that provides basic mechanisms for managing memory, computational tasks, hardware devices, and guest operating systems. It is intended for use in massively parallel capability supercomputers consisting of tens to hundreds of thousands of multi-core compute nodes. Kitten enables applications to scale to larger node counts by providing a very low noise (low jitter) environment and deterministic resource allocation policies (e.g., physically contiguous application memory). Kitten additionally provides unique functionality such as  SMARTMAP, which enables single-copy intra-node MPI messaging, that is difficult or impossible to provide in general-purpose operating systems.

Features (at various stages):

  • Open Source (GPL)
  • New codebase partially derived from Linux, familiar organization and build process
  • Fully symmetric kernel, locking used to protect shared data
  • Multiple processes and threads per core
  • Tick-less kernel, timers scheduled as needed
  • Partial Linux ABI support (what matters, similar to IBM's CNK)
  • User-space uses standard system Glibc (including NPTL POSIX threads implementation)
  • Guest OS support (when linked with the  Palacios hypervisor)
  • Infiniband support using unmodified  OFA Linux stack

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